Monkey Business Manifest

What is the ‘100th Monkey Theory’, where does it come from, and why should we care?

Is the ACT realm witnessing a sudden manifestation of independent thought and creativity?

Why do some people entertain the idea that ‘time’ is not as linear as we have been led to believe?




(The audio-only version is a mp3 rip of the video i.e. they are the same presentation)


1) Black Pill Radio Podcast

Check out their extensive and impressive back-catalogue.

Available publicly here.

2) Black Pill Radio – Episode #39

Featuring special guest Human Vibration.

The clip used in this presentation is from about 65 minutes into this episode.

Available publicly – here.

3) The Hundredth Monkey Myth

Detailed article explaining where the ‘100th Monkey’ myth came from and why it is so popular.

And, of course, why it is clearly a hoax and nobody died nobody got hurt.

Available to Members of here.

4) Monkey Synchronicity

Detailed article explaining how monkey syncs seem to manifest into ‘real life’.

This article is from 2017 and yet somehow is more relevant today than ever before.

Available to Members of here.

5) Bonversations #05 with special guests Black Pill Radio

Black Pill Radio

Two-hour conversation covering a range of topics.

Available to Members of here.

6) The Hoax Hierarchy

A schematic for exploring the different levels of hoaxery and hoax awareness.

Detailed explanation available publicly here.


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