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Nopol Review #02 | Fringe Theories & Normies (31-Jan-2023)

This is the second episode of the Nopol Review.

The conspiracyNOPOL subreddit now has its own weekly review show.

This episode streamed live on 31-Jan-2023 and released as a standalone mp3 on 1-Feb-2023.

See r/conspiracyNOPOL for more information.

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2 thoughts on “Nopol Review #02 | Fringe Theories & Normies (31-Jan-2023)

  • Apoc Shaker

    I agree that hitting a line judge square in the throat, live on cue in one take in front of a crowd of 20K fans at Arthur Ashe Stadium would be a nearly impossible feat, even for an ace marksman like Djokovic. However, you may remember that the 2020 U.S. Open was a unique event like no other before it or since in which NO SPECTATORS were allowed in the stadium other than a select handful of insiders with simulated applause inserted between points. A “closed set” environment perhaps lending itself to some otherwise impossible staged shenanigans?

    Here’s an article about the spectator-free Open where it is suggested that the presence of an actual crowd could have deterred Novak from that “impulsive” ball swat:

  • JayDog

    I love the Conspiracy NOPOL shows. Great format and I’ve got something to check in for every Tuesday. Thanks for all your endeavours, much appreciated. J

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