Food For Thought – Mk II

In 1984, why did Winston live at Victory Mansions?

Is ‘Sync’ just another layer of programming?

Did the creators of the video game Metal Gear Solid know something?

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Food for Thought – Mk II

Published 20-Nov-2019

i) Salzburg Gold’s latest 1984 piece

Salzburg Gold recently released the third edition of his outstanding podcast series reviewing 1984.

He is going through the book chapter by chapter, and inviting all of us to help him along the way.

Chapter 1 featured Daibpdaibp (available here).

Chapter 2 featured Daibpdaibp and Flyfisher (available here).

Chapter 3 saw me make my first appearance on the series (available here).

I encourage you to check out the series if you haven’t already, and also to consider joining SG for a chapter or two.

He is apparently recording the Call for Chapter 4
this Saturday, November 23, at 7pm US Central Time.

I believe this is 8pm Saturday New York | 1am Sunday London | 8am Sunday Hanoi | midday Sunday Melbourne |

The format SG is employing for the series is excellent: by going through the book chapter by chapter, all a guest needs to do is read about 10 or 15 minutes worth of 1984 prior to each Call.

It also means that when the series is complete, a new listener will be able to ‘binge listen’ to the entire series from start to finish, which will make it a lot easier to promote the series far and wide (which is exactly what I intend to do, by the Power of Honk, praise Kek).

ii) Daibpdaibp critiques Sync

It was only a matter of time until our resident ex-monk revealed himself to be a Sync heretic.

Thrice8Hermes: The Third Layer of Programming

This blasphemy against Brother Kotze is enough to warrant excommunication from the Sync-cult building here at…

…or is it?

Perhaps DD offers some valid points well worth consideration.

Perhaps ‘Sync’ is indeed a pathway to yet another level of programming.

Perhaps Brother Kotze is the Pied Piper of Sync and JLB is an unwitting dupe who has spent almost three years of his life — and counting — on a fool’s errand…

I plan to type up a response to DD in the coming days, and if you take the time to watch his video for yourself, I encourage you to consider leaving a thumbs down on his video posting your own comment here and/or in the comments section on Youtube.

Myself and a few other Members of the site are pretty into Sync (if I can put it that way), but there are also plenty of Members here who find the topic/field uninteresting — and potentially even distracting.

In fact, due at least in part to the Jewish / Kabbalistic / occult / drug-related influences which have played a large role in the development of the Sync subculture, some people even view Sync with a degree of suspicion and trepidation.

For these reasons and more, I for one am glad to see a Member of this site producing a less-than-glowing critique of Sync, and hope that this will help spur a more circumspect conversation about the topic here at

Otherwise, we can always boot the blasphemer. As Sister Greta would ask, ‘how dare he!?’

iii) Metal Gear Solid

A new Member recently joined the site and responded to my Welcome email.

Until I get his permission to publish his username I’ll refer to him as Solid Snake.

I always ask people how they arrived here at the home of skepticism, and this was SS‘ explanation:

I had my start in this after following closely along with the video game series – Metal Gear Solid and it’s director Hideo Kojima. There were a lot of connections in that series that got me to begin thinking in new ways and enjoy diving into stories like I had not done so previously.

I eventually ended up in a community following the video game Death Stranding and the connections to our reality were a bit uncanny. Eventually I was presented your info via reddit and I guess that brings me here today.

I was interested to hear more, so I replied with an email asking if SS could elaborate.

You see, I remembered watching a video about the philosophical content in Metal Gear Solid some time ago.

It was one of a countless number of rabbit trails I had never gotten around to revisiting — until now.

This is what SS sent next:

To keep it a bit short & sweet there was a cut scene that appears near the ending of the game Metal Gear Solid 2 which is linked here [see below]

At this point in the game, you’ve found out that the folks who have been instructing you (your character) on your mission are essentially an AI network that was constructed using your own memories to create a model of convincing you that you are the “perfect soldier”. I didn’t really understand this when I first played the game as a child but revisiting it a few years back really sent me down the rabbit hole.

I found that the director Hideo Kojima pulled a lot of influences from movies that had a lot to do with double meanings and conspiracies such as 1984. I think what he accomplished in that game series was to ask the player weather or not they even have control of anything in a video game and in a sense, are we aware of who we are playing, or who is playing us? Lot of 4th wall breaking material spread out over 9+ titles.

It’s a bit silly but well worth a dive if you want something new/fresh inspiration I would encourage you to look into the Metal Gear Solid Movie series on youtube. There is so much under the hood and still to this day not entirely agreed upon with the community regarding details of characters & story.

The video SS referred to is the one embedded below.

Before you watch it, here is some context:

*This clip plays when the player reaches a certain stage in the game.

*The dude on the left is a computer character, the dude on the right is the player’s character.

*This is a game which was published in November, 2001.

Youtube: Colonel JD AI Codec Conversation MGS2 HD

Given the general age profile of the Membership of this site, I suspect that Metal Gear Solid is probably not something a lot of people here are familiar with.

In fact I would imagine the very notion that a video game can be philosophical is something which will come as a bit of a surprise to some folk.

I myself am not a gamer and although I had friends who were big into MGS when I was a kid, I wasn’t aware of the above clip until I heard about it perhaps a year or so ago.

I’ve got so much I want to say about all of this, but suffice for now to limit it to the following:

*Due to SS‘ email, I went back and looked for the original video which piqued my interest in this topic. It turned out to have been made by a guy called LogosSteve. His review of the clip is here.

*On the very same day I was reading and responding to SS‘ email, I had been doing my prep for the Matrix MDC that night. As part of that research I had stumbled upon this detailed review of The Matrix.

*Yes, that review of The Matrix was also made by LogosSteve, a guy with about 20 YouTube videos in total.

*You tell me: what are the odds of that?

*If I seemed a little bit loopier than normal on the Matrix Member Call, this may give you some insight into one of the several reasons why.

*Imagine spending a day prepping for a Call about The Matrix, feeling as though you are within some kind of Sync Game itself…

As they say in the classics, WATTBA.

Welcome SS to the site, and welcome all of the newer Members; hopefully more of them will share their own stories about how they got here, we’ve certainly taken many different paths…

In the meantime, if you found the MGS clip above interesting, or have anyhting else to say about video games, philosophy, and all things related, please share your thoughts in the comment section below and help get the discussion going ūüôā

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10 thoughts on “Food For Thought – Mk II

  • 21-November-2019 at 6:32 pm

    I wanted to offer a potential false dichotomy in the first Matrix film which I think is relevant to my two recent videos. I haven’t watched the Matrix sequel so I don’t know if they address it.

    After accepting Morpheus’s half of the red pill – blue pill dichotomy, there seems to be a further dichotomy: Neo vs Cypher. Remaining loyal to the truth, accept a grim life in the tiny minority separate from the unknowing masses; or betray truth and your fellow red pillers, return to the Matrix for a life pleasure and fame, whilst living in oblivion (forgetfulness).

    This seems to me, to be a subtle bit of programming which suggests that not to accept a life of isolation in the name of truth is a betrayal of your subgroup.

    The matrix has a plot set up where Cypher must betray Morpheus et al in order to return to the Matrix.

    In our world is it possible to have learned what there is to learn about the hoaxes of the system, to see the Matrix for what it is, to retain insights that one has gained, without having to live an isolated and grim life?

    That there is a solution to the Neo-Cypher Dichotomy.

    I suggest that this may be the solution to the third level of programming and that in this sense the levels of programming are not necessarily good or evil. It depends on how tightly one has bound themselves to each particular level, and if one is able to get the whole way through to the other side.

    Which is an illustration of some of the points I was trying to get across in my ‘[bound to the world]’1, video. That, in particular, the finer points of synchromysticism may bound us to this level of programming, or as in the case of Cypher (who stares at the fine detail of the Matrix all day) that it creates a desire to forget all that he has learned.

    Or perhaps I am just spouting the fourth level of programming.

    • 22-November-2019 at 8:15 am

      Good points. Been watching all of your videos, one by one, today. Much food for thought. Thank you for sharing your perspective. #mikegpoetry

      • 22-November-2019 at 8:54 pm

        Cheers Mikeg, As I publish a video I usually decide that I am wrong about certain things. This is why sometimes my later videos may seem contradictory to parts of earlier ones. As I start to understand my thinking, I realize where I disagree with myself.

        For a while, I had the idea of eventually trying to create a fully worked out a fully defined, non-contradictory system in the style of a Schopenhauer.

        But now I’m moving to more of a Nietzschean way. Somewhat because I can’t be arsed to do it, but in other parts I like the process of the development of my thought naturally, and I don’t mind so much if the way I use certain words alters slightly or even if on a certain level there may be some contradictions. I’m working with words and hence the map and so I think this okay. Different videos are sometimes about different maps and hence it may not be possible to have a fully developed, non-contradictory, tightly defined system.

        In the end, I get certain things out of creating them. The viewer gets certain things out of watching or listening to them.

        And I get something different out of watching them back later on then I did when I first made them.

        • 23-November-2019 at 4:41 am

          It may be similar to my experience of reading a poem I wrote 30 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 1 year ago, or last week. Who are these previous versions of me? I have certain (vivid?) memories of these previous versions of me, but in another sense they aren’t me at all. They are other(s). I awoke this morning for the one millionth (or 1st?) time to encounter the “reality” of experience . . . My philosophy is simple. I set the standard at “Greatness.” I do my best. I try to be kind. Cheers!

        • 07-January-2020 at 9:48 pm

          Why do you feel that “i-soul-elation” from people whose programming is very conditioned and therefore toxic and likely to subconsciously unstabilize your hard-earned sanity in unnecessary ways, is a “grim” thing? Why not be reclusive enough for sanity (cleanliness of mind) and socially adept (cleverness of a healthy, confident and stable mind dancing = natural sexual attraction) at the same time? JLB himself is a perfect example of this. He’s reclusive and independent but he’s not nerdy and/or overly angry or socially awkward. Humor and absurdity have come to rescue his introversion as well as my own.

          Why think this thing (grimness) into existence, when all you need to be happy as a normal man is first to eat like a normal man (raw carnivore, grass-fed and wild caught dairy and meats only, as few anti-nutrient-filled veggies and fruits and other laxatives as possible; the better you digest something, the better it is for you)

          1 day ago
          @Omar Torres Supermarket milk is highly estrogenic, boiling the milk gets rid of all the lactase that digest lactose for you, also destroys the calcium, and virtually almost every mineral/vitamin, it oxidizes it since it is boiled milk, and left out to rot, and is able to be infected with bacteria since there is no good bacteria left in the milk, making it a highly inflammatory food, since most people do not possess the ability to digest lactose efficiently, hence lactose intolerence, without lactase in the milk, you are harming yourself, even if the milk is organic, cows are still fed corn or soy, you are better off drinking koolaid, do not drink milk if it isn’t raw and 100% pasture raised, you will regret it.

          and at least one healthy womb-man (or many healthy women “gamed” due to necessity until you get to the few who will last more than a few months or the even fewer a year or more, never playing the drama of “marriage” or mar-rage, the age that mars your real “pagan” sexuality into a rage, because it’s a sentence for fools dumb enough to put women on an “equality” pedestal as dictated by the “equality hoax” and its branch of feminism) and just one really good male friend?

          After all, how many people have more than one really good friend who’s like a brother or better than a brother to them? Not that many. And certainly not that many at all to last a whole lifetime as dramatized and traumatized for us by our rulers to last a retarded, rabbit-food eating, malnutritioned, paltry 75 years until physical and mental debt (death) has come to be collected.

          To have this in adulthood (and not through the easy friendships gained and lost when you were 8 years old to around 13 or 14 when full puberty and the lock put on your nuts through indoctrination and physical confinement in “schools” of fish starts to manifest unhealthy awkwardness in the teenage personality and lots of exaggerated anxiety, frustration and unhumored confidence-destroyers, de-story-ers to come) you need a deep understanding and respect between two people developed over a while in real “physical” life and not just on the internet.

          You have to “game” your male friends as well in the sense that to have a really cool male friend, you have to show manly values and attributes such as a good sense of humor, the ability to relax and be calm anywhere, be comfortable in uncomfortable situations, such as on a rocky dirt trail that leads up a mountain and throws you off-balance with every step and it’s metaphoric equivalents in social interaction, ability in sports, martial arts and gymnastics, skillfulness in general which is the real definition of “Kung Fu” by the way, since skill acquired in ritualized and balanced movements that create leverage and energy conservation relax you physically first and then mentally, not to mention “scoring” with beautiful or at least “desirable” women to show your vitality, meaning physically healthy and mentally bearable, lol, conditioned fee-males (ha ha ha, what do you mean male for a fee only, silly esoteric phonetologist who made up that word? Provider game rarely works in feminized societies) with only your personality as your “riches.” Your best buddy as it were will not “cock block” you with potential sources of romantic interest but add to the garden of its possibilites and vice versa.

          Look at all the people that seem to have “lots of friends” when they hit a low point in their lives for whatever reason and are not seen as potential contacts for shekel-squeezing within the (((system))) called the made-tricks (((matrix))) anymore. How many real friends did they have? If you have one or two really good friends and one good woman who doesn’t end up being a pain in your arse, you have already achieved all the social success necessary for a “happy” and ungrim life reclusive enough to be healthy, healing and worth it.

  • 24-November-2019 at 11:42 pm

    Funny, MGS 2 was the only one of the series I played. I borrowed it from a friend after playing it with him and I remember it being quite the trip when I was 13. I even was able to ‚Äúgo back‚ÄĚ to that moment of first playing the game for myself (while reading this post) and the spooky, sinking feeling that came over me as the rabbit whole started to reveal itself. Although, I was a young buck at the time and had no idea about any conspiracy topics, this theme really resonated with me. The Matrix and The Truman Show already being some of my favorite films at the time. What is the nature of this reality, and can we improve our lives by forming a ‚Äúbetter‚ÄĚ or MORE accurate framework for understanding this reality?

  • 22-December-2019 at 9:02 pm

    Santos Bonacci (not looking very good, skinny with no muscles in his mid 50s almost certainly because of vegan brainwashing) claims semin-aries were where semen, the vital life force was preserved. In other words, Blue Balls are a Hoax or rather a path to a longer life and Ejaculatory Sex is a Jesuit Hoax to drain us quicker into the grave of the equalized also according to Mr. Syncretism.

    Tantric Sex was a whole system of teachings by those who were experts at being able to hump away elegantly for the longer distance in a hundred different positions without ejaculating. Apparently through this training they never got blue balls but benefited themselves by retaining their magnetic force and living much longer! lol

    Ever wonder why every last porn video has a “come-shot” in it? Now you know. If they can get you to blow your wad constantly, you lose your life essence. You can’t become like Jack La Motta in Raging Bull unless you pour ice on your balls when your woman wants to fool around or can practice the tantric humping with no ejaculation.

    Santos “Purple Nutsacks of Destiny” Bonacci comments directly at the 30 minute mark:

    on the (((Jesuit))) (crypto/marranos from loyola onwards) orchestrated Ejaculation Hoax which the Ancient Tantrics debunked by teaching the younger folks how to screw in a hundred different yoga positions without ever blowing their wads or their magnetic inner essence and therefore living to be have steel balls and reaching godlike ages of 200 or more.

    P.S. Someone should tell this poor vegan victim Santos to eat some kangaroos because there can be no re-in-CARN-ation without CARNE or meat. Wild caught, grassfed, raw dairy, eggs, etc. It’s telling you right there in the word to be a carnivore and you’ll reincarnate to a younger age of yourself, whether or not you retain your semen in seminaries, you will naturally be able to retain more and for far longer than you ever thought possible. Basically, with a little bit of correct exercise you become your optimal physical self, not a vegan ghost.

    • 23-December-2019 at 7:13 am

      Looks like a scene straight out of “Waking Life,” just needs to have animation added. The guy with the moustache driving Bonacci to LAX through heavy traffic even looks like the main character in “Waking Life,” (the kid from “Dazed & Confused” now somewhat grown up and apparently going to college). Bonacci is Sterling Hayden from “Dr. Strangelove,” he denies women his “essence.” He is in his mid 50s, looks 75 but claims he feels great and can do all sorts of “yoga” just eating “Beet Roots” and other raw veggies (not human food, he’s a masochist torturing himself on non-human food). Only a fool would believe him looking as skinny and malnutritioned as he does. He even claims that sex with all his ex-wives was terrible, but now, just a year later he has it all figured out. He’s the Colonel from Strangelove.

      Just as an aside he mentions that he recently had to kill somebody in self-defense who OJ-like was trying to kill his girlfriend (jealous old boyfriend) and him with a knife and bat.

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