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37 Things Normies Believe

37 Things Normies Believe

What follows is a non-exhaustive list of some of the things which the typical western person (or ‘normie’) believes.

A normie is likely to believe most, if not all, of the claims listed. Their belief may be implicit or explicit; conscious or subconscious. In some cases, a normie may not have a strong opinion either way about a particular claim but, if shown that the claim is an established scientific/historical/government ‘fact’/opinion, will generally defer to authority and accept it as being either true or likely true.

It is recommended that you have a pen and paper handy to jot down the numbers of the claims with which you agree. Be honest with yourself. This may prove to be a very useful exercise, particularly if you continue to peruse and then revisit this list at some stage in the future, to compare your own results from one point in time to the next.

Update (14-Jun-2017)

A video review of the first ten items on this list is now available.

One-hour presentation available to all Members of right now.

Earth & Life

1) Humans evolved over many millions of years from simpler species.

2) Physical matter is mostly empty space, including our own bodies.

3) There are about 7 billion humans alive today and the earth is overpopulated.

4) Earth is a gigantic spinning ball hurtling through the infinite vastness of space.

5) Humans have sent objects into space and even walked upon the face of the moon.

6) Intelligent life likely exists on other planets (such as the red dot we sometimes see in the night sky).

7) A variety of lizard-bird creatures dominated the earth’s landscape millions of years ago.

8) Once they died, these lizard-birds eventually turned into the oil which is now extracted from the earth for fuel.

9) This oil is a limited and largely non-renewable commodity, and is running out.

10) The earth’s climate is changing dangerously due to human emission of gases like CO2 and CH4.


11) Characters like ‘Plato’ and ‘Strabo’ were real people who existed thousands of years ago.

12) The bible was written thousands of years ago.


13) State-funded/mandated vaccinations are primarily intended to save people from disease/illness.

14) State-funded/mandated water fluoridation is primarily intended to strengthen peoples teeth.

15) ‘Mental illness’ is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.

16) ‘Cancer’ occurs by chance and is best treated via excision and/or intravenous/ingested chemicals and/or radiation.

17) It is safe and healthy to eat cows which have been fed grain and raised/slaughtered in factories.

Government & War

18) State-funded/regulated education exists to improve the knowledge/welfare of the populace.

19) State-sanctioned ‘taxation’ is necessary/beneficial for the people being ‘taxed’.

20) Usury is necessary/beneficial for societies in which it is legal/practised.

21) Magical weapons exist which could destroy millions of humans instantly and suddenly.

22) These magical weapons can be transported long-distance by accurate, specialised missiles.

23) Countries like the US are ruled by individuals elected democratically by their fellow men and women.

24) These rulers have unilateral and direct access to employ the aforementioned magical weapons.

25) The same rulers are engaged in continual disagreement and feuds with one another; many of these rulers and their countries are enemies with one another.

26) A terrorist network exists with associated individuals constantly plotting to kill random, innocent civilians.

27) Twice last century, many powerful countries went to war against one another in order to take control of/defend the world and its people.

28) The worst victims of this warfare were the Jews – 6,000,000 of whom were intentionally murdered as part of a ‘final solution’.

Culture & Society

29) Pop culture content (such as films, television programs and music) exists primarily to entertain the public and turn a financial profit for those promoting it.

30) The 1960s ‘counterculture’ movement (including the ‘sexual revolution’) occurred/grew organically and was led by regular civilians.

31) Humans of different races are so similar they ought to live together in mixed communities.

32) Miscegenation is natural/normal; mixed-race children have similar health and welfare outcomes to their non-mixed peers.

33) Men and women are so similar they ought to study and work together in mixed environments.

34) Sexual promiscuity is normal/healthy and beneficial for individuals and/or society.

35) General access to medical centres dedicated to ‘aborting’ pregnancies is beneficial for society.

36) ‘Homosexuality’ is natural/normal and caused by genetics/biology.

37) ‘Homosexuals’ lead similar lives and/or have similar health outcomes to non-‘homosexuals’.

So how did you go?

How many of these 37 claims do you believe at this present juncture in time?

Which of them (if any) have you recently changed your mind about,
and what was it that caused you to change your mind?

Are there other normie-popular claims which you think
ought to be included in any similar lists in the future?

Please leave your feedback in the comments section below!

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Production notes: Published publicly 24-Oct-2016. Tidied up 21-Aug-2018 as part of inclusion in Welcome to piece. Amended 9-May-2020 as part of JLB 20074.


50 thoughts on “37 Things Normies Believe

  • Adrian

    Nice one!

    Regarding No. 2, I wonder what you think there are instead of “atoms”. I have a feeling that if you’d zoom in you’d see something similar to the Mandelbrot set, unfolding ad infinitum.

    • Thanks, Adrian.

      I don’t know what it is that we are made of. I don’t even have any good leads. It is one of those things that I sometimes ponder. Without going into too much detail here, it almost seems like a metaphysical question, in the sense that I don’t even know what ‘time’ really is. Atomic theory seems to presuppose movement in time, that is, little electrons fly around through space, in time. Is there really such a thing as ‘time’ in the physical (material) sense? I’m not so sure. Once you start going down that line of thought, then what we are made of becomes a side issue to something much deeper…

      • sofiamalou

        JLB, I don’t know how much time you have spent studying quantum mechanics. But a statement like “Physical matter is mostly empty space, including our own bodies” would no person with a deep understanding of modern quantum mechanics theory say.

        Actually I think people who are studying quantum mechanics would say time makes no sense at this level, essential everyday intuition makes no sense at the “atom” level so yes you are actually on the right track saying “it almost seems like a metaphysical question”.

        • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. You sound like a man who may have a ‘deep understanding of modern quantum mechanics theory’. Can I ask you, what do subscribers to this theory believe about matter, if not that it is mostly empty space? I confess that my formal education in chemistry and physics went only so far as senior high school (I passed with flying colours, fwiw), but my understanding is that the Bohr model of the atom entails, at any discrete moment in time, a whole lot of empty space, and not much else (relatively speaking). I am always happy to be corrected. Cheers.

          • sofiamalou

            I have by no means a deep understanding of quantum mechanics but read a little about it from time to time.

            Bohrs (early) model is mostly used at the pre university level because it is very simple and easy to understand (not because it is precise).

            A couple of lines I copy pasted from “The idea that atoms are mostly “empty space” is, from a quantum viewpoint, nonsense. The volume of an atom is filled by the wavefunctions of its electrons, or, from a QFT viewpoint, there is a localized excitation of the electron field in that region of space, which are both very different from the “empty” vacuum state…This weirdness is one of the reasons why quantum mechanics is so fundamentally different from classical mechanics – suddenly, a lot of the world becomes wholly different from what we are used to at our macroscopic level, and especially our intuitions about “empty space” and such fail us completely at microscopic levels.”

            • “The volume of an atom is filled by the wavefunctions of its electrons… there is a localised excitation of the electron field in that region of space”. Sounds like pseudoscientific nonsense to me, but let’s be open-minded. All we’ll need to see is some evidence to corroborate these claims. Do you have any? I wouldn’t mind seeing me some ‘electron wavefunctions’, or some ‘electron field excitation’. This being ‘science’, I’m sure the good doctors have some empirical evidence to support their claims.

          • sofiamalou

            Yeah I know it sounds a bit like crazy talk :-). Regarding evidence my understanding is that many different experiments/observations over the last 100+ years have lead the scientists to the current model of the atomic world.

            An example of instrument they use is a bubble chamber which makes the trajectory (try an image search on the internet) of small invisible objects visible to humans and thereby it is possible for scientists to study these little otherwise invisible objects and build a model of the world where they exits.

            But yes one has to be very open minded to accept quantum mechanics as reality :-).

  • Jon the Aptest

    #32) I knew of genetic differences in races (bone structure, brain size, muscle mass, IQ), but I wasn’t aware of the mixed breeding health “benefits”. Scary thought, when we all turn brown.

    #38) Family Law was designed for the benefit of the family unit.
    #39) HIV is a virus that leads to AIDS. HIV has been isolated in a test tube.
    #40) Diversity is our strength.
    #41) The technology we use to produce energy today is the most advanced.
    #42) Plutonium has a half life of 24,000 years. (piggybacked off #21)
    #43) Diamonds are rare.
    #44) The stock market is legitimate.
    #45) The United Nations was established to benefit the world.
    #46) Columbus discovered America.
    #47) The media does investigative reporting.
    #47) Paul McCartney is still alive 🙂

    • I covered #32 to some degree in my Comment Response #08. When I discovered the udeniable studies proving the differences in outcomes for mixed-race children, I found it hard to believe that I could have been so oblivious. The facts are there. The studies are there. And yet so few of us seem to have any idea of the scale of the problem. It all makes sense once one understands more about the system, of course.

      #38 and #39 are good. How many people, really, deep down, believe #40? In my country it seems like a lot of people ‘go with the flow’ but it is generally only the young and foolish who truly believe it. I know I used to. #41 I am dubious about. #44 is lulzy, the stock market is like a casino except, thanks to ‘superannuation’, most Australians are forced (or heavily coerced) to play. #46 is fascinating, I plan to look further into that one.

  • sofiamalou

    JLB, It seems to me that you rejects most things you can’t “touch”. Like things at the microscopic and at the much greater cosmic level. This is a very safe position to hold because it is difficult to show people the true nature of something they can’t touch. But I feel that you are making the same error that most FE are doing: Standing on a beach and holding a ruler up to horizon and say it looks like it is flat and therefore it must be flat. It takes time to understand why the Earth is not flat when we can’t really see it. The same thing with atoms and space.

    • You have just committed a false equivalence logical fallacy, and a strawman argument logical fallacy, and an ad hominem logical fallacy, in one single post. Nice work.

      False equivalence: Claiming that my position is similar to that of FE believers (even though I have produced dozens of videos debunking FE, and suffered the backlash from doing so).
      Strawman argument: Claiming that anything I say is anything like the FE believers and their ‘rulers at a beach’ nonsense.
      Ad hominem: Attacking me as an individual rather than focusing on my own arguments and evidence.

      On this website, your logical fallacies will be dispatched like short balls in a game of cricket. All the way to fence, don’t bother running. So whatever it is you are trying to achieve by posting here, do you want to try again, without the logical fallacies? Or is that all you have in your repertoire to defend your faith in scientism?

      • sofiamalou

        Hi John, sorry if I expressed myself poorly. I see your points and will try to clarify what I meant.

        I discovered the FE youtube scene in late 2015 and have since be interested in the question “Why do we believe in the things we do?”.

        People have different tendencies, abilities and intellectual capacity. Example of intelligences can be musical, spatial, logical-mathematics, linguistic, or abilities like to think “out-side-the-box”, or tendencies like to follow the crowd. Different people have different amount of these intelligences. An “out-side-the-box” person with not many other intelligences might have difficulties with staying grounded and at the same time a person with mainly a logical-mathematicaly mind might have difficulties to think creative.

        A person standing on a beach and holding a ruler up in front of the horizon and thinking “it looks flat therefore the Earth must be flat” might be spatial and logical-mathematical challenged. But maybe with the right amount of time/education this person could raise his/her ability to understand why the Earth maybe is a sphere in spite of the initial conclusion that it must be flat. Or maybe if the person was giving a flight over the south pole then this personal experience would have convinced the person otherwise.

        A few years back I had troubles with my knees while running. A friend (“out-of-the-box” person) told me that running shoes with several centimeters of support is actual bad for the body and that I should just run barefoot. The crowd follower I am I just ignored his new age nonsense recommendation and continued trying all kinds of shoes and arch support inserts that the experts suggested to me. One day I came across a book called “Born to Run” and thought it can’t get any worse since I barely could run even with expensive arch supports, so I gave “barefoot” running a try using a minimalistic shoe with only a three mm thick sole. And surprise, my friend was right, running shoes actually seems to be bad for the human body – what an eye opener! So in this case I needed a personal experience to change my mind about this new age barefoot running nonsense that my friend much easier could accept.

        Different topics have different amount of complexities. To realize that running shoes might be bad for the knees is probably not the most advanced one. The shape of the Earth is more complex but a person should probably be able to figure it out within a lifetime with variations depending on the intellect of the person. Very complexed topics like building a modern computer or making a model of why different materials have the abilities they have (quantum mechanics) is in a whole different ballpark. These very complexed topics are the results of many persons collaboration over many years and would probably take a single person 100-1000 or more lifetimes to accomplish.

        So, I’m I comparing you one-to-one with the FE scene and their arguments? Of cause not! What I am saying is that some FE people might have spend too little time relative to the intellect of the person and the complexity of the topic to make a well supported conclusion. The same thing am I thinking when I see a sentence like “Physical matter is mostly empty space, including our own bodies.”. The term “space” makes no sense at the quantum realm and therefore my logical conclusion is that the person who wrote that might not have spent very much time looking into that particular topic relative to the complexity of the topic and therefore possibly have reached a conclusion that might be wrong.

        I hope you don’t take this as a personal attack, it is not my intention, only to understand the basis of how we humans can come to different conclusion on the same topic.

        • ‘The term space makes no sense at the quantum realm’. Why are you still posting this religious gobbledygook nonsense on my website? Your ‘quantum realm’ rubbish is of zero value here here because it is an abstract concept based on zero empirical evidence and therefore pseudoscience at best. By propagating it as fact, you are assisting the Lie System to take control of peoples minds by attempting to convince them that they exist in a material world which they cannot observe empirically (i.e. experience materially). You are in effect helping those who run the asylum to keep those who read your words in a state of abject insanity. Please stop it.

          • sofiamalou

            Hi again, thanks for taking the time to respond.

            I started looking into FE because I find it interesting how quickly people will stop using valid arguments and instead using random memes and block people when they threatens the established believe, much like what you have experienced when FE’ers are banning you from chat because you are challenging them and their believes.

            “…Your ‘quantum realm’ rubbish is of zero value here […] because it is an abstract concept based on zero empirical evidence…”. In my earlier post (from 21-November-2016 at 7:57 am) I mentioned bubble chambers as a source for empirical proves of sub atomic electrical charged particles which among other observation methods were used to build the quantum theory. Instead of responding to my actual argument you simply state that I’m “…still posting this religious gobbledygook nonsense…”. But maybe you didn’t read that post?

            The globe Earth and quantum mechanics are essential models of reality since we can’t hold them in front of us and touch, measure and observe them from all angles. The majority of scientists used the globe Earth model long before planes were invented because it worked extremely well with their observations, the same thing with quantum mechanics. If you can come up with a model that can predict how light emits from materials and what happens when different materials are mixed better than quantum mechanics I will be very interested in hearing it (and so will many scientists).

            My post from 21-November-2016 at 11:32 am, revolves around that each person has a limited realm of reality but maybe time/education/personal experiences can extend that individual realm. When I see what you are writing in #2 of your list “37 Things Normies Believe” it looks to me that you have spend very little time on the subject relative to the complexity of it – and in that regards your statement are analogue to what Tiger Dan is doing when he is standing on a beach with a 2m long level and proclaim “The Earth is flat!”.

  • metajlb

    #? – Circumcision should be administered to babies for health reasons. Their suffering won’t be remembered, so who cares if they experience a torturous surgical procedure without proper anaesthetics. It’s unclean not to do be uncut.

  • Jonn
    -28 1/2- News and Media are trustworthy, fact checked and journalists do not lie or deceive their viewers
    -39- Television is a safe, fun activity that the entire family should watch and enjoy
    -40- cellular/radio/wifi microwave radiation is safe and the human body is NOT effected by it

    Rob S.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, Rob. I mentioned the microwave issue on a recent chat with Fakeologist. Sometimes I marvel at just how much of a retard I used to be. In the past, a staple of my diet was battery hen eggs poached in a plastic container in a microwave. My god I was retarded back then.

      • John,

        I keep hearing you mention this ‘fakeologist’ joint? Need to get by there and have’a look around…..

        Mmmm….,poached hen periods+Migrating chemicals+micro-rad…sounds so delicious! Blaaaa

        Anyways, the 5G technology and the grid needed for it is staggering! Not looking too healthy for us (but hey Whats new Rite?)
        There is a town a few states south of me (Green bank .West Virginia) where the electrosensitive are living free from the radiation. Might just have to start migrating that way.
        Good seeing you around more these days, cheers!
        -Rob S.

        • I recommend that those interested in chatting about media fakery, and the broader Lie System, consider installing Discord and logging in to the Fakeology server. It is completely free, and there are interesting people waiting to talk to new voices about these kinds of topics. My advice is to avoid Rollo if he sounds inebriated (or mentions alcohol or drugs early in your conversation) because he is either a drunk, or pretending to be one (in order to be stifle genuine discussion, or just for shits and giggles, I don’t know).

          I have personally seen several people ‘lighten up’ a bit after putting their voice out there and realising that, ultimately, after all, there are no helicopters coming to get them, nobody about to knock on their door. We really are allowed to discuss these things. I for one have benefited tremendously from chatting about the Lie System on fakeologist. For instance, I had never discussed the Holohoax until it came up on a Fakeologist call once. Prior to that, I still feared that it was something that we just ‘couldn’t talk about’. Yes, we can, nobody cares.

  • DannyBiltz

    Hi 🙂 Just wanted to say something about QT.

    As I understand it, QT rests on the assumption of point particles, particles that have no volume and take up no space but are treated in the QT maths as points. This is impossible of course, the basic unit of matter must exist in some sense as a physical object, it must take up some space and actually be there, but keep in mind it is called Quantum Theory, and as a theory, for the scientists who study and apply it, it only has to work in a mathematical sense in order to be useful. Now, I haven’t tested the math, I’m not that good at maths, but they say QT mathematics can be applied to the real world, and works in some way, but a mathematical model is only ever an abstract model, it doesn’t necessarily correspond to physical reality.

    For me, personally, I reject QT as a description of reality because it treats particles as points and ultimately can’t be comprehended even by those who claim to be experts in it, and that’s not good enough for me, I want a model I can visualise and work with without needing an advanced degree in mathematics. The other reason I reject it is because it is often said to lend credence to eastern religions like Hindiusm and Budhism because they also reject knowable reality in a similar way, insisting it is all a product of our minds or some collection of deities that can somehow manipulate reality according to our desires and our adherence to their instructions. All rubbish as far as I’m concerned. It is interesting that CERN (I think they have the Hadron Collider there, where they smash particles up and observe the results) has a giant statue of Shiva somewhere on the premises.

    A more interesting and, for me workable and comprehensive theory, is The Spinning Charged Ring Model of the Electron. You can learn more about it here:

    Its a good site to get an decent debunking of QT and an alternative model that seems to work better and is certainly more in line with what we know through our senses and would expect from a universe that can be known without specialised, esoteric knowledge or giving away our natural intuition that reality should make sense at every level including the level of the particle or electron. At any rate, its good to get more than one point of view before we assume anything about what we can or cannot know about matter and its true nature.

    • Thanks for the link. I checked their website, and found the following passage from their Q&A interesting:

      Q: Why does Common Sense Science use Classical Physics even though the classical electron model could not explain so many experimental results?

      A: The “classical electron model” failed because it used the shape of a sphere to represent the electron. Common Sense Science also abandoned the sphere as a model because it doesn’t work. However, the application of the classical laws of electromagnetics to a model using a toroidal ring shaped charge-fiber does work. It makes all the right predictions, including some that the “quantum object” model misses completely. Therefore, we shouldn’t throw out Classical Physics just because the old electron model was wrong. Rather, the combination of Classical Physics (electromagnetics, in particular), a new correct shape for atomic particles, and the removal of several important errors that had crept into physics along the way holds the key to the next round of far reaching advances in science.

      I will have to add this one to my ever-growing list of things to look further into…

  • R4Z0R

    I agree with NONE of this 37 points, furthermore I have my own deep opinions about all of them and from which NONE is oposite.

  • Nate M

    29 could also apply to the news, seems like most people believe the news “sensationalizes” things for ratings, as if the news is concerned about ratings

    38. Rainbows exist up in the sky (rather than in your head)
    39. One can observe something without affecting it
    40. Matter creates consciousness
    41. One is separate from what one observes
    42. Someone is double checking claims made in popular media
    43. Eating carbs makes people fat, it is the primary reason people are so fat nowadays
    44. Recording yourself smoking weed and posting it on social media is very cool
    45. Heart disease and Type 2 diabetes are caused by genetics, and only made worse by diet
    46. Except for child porn, everything can find its way onto youtube or liveleak. The internet is not censored.
    47. Nikola Tesla was incredible!!!
    48. Elon Musk is incredible!!!

  • Knightly News

    #??? There’s an elderly guy with a degenerative disease, riding around on an electronic wheelchair who cant talk or feed himself but knows the answer to everything whom you can follow on facebook.

    • Lauramars

      Hahaha – I saw a recent headline with him. Something like “Hawking claims to know what the universe was like before the Big Bang / dawn of time” and in essence, the content of the article I read could have easily been summed up with: “he says there was nothing, lol.” Ahhh, funny guy, Steve! Funny guy.

      • Cool avatar. Creepy, too. I used to believe in the Big Bang. Funny, looking back.

        • Lauramars

          It’s true. Though, I can’t really blame old me for believing most of the things I did, when I did. Was just very naive and admittedly very easily influenced… or fatigued from knowledge & information dehydration, maybe. Sometimes I wonder just how close I was to “Welcome to Costco. I love you.”

          Also – ha! It’s possible I get a little too much enjoyment out of using social media apps to make myself creepy or grotesque. Friends and family don’t care for it. Ohhh well.

          • I think a lot of us, when we are young, are keen to soak up all of the ostensible wisdom we can from those we respect as wise.

            In ‘developed’ nations the wise leaders are scientists and other establishment mouthpieces, therefore it is so easy for us to get sucked in to Scientism dogma.

            Only some of us can ever pull ourselves out of the existential hole this leaves us in.

  • Samurai Blue

    I’ve only just encountered your work JLB, having listened to your Higherside Chats interview and you came across really well. I like the way you present your ideas firmly, but not dogmatically, which is what turns me off so many others.

    Regarding your list, I found myself nodding at most of them, but would like to add one more which I believe to be perhaps the biggest hoax of all. Time.

    You briefly alluded to it in a reply above, but after a great deal of contemplation over the past year I have come to conclude that there is no time and it has been shaped to be used as a control mechanism. For example, clocks merely measure the rotation of the earth (I’m yet to be convinced of how our system operates, but I use that word rotation anyway), and our ‘days’ could be debunked by just chasing the sun around our planet. Time-travel has such a romantic hold on the science community and Hollywood, and yet now just seems nonsense to me. To me, there is only movement, and no need for some superfluous layer of explanation called ‘time’.

    I want to add that ‘Language’ (no amount of words can ever fully articulate a human thought) and ‘Music’ (with its restrictive distinctive pitches, it seems to have devolved as a form of expression) are other ways humans have been limited, but my comment is already long enough. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to engaging with your work.

      • dante

        i suspect the capstone will forever remain empty, something for each individual to decide.

        *after perusing the list again, i look forward to seeing the analysis of 36. it’s the only one i think has some ‘natural’ element to it.

        • dante

          after seeing my latest comment pop up in my email, i realizer the last sentence doesn’t make sense.

          ‘it’s the only one of the 37 i’m not so sure about. i think homosexuality may have some ‘natural’ element to it.

        • dante

          after seeing my latest comment pop up in my email, i realize the last sentence didn’t make sense. instead:

          ‘it’s the only one of the 37 i’m not so sure about. i suspect homosexuality may have some ‘natural’ element to it.

    • Thank you for the kind words, SB, and welcome to the website.

      You touch on some interesting things here. ‘Science fiction’ (a tautology) has helped to convince countless people around the world that, at least in theory, ‘time’ can be ‘traveled’.

      In ‘science’ they refer to time as a ‘dimension’. Lol. Thanks, Einstein!

      But as if that is not comical enough, now we find out that there may be a fifth dimension — you guessed it — of time!

      It’s all just a big joke.

  • dante

    not well fleshed out, but wanted to kickstart the idea i had last night.

    37 things conspiritards believe:

    ‘paid shills permeate the internet seeking to suppress and divide the truth community’

    ‘We’re all being deprived of free energy’

    ‘All content – especially ‘truth’ related content – should be free’

    ‘The elite class is evil and seeks to enslave and / or eradicate humanity’

    ‘there are various ‘movements’ rebelling against the system … and some will get somewhere soon’

    ‘if just enough normies ‘wake up’ , there’ll be a tipping point from which the cradle will rock, the bough will break, and down will come the lie system!’

    ‘if only gold and silver were used again as money, we’d all be wealthier and the money lenders would lose their usurious power’

    ‘there are pedophile rings that permeate hollywood, the halls of congress, on upward to the international power structure’

    ‘it is an effective communications strategy and socially intelligent behavior to proselytize alternative / conspiracy / truth messages to the masses’

    ‘watching youtube videos is equivalent to original investigative research’

    ‘there are some topics too taboo to talk about, and discussing them in public will hurt said movement(s) above’

    ‘we are perennially on the brink of economic collapse’

    will think of more..but prefer others chime in with even better bullet points.

    looking forward to anyone’s additions!

    • Chad628

      The world is controlled by shapeshifting reptilians.

      The earth is flat.

      All us presidents and their spouses were or are transexuals.

      CERN is changing our reality with the Hadron Collider known as the Mandela effect.

      All closed Wallmart stores are being turned into prisons run by FEMA.

      The current wildfires in the US are started with energy directed weapons for the purposes of weather manipulation and carrying out Agenda 21.

    • Things used to be a lot better back in the day, almost like a utopia, but then the evil puppet masters started enslaving everyone. Now things have degenerated, we are all fucked. Fight, or give up.

      Google/internet is collecting data on everyone for nefarious purposes.

      The evil elite is motivated by greed. “They want your money!” (in a george carlin voice).

      The military has top secret advanced technology that would blow your freaking mind.

      Some/many primitive societies were extremely intellectually advanced, much moreso than today. There used to be advanced knowledge and skills, but most of that has been lost, or kept secret.

      There are real life James Bonds.

      There is a hierarchical structure to the evil elite, therefore, there must be a single man(or woman) at the very top of the elite. And that person is a jew, a lizard, or an alien. Hahahaha, they dont realize its actually a 31 year old dude in Australia!

      The official story, and ancient history, is a lie. What really happened was incredibly fantastic and amazing, mind blowing.
      “Do you want to know what really happened? Throw another log on the fire and have a seat, and Ill tell you a tale of what REALLY happened.”

      The reason for all the 911 syncs (The Simpsons, Back to the Future, Supertramp cover, etc) is because the evil elite was dropping clues, predictive programming by evil geniuses. For instance, Robert Zemeckis must have consciously known about plans to do 911, and so he consciously put clues in Back to the Future to warn about the attack.

      Reading words is terribly boring.

      The environment is totally fucked. The earth is being swarmed by once-lers.

      Putin and Kim Jong Willy mean serious business.

      Watching youtube videos is research, not entertainment.

      If a charming scumbag on Youtube makes a claim, or engages in fantastic speculation, and they do so without a single shred of solid evidence, that doesnt mean the scumbag is a story teller. Listening to speculation and baseless claims can be educational, and research, not entertainment.

      The evil elite is constantly pulling off hoaxes, but somehow they always goof up their hoaxes. But if we pay close attention to the news, and pick apart their hoaxes looking for goofs, we might be able to find the “golden goof”, the smoking gun, the goof that proves to the world what the evil elite are doing. The goof that will expose the elite and blow this case wide open!

      Ah, thats enough for now. Lots of overlap, mostly I was trying to remember how I used to think about the world. Good idea Dante

    • Fear is the mind killer, the main virus…
      Maybe coupled with Authority? Big Bad Wolf/Shepherd?

      ( I got it from Frank Herbert)

  • Hello

    I am also a THC listener who was impressed by JLB’s manner and most of the content. Even the points that I did not feel comfortable/ disagreed with were put forward in an intelligent and measured way.

    As an paid academic myself, I would like to riff off #18 with: Talking heads in documentries are experts

    The ‘expert’ tag is presumptuous.

    • Terrific comment, thank you very much. In some ways it is nicer to hear that a person has disagreed with what I was saying but at least could see where I was coming from, than that they agreed with everything I was saying. My aim is to encourage/inspire people to question what is already in their own heads, not to lead them to agree with what is in my head.

  • I believe number 4 as it seems to make sense that the earth would be round. Not sure about the speed of it traveling through space though.
    There are about 5 more points I really don’t know the answer too, but I would be more than happy to dig into it.
    As for the rest of the points, I have my own understandings that makes it difficult to believe any of the statements. So there you go👍🏼

    • Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Have you had a chance to check out the rest of the site? If so, please leave some feedback — good or bad 🙂

      • Yep, I had a read of Primary Source Research Methodology, really good piece. I mean, it narrows down the data, that can be used to form an opinion and then a subsuequent belief. Is this a bad thing, absolutely not. But will it be adopted by the masses? Probably not quite yet, as it has the possibility to make a lot of people very uncomfortable. “Don’t seperate me from my beliefs what ever you do”

        Personally I came to the conclusion a while back, that the media was feeding us all nonsense. And that the medical system was really a keep them sick system. So with my new found view, any opposing view or theory I would gladly accept as true!
        I will gladly hold up any current studies or research to this yard stick of primary source data. In a world of information overload, its very helpful to have a tool to decipher, original information from everything else.
        At a guess I’d say 99.9% of what’s on the internet is everything else. Will keep working through some more articles.

  • AngelofTruth46_2020

    The statements that I am still ambivalent about and haven’t made a sound decision on yet are as follows; 6) I have watched documentaries and listened to youtube videos that claim what we think of a aliens are actually interdimensional beings or what we call demons. I learned this from a documentary called “Higher Entities.” Also, this channel on YT Project Camelot, this lady Kerry Cassidy always supposedly has insiders talking about that there are different races of supposed “aliens” here running the earth and some are for humans and some are against. So I don’t know, I’m still on the fence with that one. If there are other dimensions other than this reality, what is the definition of an alien? An being not from this realm correct? Just something to ponder. 12) Being a Christian myself, I do still believe the Bible was written thousands of years ago, although, I am aware it has been changed and edited several times which makes me question the validity and accuracy of some of it. I do not question that God, Jesus and Satan are real however, they definitely are real. 15) I am a Master’s level social worker/ counselor and I was programmed at university to think that mental illness is caused by several different variables being genetics and environment. If a person inherited mental illness, then yes, it could be caused by the brain’s circuitry not working properly, hence a chemical imbalance. 17) I have eaten beef all of my life, however, I have read research that red meat is not healthy for the human body because of the fat content. 28) Yes, I believe the Holocaust happened. I have seen with my own eyes elderly people with numbers on their arms from being a survivor of a concentration camp. 30) I do not believe, as I would assume anyone who has been studying this field for any length of time knows that it was the CIA. 36) I do believe this one, being a mental health professional I was trained that in utero the fetus is washed with either Estrogen or testerone and if the fetus is a female and washed with more testosterone, they will think they are a boy hence becoming homosexual and vice versa. Although, every human condition is always a combination of genetics, the environment in which they were raised, culture and social conditioning.

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