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JLB1686 | The Great Tesla Deception


Many people have been deceived about Nikola Tesla. Who was he? What did he really do? What happened to him at the end of his life, and what became of his scientific work?

You may have heard that Tesla was a suppressed genius, who was written out of the history books; that his work was stolen by the authorities, who later used it to develop ‘direct energy weapons’ which brought down the Twin Towers.

The people who repeat these stories have not, necessarily, all been deceived ‚Äď some of them may be intentionally deceiving others. They may even be intentionally deceiving you. And how would you know if this were the case? How can you check to see if what you have been told about Tesla has any basis in reality?

Post updated with reuploaded video 28-Jul-2019.

3 thoughts on “JLB1686 | The Great Tesla Deception

  • Thank you JLB, your findings are so important for people to understand, if they choose to. I’ve often wondered if he was such a genious why did he sit in that appartment for all that time and did nothing. I found out that he lived on the 33rd floor, very interesting.

    You have done a brilliant job teasing out the truth, im so looking forward to more.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Mez. I just checked and, sure enough, our friends at the Tesla society do indeed claim old mate lived on the 33rd floor. These people just can’t help themselves, can they? My next installment on Tesla probably won’t be for another few weeks but I am personally already looking forward to recording that one – the research is pretty much all done, ready to go, it is just a matter of getting through the backlog on my ‘to do’ list.

  • If there is anything specific you want me to help out with, im happy to do it just send me an email. Hope you had a nice time in Melbourne, we actually had a couple of sunny days ūüôā believe it, or not!

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