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Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable | Ep #3 Mark Sargent (24-Jun-2015)

Join us for another installment of BESR, a live, roundtable discussion focused on ball earth skepticism and all related topics (such as NASA, scientism, and media fakery). The panel features David Weiss (DITRH), Ben (Matrix Decode) and host John le Bon. Special guest for Episode #3 is Mark Sargent of ‘Flat Earth Clues’.


Introducing Mark Sargent, and general ‘flat earth’ musings – 2:21
Looking at Mark’s ‘Flat Earth Clues’ and objections to the Ball Earth model – 30:55
Introducing Jeranism, and his upcoming laser curvature test – 43:49
Can direct flights disprove the Flat Earth model? – 55:14
Mark’s view on gravity – 1:15:15
Mark’s view on satellites – 1:20:10
‘Mark Sargent’s a shill’ – 1:25:00
How do you explain the moon? – 1:46:39
Final thoughts – 1:56:39

Mark Sargent of ‘Flat Earth Clues’:
David Weiss (DITRH):
Matrix Decode:

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