‘Illuminati Card Game’ Analysis

This 14-part series provides the most comprehensive analysis of the ‘Illuminati Card Game‘ available anywhere on the internet.

Why is a card game worthy of serious analysis?

Where did the game come from?

What were the creators trying to accomplish?

And why are previous references to the game by ‘conspiracy theorists’ (on YouTube and elsewhere) so full of logical fallacies and silly claims?

This series answers those questions and so many more.

By the end of Part XIV you might find yourself wondering if this ‘game’ is more than a game.

Perhaps the old adage is true: the only winning move is not to play.


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Part I – Introduction and Overview

Part II – Some Well-Known ‘Coincidences’

Part III – Existing Coverage and Analysis

Part IV – Some Recent ‘Coincidences’

Part V – A ‘Sync’ Test Case

Part VI – Mocking ‘Conspiracy Theory’?

Part VII – The Games in Focus

Part VIII – Promoting Conspiracy Fact?

Part IX – Steve Jackson Games

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Part X – Mocking the Masses?

Part XI – Another Dimension

Part XII – Epic Truth Bombs

Part XIII – More Than a Game

Part XIV – Truth in Plain Sight?