2 thoughts on “White Pill: ‘Nuclear Bombs’ are a JOKE

  • Pono Ku

    I tried to convey to a family member that nukes are most likely fake and my message was met with anger and denial even though it is good news. Its beyond Orwellian. They need the lie.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Orwellian indeed. Similar with the boogeymen: try to tell a lemming that they have nothing to fear from Putin or Kim Jong. Many lemmings would prefer to believe that these clowns are truly a threat to them and their safety. They need a Goldstein, they need their Minute of Hate. And the storytellers (AUTHORity) are apparently more than happy to provide the boogeymen which the masses yearn for.

      This all ties in with the wider War Hoax. It is the same idea: how can there be an in-group without an out-group? Without the ‘War’ narrative, how can people go on believing that the world is comprised of different teams or sides? Especially for veterans of conspiracy culture, it is important to believe that the world is not already run by a single entity.

      Of course, the world is in fact already run by a single entity. Call them the ‘One World Order’ if you like, the name doesn’t really matter. What matters is that these guys have been running the show since time immemorial, but this is apparently too boring for the masses, so instead the AUTHORities tell tales of War, ongoing ‘conflict’, boogeymen with red buttons, and so forth.


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