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Time for a special 9/11 Member reunion

Hello friends.

The most recent Member Call was recorded on August 5.

It has been over a month since then and in ordinary circumstances we would be due for another Member Call.

After the epic S3 E33, I felt like it was time to give the MDC format a rest for a while.

Perhaps a long while…

However, we do have customs here at johnlebon dot com and 9/11 Member hangouts have been a lot of fun in the past.

Therefore I will be setting aside most of my Monday to keep this important tradition alive.

We have Members all over the world so as usual I will put forward two nominal start times.

Call 1: Midday Bulgaria | 7pm Aus eastern | 5am US eastern

Call 2: 9pm Bulgaria | 3am Aus eastern | 2pm US eastern

These are just the nominal start times, there will probably be people online all day.

I won’t be too far from my computer, except for an hour or two to go for a walk and get some dinner.

Other than that, if you visit the discord and don’t see anyone in the voice room, feel free to @ me, I’ll pop back in.

Lately I have become somewhat nocturnal, staying up all night to watch muh sportsball (US Open tennis and UFC).

I’ll probably be awake until the early hours once again, so even if you are in America and can’t join until after you finish work, I’ll probably still be online.

I don’t think anything will top S3 E33 and in some ways I would have liked to end the series there and then.

What I didn’t realise was how close we are to the magic milestone of 100 Member Skype / Discord Calls.

The above image is from an excel spreadsheet I maintain to keep track of the content on the site.

It turns out that we are two Calls away from the big 100.

So what I am thinking of doing is making tomorrow’s 9/11 Special ‘Episode #99’.

That will leave Episode #100 open for 22/11 i.e the 60th anniversary of the JFK ‘assassination’, seen by some as the conspiracy which started them all.

(I have heard a lot of people say that the term ‘conspiracy theory’ was pushed on the masses following the JFK event, however I have never looked into this properly myself to see if it is based on actual fact, or if it is yet another one of those bullshit stories parroted by entry level ‘researchers’ and conspiratards)

If all goes to plan, I will have two months to put together an overarching, comprehensive presentation detailing the key findings from my investigation into the esoteric elements of not only the JFK hoax, but also the other major events which have followed since then (including 9/11, 3/11, Diana, Sydney Siege, Route 91, and more).

I have come back from my European adventures refreshed, recharged, and in many ways reinvigorated.

Perhaps I can go into some detail about this during the Call tomorrow, if anybody is interested to hear more.

The tl;dr is that I am determined to take what I have learned over the past nine years of independent research and content creation and convert it into something which might be of benefit to myself and to anybody else who may be genuinely interested in conspiracy theories and esoterica, on both the surface and the meta levels.

Of course, that’s all by the by for now.

What matters is that I’ll be there tomorrow, and I hope to see some of you in the discord voice room as well.

There is a near zero chance that we are going to produce anything on the same level as S3 E33, and I’m not even going to try.

That was special for so many reasons. Unparalleled.

Instead, Ep #99 will simply be myself and some of you chatting about 9/11 and whatever else we feel like — some on the record, and some not.

Hope to see you there ūüĎć

Nominal call times

Call 1 (suits Aus)

Call 2 (suits US)

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