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Nopol Review #03 | Celebrity Conspiracies (7-Feb-2023)

This is the third episode of the Nopol Review.

The conspiracyNOPOL subreddit now has its own weekly review show.

This episode streamed live on 7-Feb-2023 and released as a standalone mp3 on 8-Feb-2023.

See r/conspiracyNOPOL for more information.

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Original thread on Nopol – here.

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Some skipping during the show due to internet issues.

2 thoughts on “Nopol Review #03 | Celebrity Conspiracies (7-Feb-2023)

  • Ravi Vasudevan

    Dear JLB,

    You may have misinterpreted my email.

    The purpose of my email was for you to keep producing large volumes of content.

    If you start drinking again, then the content may stop.

    I do not want this to happen.

    What I like about drunk JLB is that you are more direct and say how you really feel, ugly or not.

    Ideally , you could be me freewheeling and straight up when sober while maintaining the clarity and focus of your sober self.

    I think alcohol is the lamest of all buzzes.



    P.S. Cobain did not kill himself, this is the most reasonable conclusion based on his toxicology report.

  • Ravi Vasudevan

    Hi JLB,

    Just to further clarify, please do NOT start drinking again.

    Also do NOT show my JLB website comments on youtube.

    You can paraphrase, or read them verbatim, just do not show the actual comment from your website on screen.

    Lastly, a youtuber, Supasly75 aka HeavilyFlawedIndividual , whom I highly recommend, showed a ‘leaked’ script for the superbowl roughly 10 days ago.

    The outcome in the ‘leaked’ script was Eagles 37 Chiefs 34.

    Although the actual winner was different, the actual score of 38 to 35 was remarkably close the script.



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