JLB Chats #23 – ‘Sync Mist’ (7-Mar-2024)

The most ‘awake’ people you know: do you ever hear them snoring?

Are the ridiculous 3/11 and 9/11 synchronicities merely a matter of ‘coincidence’?

Where were you when they built the ladder to heaven?


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Production notes JLB Chats #23. Streamed/recorded 26/27-Feb-2024. Released as Chats #23 on 7-Mar-2024. Minor editing to balance audio and insert clips.

9 thoughts on “JLB Chats #23 – ‘Sync Mist’ (7-Mar-2024)

  • bmseattle

    Only part way through this so far…and while there are many amusing parts one could mention, my favorite has been the assertion made on the call that the “elite controllers” are Devil worshippers…

    Then, when asked for evidence of that, bringing up Bohemian Grove as (I guess?) proof of said devil worshipping.

    Only to, moments later, explain that Alex Jones’ “expose'” on Bohemian Grove was definitely fake.

  • franny23dmt

    the full quote from crowley is

    “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will”

    u can see why people shortened it and took it out of context

  • franny23dmt

    30 years in independent music industry. yes i was offered mtv deal 25 years ago. i said “stick it” . harsh industry. nobody cares , especially truthers. most “alt-media” supports mtv music, not my sitch

  • watermanchris

    This was a comical listen. The idea that there are only 2 possible answers – 1. It’s all scripted or 2. It’s just a coincidence – is ridiculous.

    I’ve been floating the idea for a while that these events are both “real” and “fake” at the same time. I.E. “no player characters were hurt during the filming of this movie.

    I don’t know how this realm works but I’m convinced that it doesn’t work like we’re told. I think it’s a game of some kind but I don’t know if I’m a willing participant or if it’s someone else’s game and they drafted me into it. Too many things have happened to me in my ” real life” that make no sense in the materialist world view OR the truther “it’s all scripted” world view.

  • The thing is, I think one can confidently state that some bits of the 911 show certainly were controlled. The media presentation of the day was no accident. That gives an indication that the whole presentation of the event was managed.

    If JLB or others agree with the presentation being managed on the day (with Harley guy etc lined up and ready to go), why is it inconceivable to consider that the buildings were also props, even the phone number of the Hilton? It makes no sense to me personally, but perhaps black cubes, special numbers, etc are religious symbols for some very rich administrators. Or perhaps these are stunts designed to capture the imagination. Or something else… with a human intention behind it.

    But why is it not possible that this event was indeed long in the planning by people? Like the way someone might put away wood pallets in August for a big bonfire on guy Fawkes night (November), or the way the Kumbh Mela festival occurs every 12 years, it seems possible to me that some events/magic tricks would be long in the planning. The best ones would have to be, right?

    I’m open to hearing all suggestions of course – however I don’t think we heard an actual proposal from JLB to evaluate and compare. Perhaps it is the ‘nature of the universe’ or some mystical force or ‘mass manifestation’… I’m sure I have a lack of imagination of all the possibilities.. but perhaps JLB would state what he thinks so that enquiring minds can evaluate his alternative, as yet unstated, thesis?

    • PS It’s fine not to have a theory btw, which I think is the case here, ie that JLB does not have an answer. I think that the technique of ‘asking open ended questions’ is an attempt to crowd source a better answer, with the questioner at the center (asking/as king). I actually think this is what is going on. Ie several peoples’ efforts are channeled to JLB. Genius stuff, a different take on content creation.

    • why is it inconceivable to consider that the buildings were also props

      I think both of the Twin Towers were built to be brought down i.e. props. Perhaps you have misunderstood me.

      But why is it not possible that this event was indeed long in the planning by people?

      That is possible, I have said that many times.

      My issue is with the folks who claim to be certain that this event or that event is ‘scripted’.

      I am asking them, what does that even mean? Scripted by who or what?

      Does this mean that people like Tom Hanks are literally given scripts or told what to say in their awards speeches?

      And why are you so certain?

      Those are the questions I am asking.

      But why is it not possible that this event was indeed long in the planning by people?

      I have explained my take on this many times over the years, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

      For this reason I have been spending considerable time planning, recording, and editing a detailed series to further elucidate my opinion.


      It may take some more weeks to complete the series, and at that point I might release a condensed or abridged version publicly.

      Or, I might not.

      Anybody who wants to further their own understanding of how these ‘coincidences’ are occurring and what they mean, can start by reading the Sync Books.

      And listening to their podcast archive.

      I don’t expect anybody to actually do this, I’m just saying, the information is out there for those who truly want to seek it out.

    • Here’s a sort of mega answer – Allegedly Dave’s take on what is going on:

      It does factor in sync, Mandela effects, etc. Probs I would say it is a bit more of a woowoo theory than Tom Campbell’s probability stuff.

      I don’t listen to Brian Staveley (I didn’t even realise it was him for a while) and don’t believe in ME either.

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