Member Skype Call #24 – The Sync Books [Public release]

Member Skype Call #24

The Sync Books

[Public release]

What is ‘Sync’ and why should anybody care?

Who gets to decide what is and isn’t a so-called ‘coincidence’? Tarot cards, Aleister Crowley, ‘Ancient Egypt’: what do these things have in common? How long ago did the planning for 9/11 begin? Ultimately, does any of this really matter?

MSC veterans Mezzie and Chris joined me to discuss these questions and more, as the Member Skype Call series continues to roll along ‘full steam ahead’…

Participants (cumulative appearances on MSC)

Mezzie (nineteen) | WatermanChris (five)

Audio (stream or download)

Relevant material

Article: The Sync Books – What a Trip! (2-Dec-2017)

-> My personal reflections after reading the two Sync Books.

Post: Reading Sync (22-Jun-2018)

-> Select passages from three chapters of the first Sync Book.

Article: Primary Source Research Methodology (17-Oct-2017)

-> An exploration of what I mean when I talk about ‘primary sources’.

Article: The History of Histories (24-Oct-2017)

-> An exploration of what I call the ‘History Hoax’.

Clips used in this podcast (listed chronologically)

Scene from Repo Man (1984)

YouTube: Back to the Future Predicts 9/11 by Joe Alexander*

Scene from Waking Life (2001)

YouTube: Mark ‘Harley Guy’ Walsh from 9/11

YouTube: The 9/11 Pyramid Mega Ritual by Jake Kotze a.k.a. Seallion

YouTube: Oxyrhynchus Papyri Project by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)

YouTube: Back to the Future John F Kennedy Assassination by Joe Alexander*

*a.k.a. barelyHuman11 a.k.a. Apophenia Productions

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Podcast: Joe our Syncbearer

Who is Joe Alexander? Does Back to the Future really predict 9/11?

Where did JA get his ideas and what can this reveal to us about the nature of things today?

Joining me to discuss these things and more was an all-star cast of interlocutors from around the world.

Video Series: The Missing Sync
Part 1

Why does an instagram posts from Tom Hanks seem to ‘predict’
the event known as the murder of George Floyd?

What does a Marvel film from 2011 have to do with
the ‘race riots’ we see taking place in America today?

Is there any reason to suspect that the Illuminati Card Game
may be more than just a game?

Part 2

The Missing Sync

Is there more to ‘Project Blue Beam’ than the surface level psyop?

Can ‘Knocked Up’ (2007) and ‘This Is The End’ (2013) be considered ‘twin’ films?

Are those of us who have made serious mistakes in our lives about to face the ‘wrath of god’?

Part 3

The Missing Sync by John le Bon

This is as candid as I’ve ever been on a recorded piece.

Some of you might hate it, and for that I apologise in advance.

But it had to be done. I want the Kosmos to know that I know.

Part 4

Let me tell you something, Babu.

You go back in that kitchen, tell your chef, I want the works.

No, not very good. Very great. I am very, very great.

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