2 thoughts on “The Soju Lockdown Diaries – Episode #0

  • Thanks for the laugh, vids a tad DARK…. but who would notice lol
    Its great listening to an Australian Fart in a Foreign Snowstorm for some light relief..
    May your farts continue…

    ps, this is in no means a dig or meant to be offensive for any non Australians
    I will now climb back into my test tube and go back to the sperm bank. ūüôā

  • Klink39

    I really appreciate all you do JLB. I will make more time for your work as I have spent some time having a life purge and getting my health back together from a lifetime of good times this year.
    It’s been a roller coaster but getting there. I knew from the moment that media whore Roz Childs on the ABC midday news uttered the words Coronavirus that this was the scam many had predicted but I had no idea it would be so pervasive and with no point of return.
    My wife’s Mum died one month ago in the Philippines and that was the final straw for me. Up to then the Covid scam had not affected us much. I have a secure job and my wife who is a supervisor in a hotel was put on Job keeper payment (lead in to universal basic income, I know) My wife is a a very simple and caring woman with lots of discipline and devotion to me and our 11 year old daughter. My wife’s Mum had a stage four cancer diagnosis two months ago and we couldn’t go back because of the Covid scam so we had to watch my wife’s Mum say goodbye and die on f..king Messenger!
    I am putting up with a workplace full of retarded sheep, many wearing masks voluntarily, jumping like grasshoppers if you get too close and signs up saying “no physical contact workplace” and arrows and x marks to stand here sit there. Scan into the canteen and only two at a table, signs saying sanitise the microwave or vending machine after every use and if you have a shower you need to notify the cleaner to sanitise it! FFS!
    I have tried in simple ways to explain to family, friends and workmates that Covid is a manufactured scam to destroy the economy with more for the bankers and less for us, more police State and basically a stepping stone to totalitarian communist one world government including mandatory and possibly DNA altering vaccinations and a one world digital currency etc. Also that the inventor of the test Kary Mullis stated the PCR test should not be used for testing for infection, so not fit for purpose and dodgy and that the alleged 900 deaths in Australia from Covid had an average age of 82 years and the vast majority had co-morbidities and reside in nursing homes. FFS!
    And that hundreds of doctors had come forward that hydroxychloroquine cured Coronavirus and was cheap and effective so the TGA in OZ and the FDA in the U.S. banned it and Google and Facecrack etc. purged and banned it on the internet.
    I provide links to UK Column, Spiro Skouras and Dave Cullen at Computing Forever but 90% couldn’t give a shit, some did come on board but they are mostly red pilled anyway.
    I am member of the Labor Party in Queensland, God knows why, but I don’t go to the meetings because I cause a ruckus, ha. But I will be requesting a meeting with some of the more senior members. I know Steven Miles the Deputy Premier and Health Minister and also Mark Furner State Senator. Just putting my files together to show them and I really want to put them on the spot about the dodgy test and contrived death numbers. Not that it will ultimately do much good but at least they can never say they were not told.
    Trying to step back and relax and live a simple life but God it’s hard amongst all this madness.
    I am off back to Mount Gambier where the rest of my family are ASAP as I think the country is the place to be and plenty of food and natural resources there. F..k the establishment and their lies and clown show, I want to do my best to be independent and provide a better life for my wife and daughter.
    Take care JLB, not easy being isolated and hope to see you back on OZ sometime. I love your work mate, all the best.

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