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Nopol Review #04 | Alien Balloons (14-Feb-2023)

This is the fourth episode of the Nopol Review.

The conspiracyNOPOL subreddit now has its own weekly review show.

This episode streamed live on 14-Feb-2023 and released as a standalone mp3 on 15-Feb-2023.

See r/conspiracyNOPOL for more information.

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3 thoughts on “Nopol Review #04 | Alien Balloons (14-Feb-2023)

  • The fake alien invasion is something that us in the act scene have been ‘waiting’ for a while.
    The downside in my personal opinion is that after the covid hoax the alien hoax doesn’t sound that interesting anymore. I would rather like to expose the covid thing first and then move on to the next one.
    But as we have all experienced over the years, at the end of the day nobody cares..
    Same thing with the alien invasion hoax – no matter how big or stupid hoax will be, in a few years time, nobody cares..

    On a different note..
    Has anybody thoroughly looked into the satellite industry?
    The common belief in the ACT scene is ‘satellites are fake’. I tend to agree. I do not believe there are satellites floating around or above this thing called Earth.

    However those who work with ‘satellite’ signals (radio amateurs for example), they get their work done thanks to the ‘fake’ satellites, at least the ‘geostationary’ satellites seem to exist where we are told they allegedly are.
    My dad is a radio amateur (he works in the defence force) and he uses the satellite signals coming from 22 000 miles away supposedly.
    I asked him if it is possible the signals are coming from TV or cellphone towers, he said no. According to him he can calculate the angles etc and therefor differentiate where signal is coming from.
    They also count the time it takes for the signal reach 22 000 miles and it seems everything works fine.

    This has lead me to think perhaps the ‘geostationary satellites’ are attached to the ceiling ūü§ď

  • Quick feedback cause im at work. Enjoying this show format so far JLB, really enjoying your monologue and hearing your opinions like always. #trueman

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