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37 Things Normies Believe – Overview (2-Sep-2019)

What is a ‘normie’ and what do normies tend to believe? Is there a little normie in all of us? What are we led to accept by society, and what causes a man to question what he thinks he already knows?

On Monday evening, 2-Sep-2019, I decided to livestream a show on my YouTube channel. I gave an overview of my seminal work 37 Things Normies Believe.



This mp3 file is a slightly-edited rip of the video, with some dead air at the beginning removed for the benefit of the listener.

Original article

Article #03 | 37 Things Normies Beleieve (24-Oct-2016)

In-depth video review of the first ten items

Member Video #09 | 37 Things Normies Believe: Review #1 (14-Jun-2017)

Production notes. Livestreamed Monday 2-Sep-2019, mp3 uploaded 8-Sep-2019. Original livestream blocked due to copyright strike, later reinstated. Minor editing to remove dead air at beginning. mp3 exported at 96kbps.


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