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Bonversation #24
with Gematrinator 85

Gematrinator 85 and John le Bon

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In Part 2 (an extra 90 minutes) we discuss topics such as:

*The success of Zachary K Hubbard, and why this field of research attracts such a large audience.

*The Mandela Effect and why Derek is more open-minded to it than you might expect.

*Why some people seem ‘born’ or ‘destined’ to go down certain paths in life: how much of this is scripted?

Part 2 available to Members HERE.

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Is it possible for our thoughts and desires to manifest in changes to the objective, ‘real’ world?

Let me give you some examples of what I have seen in my time.

Then you tell me if I’m the crazy one here.

(Pro-tip: maybe I am)

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John le Bon YouTube Review

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