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Vaccine Passports Coming Soon! Yay!

Soon my fellow Australians will be allowed to leave the country again, the government says so, woohoo!


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John le Bon YouTube Review

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John le Bon YouTube Review


JLB 21031. Recorded and uploaded 9-Sep-2021.

2 thoughts on “Vaccine Passports Coming Soon! Yay!

  • markJ

    The net is tightening. In the UK they are reviewing universal credit (dole) for self employed people. At the moment you can receive a top up if your self employed and had a bad month. Now they are going to tell you if your business is viable. If they decided it isn’t you will be instructed to close down and go on the dole and look for employment. So as anyone knows starting and running a business takes time. But you will no longer get support from the goverment. But guess what!? Councils have announced extra money and housing will be made available for the incoming refugees! You couldn’t make it up. See where this is going? No more self employed, a jab to get benefits of work for an employer with a good helping of social tension!

  • markJ

    Wow! Off topic but just had a massive sync! The local pub near me has just put up a huge inflatable yellow duck on their porch. Then walking the dog along the river bank I seen a boat covered in little plastic yellow ducks. Go home and a trailer for the new matrix movie popped up and neo is in the bath with a little plastic duck on his head! Fancy that🤔

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