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Navy Veteran DISMANTLES the ‘War Veteran’ Hoax

Dave J doing what Dave J does best.

If you hold on to sacred cows, stay as far away from Dave J as you possibly can — or else.

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JLB1863 – Navy Veteran DISMANTLES the ‘War Veteran’ Hoax (3-Sep-2018)

Source videos

U.S. Veteran Describes Being Prisoner of War in Vietnam — here.

Veteran returns photos to family of Germans soldier he killed — here.

The legacy of John McCain — here.

Post updated with reuploaded video 1-Aug-2019. Vimeo upload 27-Feb-2022.

One thought on “Navy Veteran DISMANTLES the ‘War Veteran’ Hoax

  • Hando

    This video with Dave Js audio is one of the most powerful pieces of material you have produced JLB. Anyone with a brain should be tempted to listen to the whole podcast and check out the website.
    I think this is a great way to promote the agency.

  • Spiro

    “i broke my neck and back”

    So i know everything about WW1 and 2 and (3 hint) ……………………..

    quote “i saw some shit, -”

    agree, me to, so what?

    yet what did we see? where have we been, what did we do there and can we actually talk about that? Can we, and if so what will be the repercussion? …….and the bigger question is to whom will it be a repercussion? Ever tried to get a heart flowing again with your bare hands Dave? what does it take to be expert on war? let’s not even speak about what does a war even mean? is it what you try to say or is it something else?, where did you get all the knowledge from? experience? let me ask if so, what experience?, what war?, what price did you need to pay to say this openly? what did you need to sacrifice to be able to speak like this? then the last question i have, what god? why would i trust on a god when i have “myself”. you need a authority to watch and create you, so you can be proud of yourself and finally have a meaning in life?
    Am i not good enough to be here without someone granting me to be? in short terms….. i do not need a creator to be here, and if you think i do, then by all means, i will never fight you on it..

    i just don’t buy it.

    Straight from the heart response.



    • It seems to work well, doesn’t it? Thanks for the kind words.

  • RicStaR13

    This war hoax is tough to take, I used to train with a lot of paratroopers, they rarely said anything but they were macho, people apparently die, I don’t know how? But yeah, the idea normal pepole are murdering for nothing seems a bit far fetched to me, but ww1 and ww2 were pretty big hoaxes. Everything seems to be a hoax though, so yeah

  • Baltimore

    Like for Dave to prove he has thrown grenades. Even that primitive technology is up for debate …

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