37 Things Normies Believe – Overview (2-Sep-2019)

What is a ‘normie’ and what do normies tend to believe? Is there a little normie in all of us? What are we led to accept by society, and what causes a man to question what he thinks he already knows?

On Monday evening, 2-Sep-2019, I decided to livestream a show on my YouTube channel. I gave an overview of my seminal work 37 Things Normies Believe.



This mp3 file is a slightly-edited rip of the video, with some dead air at the beginning removed for the benefit of the listener.

Original article

Article #03 | 37 Things Normies Beleieve (24-Oct-2016)

In-depth video review of the first ten items

Member Video #09 | 37 Things Normies Believe: Review #1 (14-Jun-2017)

Production notes. Livestreamed Monday 2-Sep-2019, mp3 uploaded 8-Sep-2019. Original livestream blocked due to copyright strike, later reinstated. Minor editing to remove dead air at beginning. mp3 exported at 96kbps.


8 thoughts on “37 Things Normies Believe – Overview (2-Sep-2019)

  • 14-September-2019 at 8:38 am

    John le Bon
    1 week ago
    That certainly seems plausible to me. I consider the effects I experience from a sugar rush to be similar to those of a drug; why can’t meat be like a drug, too? Addictions, rushes, come downs, withdrawals, the whole lot.

    1 week ago
    John le Bon precisely

    @permacultureHill and JLB

    Since vegans think that humans can turn into other mammals like gorillas, chimps, cows and elephants (not exclusively herbivore, all mammals are more-or-less omnivore, since all eat first of all animal products such as their mother’s milk and also, at least sometimes, other animals, just to different degrees and types https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdTXaFtDqZE) overnight and build most of their muscles and bones from greenery and shrubbery and sweet man-made fruits that don’t exist in nature except in wild form and only in season, the most obvious observation that the human body is not made of sugar or any vegetable matter but out of meat and bones has no effect on them, since they just point to an ox and say: “If an ox or an 800 pound gorilla can build all that muscle by eating grass, why can’t you? Why are you human? Why can’t you just be a friggin’ cow or chimp and only eat a live little chicken that fits perfectly in your mouth or other small animals once-in-a-while?”

    Because we aren’t oxes, elephants, chimps or gorillas, that’s why. You would have to accept implicitly this stupid theory of evolution backwards to think that chimps and elephants and cows are somehow morally more developed than humans because they eat mostly, though never exclusively, plants and that humans would be better off if they could turn themselves into gorillas, elephants and cows.

    Why would they be better off? Would dogs and lions and whales be better off if they could do the same?

    How do you know that feeding your dog nothing but carrots and cabbage and peaches and bananas will not just kill it but sicken it slowly, torture it unnecessarily and then kill it? By being unnatural, uncomprehending and basically cruel enough to try it twice or maybe even 10 times and and seeing that it did so in each instance. You don’t have to wait till it dies, you can see soon enough that it gets weak and sick, compared to other dogs eating even processed dog-food with animals products in it and not their natural wild diet which would be raw meats and bones of freshly killed animals, and it’s on its way to extinction if the proper nutrients it can digest are not available.

    But with humans, this all goes out the window. Somehow humans are meant to go to the toilet 6 to 10 times a day and compulsively eat foods that make them feel terrible (factory farmed or deliberately sickened meats, destroyed or pasteurized and homogenized dairy lacking enzymes for digestion; plants, fruits, nuts and most toxic of all: vegetable oils), make them malnourished and agitated and still keep at it. All for the sake of the animals. Many vegans even admit openly (since they have no logical arguments based on health benefits) that their veganism is not for the sake of their own health, that would be ‘selfish,’ it’s for the sake of the animals. It’s a moral decision to immolate themselves into skinny shadows of their former selves to ‘save the animals.’ They are playing Jesus like they were instructed to by their acting coaches. They bought the big con that they can ‘do unto others’ before they can do unto themselves. The more they try to do for others, in this case, not even other humans but the ‘animals,’ the less they are able to, since the less they have of themselves developed to give without suffering a loss. This is why only people in developed countries can bother with any of this nonsense. You’ll never see a ‘vegan’ organization in any poor country not organized by outsider bourgeoisie or the 1st-world based middle class with their whining and indoctrinated, entitled to a-Big-Mac-and-Fries and Coke-plus-Tofu-and-Beyond-Meat-24-hours-a-day populations

    Meanwhile, probably 99% of vegans and vegetarians do not plant and eat only from their own backyard vegetables but also go to the produce sections of their supermarkets and ‘farmer’s markets.’ decisions that are providing the demand for millions or acres of plant foods planted on cleared and destroyed animal habitats, with pound-for-pound far more animals in the mice and rodent and bird families (let’s never mention snakes and insects, who gives a shit about them anyway? lol) being killed in planting and harvesting their veggies than on any wild and natural animals habitat such as that for grass-fed, grass-finished cows, pasture raised chickens or wild-caught seafood.

    Vegans do not even want to allow you to eat fish that other fish are allowed eat as much as they want but they’re fine with massacring millions of rodents and birds just so all the supermarkets have plenty of ‘organic’ veggies in stock, as if ‘organic’ meant not planted on other animals habitats in millions of acres but on millions of acres of indoor plant gardens or something, a ridiculous and absurd thing that never could be unless mind could control matter and change the physical nature of human beings overnight or in a short period of time (a thousand years is short enough for them when it comes to their dedication to their moral superiority complex) just like their dreams of turning humans into ‘saintly’ gorillas and elephants who are so much ‘better’ than us because their bodies are adapted to eating things that although alive, vegans consider dead or no more significantly alive than paper, which they probably also chew and try to wish was food or the ‘wood,’ not meaning originally that food was literally wood to be bitten off trees but metaphorically as in all language: that food turned your body into wood, hard enough to be wood rather than leak, squeak and weak.



    @JLB why can’t meat be like a drug, too?

    It is. All things that genuinely make you feel good naturally have their artificial and man-made and usually inferior (not built as well as nature, therefore producing toxic side effects unnatural enough for the body to not be able to process and reject, creating problems in circulation and absorption of oxygen chain reacting in a downward loop into other problems) versions. You always see more artificial products the more developed or complex the society. Cotton fabric has Polyester. Clay or mud has glass and Plastic.

    Our bodies are over 90% bacteria, so anything that destroys bacteria, destroys life, since these micro-organisms are ‘in charge’ of over 90% of our body. The healthier they are, the more healed we tend to be. It is not bacteria that causes sickness (seek-ness, seeking for healing again to and towards a gain) but toxins in bacteria from toxic sources. That’s why pasteurized and destroyed dairy, when fermented into kefir will never have the benefits of the same amount of fermentation in raw dairy, since the bacteria are feeding on destroyed food and therefore carry more toxins than the natural or raw kind. Toxins = tax-ins, what taxes your insides. Your insides are taxed when you have to do unnatural things. You pay this tax through small degrees of gradual sickness (always seeking that elusive well-being and never quite reaching it rather than always being in possession of well-being and trying to increase it), you body is toxed and taxed, therefore you are not able to have the same level of energy to get what you want, therefore you are in a sick or seek-ing state. Sugar and coffee are toxins. They tax your taste buds? You want to make some taste? Get ready to pay your tox-in buddy. Your tax in, into the system through the degeneration of your body.

    The more fermented with bacteria the meat is, the better the ‘high’ or rush of well-being and therefore the healthy NATURAL HIGH that you get from it, hence the term HIGH MEAT for meat fermented long enough to give you that high, meaning a ‘well-being’ beyond common well-being, since each level of well-being will produce higher-highs and lower-lows too probably if violated deliberately.

    All things that make you feel good or healthy (in a healed state) do so by releasing chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin, etc. The more healthy bacteria you have from the healthiest sources, with the least amount of mostly man-made toxins from man-made faux-foods sources (usually starting from anything that cannot be easily hunted or gathered and going up to real garbage like refined sugars and breads and processed and pasteurized and flavored foods), basically all nutritionally useless and man-made monstrosities having little to do with nature, nay-tour, nay-chewer, nay-chore, no-thor, no-tour (no’s to nose the k-now-s and conversely what to yeah or yes, what to say yes to cannot come before you know what to say NO to, sometimes NO to many things before you arrive at a single YES), you have to know your nature in order to may-ture or mature, which as you can see is symbolically represented by two n’s forming an ‘m,’ which automatically encodes a story or root t-root to go along with it: nature with two NO’s per k-NO-w-ledge, testing twice (to-vice) with at least two NO’s to arrive at a Yes becomes mature, the two ‘n’s’ now uniting into an ‘m,’ nature to-vice twice becomes mature (if only that were true, if only people could always learn not to make the same mistake thrice after having already made it twice, then we would have a mature or generall double NO-ed or K-Nowed world), two n’s joining to form an m (or two N’s merging into an M), fronting the exact same rest of the word: n-ature to m-ature, which the spelling of it even now makes it obvious. The most basic words that people know and the way they’re pronounced, written and even spelled in official publications as well as in daily colloquial terms carry messages of truth to those who are symbolically knowledgeable enough to read them.

    • 14-September-2019 at 11:53 pm


      Can I first say I am a big admirer of yours and your podcasts. I’m up to #8. They are excellent. I love your choice of music, jazz drums and rock. The collection of talks and themes are great – very thought provoking. I’m thankful you out all these to one side and then make them available. They are an excellent artistic endeavour and I’m awed by it, and getting an education. And they come in at 5+ hours – they’re monsters! Concept podcasts. I’m sure I’ll come back to them again and again.

      On this food thing though, I don’t know, but you’re bludgeoning a point to death. And you’re certainly not convincing me. You make the same points repeatedly, and honestly, I don’t find what you say coherent. You’re babbling.

      Why wouldn’t a baby have it’s mother’s milk? I really don’t get why you keep bringing this up. Its such nonsense.

      These ‘vegans’ you keep talking about are a total strawman. No one is forcing you to be a vegan and be skinny, going to the toilet 10 times a day. 10! Presumably once a week is enough for you, right? I have tried to understand your point of view – I’m genuinely curious, but I don’t get it. I have said in the past, I agree with eating raw food, and could imagine that this could be good.

      In general I’m coming from a point where I reject whatever I was told/taught and trying to understand these things for myself. I don’t think I’m indoctrinated on this. I find this skeptical site to be the perfect place to share experiences and understandings. Permaculturehill talked about Dr Morse, and said it made sense, as it does to me. You rant about raw meat, oysters and kefir – great, but you are not engaging with what’s being said, or explaining why you hold the values/make the decisions you do. You just say anyone who disagrees is a weak vegan who’s on the toilet. Its kind of funny (once) but you must this is not really an argument?!

      So the comparison with apes you don’t accept. I didn’t say we are apes, but my non-expert eye says that we do have more than a passing similarity – legs, arms, faces, etc are similar, even some parts of character e.g. happy, grumpy, etc. As their physiology seems very similar, so I find it instructive to see how they eat. But you can dismiss that with what? Saying that someone who says that must believe in evolution. I don’t, and you have dismissed nothing with your argument. It’s just more noisy ranting.

      Then you say to feed your dog carrots. Why? They DO have a diet of meat. Wolves do too, I saw them getting meat at the zoo. More nonsense from you.

      “Vegans do not even want to allow you to eat fish”. Really? They’re not allowing you? Are they quite tough after all? If someone’s not allowing you to eat what you like, I’m with you. Do you need backup?

      Etc, etc.

      Seriously, if I try to deconstruct what’s really going on with these rants of yours, I’d say this. You probably aren’t ok with killing animals (guilt), but you have to ‘talk it away’ by going on about it all the time. You’re trying to convince yourself and ease your conscience, because you know that for you at least, you’re not doing the right thing. I say just do what you want, try to do the right thing by you, and if that means eating meat, so be it. But stop trying to force it down everyone’s throat. Or if you insist, at least make a decent argument for it!

      Another thing – I think there is a piece of programming that I think is still running in your head. I think you bought into all the BS about supplements. You reject going to your local wholefoods market though to get them – fair enough. You try to do right by yourself by getting those supplements you believe you need from source – ie raw meat. All fair enough in a way. But I think supplements are a hoax. Apes and other animals in the wild don’t take them and neither should we. My view is that we should look inside ourselves for our answers, whether it’s on questions of morality or diet.

  • 17-September-2019 at 11:52 pm

    @”Then you say to feed your dog carrots. Why? They DO have a diet of meat. Wolves do too, I saw them getting meat at the zoo. More nonsense from you.”

    It’s OK if you don’t understand what I’m talking about. But there’s a big difference between being passionate about something important and ranting. Do super-woke conspiracy experts like yourself ever get passionate about anything except ‘everything is fake, nobody died, nobody got hurt. Do what you want, eat what you want to eat.’ Basically an entire website of DaveJ clones except DaveJ is passionate about what he talks about> Since when did this website become a collection of passion-less DaveJ clones who consider any effort or energy put into a line of thought ‘ranting?’ I was hoping to help some of you ‘know-it-alls’ out here try something new boldly and not get bogged down with the pettiness and infighting of every other site. Now I see that my efforts are not appreciated but are seen as some kind of encroachment, a ‘forcing’ or ‘hand-twisting’ of others by ‘a ranter of nonsense.’

    I said IF you feed your dog, which is supposedly an ‘omnivore’ like humans, only vegetables, it will friggin’ die. That’s a fact. Try it if you think it isn’t. But if you feed it only meat, even just low quality meat, as long as it’s meat, it will thrive like nobody’s business. The better the quality of meat you feed it, the better the thriving will be. Again, try it and see.

    Now try it on yourself, a human being. You don’t have to look on your ‘insides’ to know what will hurt or benefit you over the short term, medium term and long term simultaneously which is what all healthy food should do. No healthy food should ever only satisfy the SHORTEST term of satisfaction which is TASTE and only lasts a few seconds a bite. In fact, ‘taste’ should be the last of your concerns, the feeling of well-being in the short, medium and long-terms, the first concern.

    What part of that don’t you understand or do you just pretend you don’t understand to make me look like a stupid ‘ranter’ after you claim first to have ‘respect’ for me?

    I know what most vegans and vegetarians are like. They’re everywhere in California. To them a carnivore is little more than a murderer by default. As soon as they find out you only eat raw animals products and hardly any fruit or veggies, they basically hope that you will die from a heart attack as soon as possible to ‘save the animals.’

    And by the likes of what you wrote, you seem to think exactly the same when you say: ‘you feel guilty about killing the animals, just eat what you want.’ Just eat what I want? How so? I’m lucky to live in California, which although in its current degenerated state has little to recommend it as a place of residence, at least has raw dairy available at farmer’s markets, legally, at exhorbitant prices. Only 13 U.S. states even allow any raw dairy to be sold in retail stores. Eat what I want? You act as if CHOICE is the same thing whether or not you have to travel a thousand miles to exercise it or not! If you lived in Massachusetts or Nevada or get this — even TEXAS! — you would have to drive all the way to a farm and buy directly from there https://milk.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=005192

    But according to you, as long as you have the choice to go to some other region of the country-side or country and get your ‘raw dairy’ then you shouldn’t complain. To hell with that. There’s deliberate blocking of raw dairy and ZERO blocking of anything ‘vegan’ or vegetarian anywhere, not even in fast-food joints, which proves a deliberate AGENDA to promote diets bad for humans as much as for dogs. I’ll complain all I want because I have a legitimate reason to.

    With raw meat it’s different. They don’t have to ban it outright or make it very difficult to get because most people will never consider eating it raw unless their lives literally depended on it. Their lives DO literally depend on it, but they’ll never know because their programming and brainwashing is too strong. If I didn’t ‘rant’ about it here, how would any of you know? You would have no idea unless you watched one of Sv3rige’s videos, where he also ‘rants’ or is at least passionate about what he has tested, empirically, on himself. If Sv3rige wasn’t ‘ranting,’ I wouldn’t have listened and I wouldn’t be drawing the benefits of the diet YOU have no idea about because you haven’t tried it. So I say, don’t try it, but then don’t pretend you know what you’re talking about either. I’ve tried what I’m talking about. You haven’t. Yet you want to pretend that you have and you know better without testing on yourself.

    As for ‘feeling guilty.’ Why shouldn’t I feel guilty about causing needless suffering? I do. Killing an animal to eat it to you might be ‘needless’ suffering regardless of how the animal is killed. Even an instant death by bullet to the head is considered ‘suffering,’ as long as an ‘animal’ is involved and not a plant to the vegan or vegetarian mind-set, yet they conveniently ignore the many millions of animals that are wiped out when millions of acres of veggies are planted to feed the anti-human agenda they’re a part of without knowing who started it and why.

    How about you? Don’t you feel guilty about clearing millions of acres of animals habitats and massacring them by the ton, just so you can pretend to be morally superior to me and other carnivores and put on an attitude of sneering ‘holier-than-thou’ superiority? You absolutely don’t or you wouldn’t have deliberately ignored the video I posted called “Ask A Farmer” by Bobby’s Perspective above. Whether you care about facts I don’t know. Whether you care about guilt I don’t know either. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian yourself though, then you would be a straight-up hypocrite who only sees what he wants and is blind to the rest.

    Maybe you think I would be hipper in the ‘conspiracy cutting edge’ communities you seem so happy to be a part of (why? because it makes you feel morally superior to others who don’t have your high level of “woke”?), if I just turned into a vegetarian and started taking 10 dumps a day again like the rest of you salad eaters.

    But that will never happen because I have gone where you have never gone for close to a year now; where you have not gone even once in your life and fear to go due to decades of propaganda in your head (but which you THINK you’ve overcome just because you’re a member of a cutting edge conspiracy site): raw carnivore.

    Humans are carnivores in the same way dogs are carnivores, which means, all other things such as the quality of the foods being equal, the more veggies and non-animal foods you feed them, the sicker they will be, whereas the higher the concentration of animals foods, the healthier they will be.

    Actually, you’ve never been healthy or ‘optimal’ in your life. But you think you have because why? Dr. Morse, the fruitcake ‘fruitarian’ told you? How about testing things out for yourself before you wax poetic about it? You’re not willing to? Not even for a month? Then what is it really that you have to say? How can you say anything about something you have no idea about?

    You’ve never eaten raw meat except for some occasional sushi. You’ve never had even raw butter and dairy. But you claim to know that literally everything ever said about food is BS? Based on what empirical evidence when you’re not even willing to try out a natural human diet for one month?

    You have not looked ‘inside’ yourself or you would have at least tried the diet I’m ‘ranting nonsense’ about for a month or two before coming out here and condescending to me about it.

    • 18-September-2019 at 3:26 pm

      “Super-woke conspiracy expert”? I’m not. But you’re being kind of rude. You might say I am rude too, but I am just tired of hearing about how raw meat is great all the time. I get you like it, I don’t have a problem with you liking it, its all good.

      What’s tiring is not putting decent arguments forward. If you post your thoughts here, commending the raw meat diet, its fair enough for me to ask about your experience on something I don’t understand, no? I actually like not understanding things – sort of – I appreciate the chance to understand something more fully. But we don’t get anywhere in this ‘raw meat’ discussion.

      Its total nonsense to say a baby shouldn’t have its mother’s milk. The mother’s milk is for that baby!! Its special. I honestly can’t think of a more natural food for humans to eat. It might be the only food I’m sure we’re meant to eat. Anyway I say a mother’s milk is for her baby. I’m pretty sure you see that too. So why say the opposite repeatedly? Maybe you’re saying it to then justify how its ok to take the cow’s milk from her calf to make kefir or cheese. Is that it? I don’t get it.

      “I said IF you feed your dog, which is supposedly an ‘omnivore’ like humans, only vegetables, it will friggin’ die.”
      Maybe it will die, but is a dog an omnivore? I thought it was a carnivore. Let take a look at the bastion of truth:
      “The domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris when considered a subspecies of the wolf or Canis familiaris when considered a distinct species)[5] is a member of the genus Canis (canines), which forms part of the wolf-like canids,[6] and is the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore.”

      So what’s your point? Are we similar to a dog then? I don’t think so. The point I made is that we look like a type of ape. Apes seem to know what they like to eat – its mainly fruit. I’m not Sherlock Holmes but the physiological similarities we share make it a possibility in my mind that we would have a similar diet. Is that a fair deduction do you think?

      “In fact, ‘taste’ should be the last of your concerns, the feeling of well-being in the short, medium and long-terms, the first concern.”
      If no food should satisfy taste, why don’t we eat cardboard or poisons? When it comes to food, I think taste is the right place to start, if not the end. I do think taste can be gamed, and that much processed food is nothing more nutritious than cardboard made palatable by sugar – but that’s not what you’re saying.

      When I say look inside I mean exercising heart and mind to come to the right decision. I wouldn’t eat a McDonalds burger because my reasoning tells me its not real food. Inside, I’m not valuing myself in eating it. If I don’t think I’m valuing myself, but eat it anyway, I’m not eating what I want. At the least, I’m in a conflicted mental place. I say, follow your authentic self, and eat what you want. Live authentically. And I’m not saying you’re not (though the you may feel may be a clue you are not). Living authentically and unconflicted gives your beliefs a sound basis that you yourselfbuy into.

      “Only 13 U.S. states even allow any raw dairy to be sold in retail stores. Eat what I want? You act as if CHOICE is the same thing whether or not you have to travel a thousand miles to exercise it or not! If you lived in Massachusetts or Nevada or get this — even TEXAS! — you would have to drive all the way to a farm and buy directly from there”
      I didn’t know that they are deliberately blocking raw dairy. When I say eat what you want, I wasn’t making a point about the logistics of food transportation across the US states. I don’t know any of that – I’m not in the US. But is it for the reason you imply – ie that there’s an anti-raw meat conspiracy? I don’t know, but I suspect not.

      Anyway, I’m going to leave it at this. I could respond in even more detail but this is getting very long, and I don’t want to inflict more pain on anyone still reading. My final thoughts on this are I don’t plan to try the raw meat diet. I’m not closing the door, but my gut and the information I’m getting is taking me in a different direction.

      I’ll also leave others with a link to what seems to be a more coherent explanation of our ideal diet. Nevermind Dr Morse, check out John Rose!
      Kham and others have posted links to this guy, and I have to say what he says makes sense to me. If he really has been eating like that for 30+ years and can look that good at 65, well that says a lot.

  • 18-September-2019 at 3:47 pm

    Just want to quickly add my own thoughts to the back-and-forth between Negentropic and Al:

    1) You are both respected contributors to the comments section of this site, so I recommend that neither of you take offense at anything the other says, it is all in good spirits so far as I can tell, the written format of communication is not always conducive to conveying intent behind words, but I see no ill-intent from either party.

    ‘No harm no foul’, as they say.

    2) Health, wellness, nutrition, diet, exercise, etc etc is one of those topics/fields which generates a diverse array of opinions, often put forward passionately, and for good reason: what is more important than health and well-being? I try my best to make it clear that I for one do not know what is the best path to health and wellbeing (for myself, let alone for others), and this seems to save me from too much opprobrium.

    It may be the case that those of us who have strong opinions on certain elements of the Health Question can do our case more justice if we preface our thoughts with similar caveats i.e. ‘this is what works (or does not work) for me but YMMV’.

    Anyhow, I’m enjoying reading what both of you have to say on the matter, and I’m sure others are as well. Perhaps we are due another Member Call on the topic of health and wellbeing. I’ve discovered a way to get decent internet at my apartment so if anybody is keen we can set aside this weekend for a Call.

    • 18-September-2019 at 6:09 pm

      Hey JLB

      For myself, I’m sorry to go on about the food thing.  I was over it after the first round 2-3 months ago, but Negentropic keeps posting this stuff that makes no sense to me.  Negentropic is advocating a quite radical diet on the basis of nothing that I understand.  When one asks a question he doesn’t answer it, but calls out vegans sitting on the toilet instead.  It’s damn irritating.  On this topic he’s like Gaia, ignoring the argument by repeating himself LOUDER.  We all think about this stuff, and its up to us to work this stuff out for ourselves.

      Anyway, I do see how Neg is a valuable and valued contributor to this site.  I honestly value his work too, I always check his posts.  I’ll recommend his podcasts again – they are excellent.  Here’s a link:
      – they are like unique, valuable works with artistic merit.  I honestly aspire to be able to produce something as good as that.

      I certainly don’t want him to leave the site – I hope he doesn’t.  But, on this forum, I think it fair to voice my reasoned thoughts too, especially when they appear to be antithetical. Maybe the consolation here is that opposites are sometimes closer than they appear.

      • 18-September-2019 at 6:14 pm

        No need to apologise for ‘going on about the food thing’. You’ve made some valid points, in my opinion, as has Negentropic.

        And this is a topic which many people care deeply about. Discuss it as much as you like.

        It came up during my livestream so it is relevant to this page of the site.

        I don’t think anybody is going to leave the site due to a disagreement about veganism/meatarianism but if that ever happens, it happens, life goes on.

        It is best if people do not censor themselves out of fear of offending other Members of the site.

        Surely some of my opinions are offensive to some of the Members here, but evidently they can deal with it, just as I can deal with opinions which might offend my sensibilities.

        So long as nobody is trying to offend one another for the sake of it, I repeat my earlier statement: no harm, no foul!

        • 20-September-2019 at 4:02 pm

          If I recall correctly, Negentropic helped me to finally see “NDNGH”. JLB had posted a video on YouTube of him and Neg talking about 911 and NDNGH. Listening to their talk was a turning point for me.

          Anyway, I recently went back to eating a low-fat/high-carb/plant-based diet. I ate that way for about five years, and I didn’t do it for any of the fucking animals. I did it because it made me feel better.

          I think our minds are very powerful, and nowadays I’m not so sure a ‘plant based’ diet is good for everyone. Maybe the benefits I felt from a plant based diet were actually placebo effects?
          Like…if a hypnotist convinces someone that a particular kind of food is bad, then eating that food will probably make the hypnotized person sick, right?

          If a person believes that substance X is harmful/poisonous/deadly to people, then the act of putting X into their body is sorta like a miniature suicide, and maybe disease feeds on people that repeatedly commit those little acts of suicide throughout their days.

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