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The NPCs Will NEVER Get the Joke (Paralysis of Fear)

Don’t even bother trying to explain the punchline.




JLB18125 – The NPCs Will NEVER Get the Joke (Paralysis of Fear) (4-Dec-2018)

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3 thoughts on “The NPCs Will NEVER Get the Joke (Paralysis of Fear)

  • Take No Gnosis

    Two classic jokes make for one great site trailer.

  • NPC is a great concept- I’m coming round to it being (another) Black Pill.
    After spending my life trying to communicate & not getting much response. I never wanted to accept this was at the heart of my issue: They will NEVER get it … that’s a biggie

    Listening to you last night on the Truth Lounge 3 ,there are definite benefits to not seeing the joke being perpetrated. Trouble is if one sees thru/round the curtain, can one get into a balloon and return to Kansas? Home Sweet Home and the comforting characters back in place again…

    “In other words the things we blame ourselves for and feel ashamed of are used against us, which almost always stem from things that have been done to and through us by that which controls this reality. As long as we continue to blame ourselves and others instead of recognizing the condition for what it is we will continue the cycle of self-sabatoge. (sic) ”

    ” Joe Bisden put it:
    What we often experience as shock and awe by an external influence is not what it seems; it is manipulated perception, metaphorically projected onto the movie screens of the collective psyche in order to control the population at large.”

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