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  • harryell

    Tesla is bandied around as a messianic martyr by the atheist / scientism crowd, but little do they realise they are behaving in a manner fitting for their sworn enemy – the Jesus preacher / die hard Christian.

    I see it that Tesla is given a status analogous to that of JC. They both died with supposedly much promise, but little delivery. They were persecuted for their supposed giftedness. They both died penniless. They supposedly performed miracles. Their supporters only really came out of the woodwork posthumously. They both had a vision to save mankind. They were buried along with their secrets. People wrote books about them when they were dead, with little or no 1st hand evidence to back it up.

    JLB I believe a while ago you labelled Tesla a ‘scientism priest’ but what I put forward is that he is considered as the actual deity in flesh.

    In my opinion, both entities are myths – designed to entrance the masses and give false hope to a future that ‘could have been, if only…..blah blah blah’

    I wonder if there are any other analogues between the two

    • JLB I believe a while ago you labelled Tesla a ‘scientism priest’ but what I put forward is that he is considered as the actual deity in flesh.

      In my opinion, both entities are myths – designed to entrance the masses and give false hope to a future that ‘could have been, if only…..blah blah blah’

      Excellent point. Note that Tesla was played by David Bowie in ‘The Prestige’. David Bowie being a the prodigal spaceman, his (second) eponymous album featuring the track ‘Space Oddity’, his final album entitled ‘Black star’. Watch the film clip for the track ‘Black Star’ and tell me that it is not laden with esoteric meaning. What was Bowie’s final ever song? ‘Lazarus’. Now what do we associate the name Lazarus with?

  • harryell

    fuck he was either brilliant, directed or completely cooked. what a strange clip

    black star is a long video clip, made all the more longer by me pausing to write notes for the 9.59 duration. its chock-a-block full of esoteric / occult meaning. here are my notes:

    The spacesuit is sitting on a rock under an eclipsed sun, its inhabitant – presumably major tom – has carked it long ago and now all that remains is a skull embellished with crystals (crystal skulls were said to hold the sum total knowledge of man aka indiana jones).

    a woman with a tail (primative, monkey) analogous to the unenlightened man takes the skull in a frustum (topless pyramid) shaped glass box. clearly the apex of true knowledge is missing

    the blindfold has 2 small buttons for eyes, indicating that david is both blind to the truth yet a willing student / “pupil” as it is the dilated pupil that prevents blinding light from being uncomfortable. in the middle of the song we see davids actual eyes (theyre fuckin weird too) and the pupils are dilated, perhaps signifying that he is either in the dark trying to get a grip on light, or that he no longer is a “pupil” and has attained whatever knowledge he quested for

    the round glass window is divided into 9 segments and davids body generally obscures it, initially predominantly with his chest area (heart) and then moving upward to the head, where at one point it forms a halo around his head. this is then panned out to reveal that the circular window (and by association david’s head) depicts the all seeing eye a la top of the pyramid.

    the 3 pillared temple on the hill, or mount, is significant of the tarot card the tower (XVI / 16) i dont know where the 16 comes into play, lest it be 2 8’s, 88, HH along a similar vein to your fight prediction article.

    the lyrics note a solitary candle in the centre of it all, perhaps leaning towards an occulted reference to the knowledge within

    3 scarecrows or strawmen (with the puppet / button eyes) are hanged on crosses in a paddock. strawman is your legal identity

    the woman form an avenue 5 a side prior to the skull ceremony, with the bearer of the skull making up the 11th person present for the ritual.

    i havent got time to go and compile a full review, but jeez watching that makes me want to really pull a few more music vids apart.

    • Nate M

      That was a strange video. It seems like they put way too much thought into it.

      The “button eyes” reminded me of the animated film Coraline. In it, a girl travels into a sort of parallel universe where her parents have button eyes. I watched that movie about a dozen times with my daughters, it seems loaded with occult stuff.

      Maybe it is just something I am looking for, but it seems like there is often an occult theme of presenting things that are “like twins, yet opposites”. Is that a thing?

  • Knives Out

    Anyone else ever google image searched Nikola Tesla? There seems to be only a handful of images of the guy. And there’s a couple, that famous one with his head on his hand, that are clearly just mirrored versions of the same image – sometimes the hand is present, sometimes it isn’t, but it looks the same image other than that.

    Weird stuff.

    • Only a handful of images, and literally ZERO video. The logical conclusion is obvious but, for many, too much to take. They revert to parrot-brain:

      ‘If Tesla were fake, how come nobody has figured it out yet, too many people would be involved, blah blah blah’.

      I continue to be amused and amazed by how few people in the ‘truth’ scene have picked up on the Tesla Hustle. We really are dealing with clowns and charlatans.

  • Hello JLB, . I’m new to you after hearing you on TLC. So enjoyed the Tesla presentation. Very interesting. At the end of the 2 hour talk CR#09: Nikola Tesla a Scientism Priest? (29-Jul-2016) you mention that you would be going down some more rabbit holes in future posts. Did you ever do that? I would like to listen if you have and I can’t seem to locate anything else on Tesla on your website.

    Thanks, 1906

    • Hi 1906, welcome to the site. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Tesla Hoax part of the call with Greg. As I have explained elsewhere, I genuinely thought that my opinions on Tesla would be upsetting to a large proportion of the THC audience. I am glad to have been so wrong.

      The original podcast page post is here:

      There I link to the official ‘Tesla collection’, so people can check what I am saying in the podcast for themselves.

      In time I hope to release some more substantial work on Tesla, and as soon as I do, the members of this site will be the first to know.

      The tl;dr is that the info I alluded to at the end of CR09 was mostly covered in the call with Greg.

      As you know, in CR09 I explain how absurd the Tesla writings are (talking with Martians, passing electricity through his body like superman, etc), and how Tesla himself doesn’t make any claims about developing ‘free energy’. What I did not go into explicit detail about in CR09 is how I believe the entire Tesla character to be fictional. Make believe. He never existed. During the THC call, I did go into detail about this part of my research.

      There’s another side-trail to the story which I will expand upon as soon as I finish my current projects. Basically, they have to do with characters like Andrija Puharich, the ‘intelligence agencies’, and general conspiracy culture to this day. Tesla is embedded further into modern mythos than most people could possibly imagine. The most interesting part of this line of inquiry is the obvious question: why?

      In time, I will go into more detail about that as well. I have a working hypothesis. Stay tuned!

  • Have been working through a number of your analyses both on YouTube and podcasts. I have found them very thought promoting and at the same time liberating. Your analysis of 2001 and details of the computer that beat a chess master was really interesting, particularly as the name of the computer in the movie was HAL. If you take the next letter of the alphabet after HAL you get IBM. That’s a 1 in 17,526 chance ! As for good old Nikola Tesla, because he’s the darling of Conspiracy Theorists that’s an uphill battle. I have always wondered about Tesla since I came across Ralph and Marsha Ring. They claim they were teleported using Tesla technology given to them by Tesla’s assistant. When they started to talk about putting their hands through solid matter it got very woo-woo.

    Tesla looks weird in every blooming photo, the one you use he looks like a ventriloquist dummy, the head and body don’t match

    enter image description here
    . With so few photos it’s hard to find any that don’t seem fake. Even the one of him receiving the Order of the White Lion , that medal is not specifically for electric engineering but for persons having promoted the Czech Reublic. Yasser Arafat got one and someone called George H W Bush as well!!
    I have gone on the Tesla Universe site and they claim 164 books but written by and about but as you know they are pretty well all about. Tesla appears to be a hoax . The stuff about sleeping only two hours a night, eating dinner at 20.10 each day etc etc. Just fuel for the hoax. You couldn’t make it up. Oh yes you can.
    I would like to comment more but leave with this image. Morrison’s Supermarkets in UK sell an own brand fake MARS bar. What do you call a fake Mars bar …..
    APOLLO. One good fake deserves another.

    Cheers for now.

    • Thank you for the kind words, newfriend. What a lovely way to introduce yourself on the site.

      Regarding Tesla, you are quite right that in the few photos of Tesla which even exist, he does look like an odd unit.

      Regarding the HAL -> IBM connection, this is explored in my ‘What Does Coincidence Mean to You‘ video.

      It goes quite a way further than that, too.

      Kubrick’s 2001 was in many ways my first major bridge into ‘Sync’ and everything which has followed.

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