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JLB1534 | Greens Larissa Waters – Climate Alarmism, Scientism, Cultural Marxism

On Thursday June 26, 2015, Greens Senator Larissa Waters likened the debate about AGW to a debate about the ‘flat earth’. Little do most people realise just how much truth might be in her comment. It turns out that the ‘sea level’ rises which we always hear about are recorded by satellites, which is a big problem for those who base their beliefs on evidence as there is no evidence that these satellites even exist – unless of course you still have faith in NASA.

Cultural Marxists like Waters also claim that ‘research’ shows that there is no difference between males and females. So much so that they are against girls toys and boys toys. Do you really trust jokers like Waters to know the first thing about ‘science’ when they don’t even believe that boys and girls are different? What they preach is not science but SCIENTISM and the sooner you leave the cult of scientism, the better, for you and those around you.


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