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Monkey Business Manifest

What is the ‘100th Monkey Theory’, where does it come from, and why should we care?

Is the ACT realm witnessing a sudden manifestation of independent thought and creativity?

Why do some people entertain the idea that ‘time’ is not as linear as we have been led to believe?




(The audio-only version is a mp3 rip of the video i.e. they are the same presentation)


1) Black Pill Radio Podcast

Check out their extensive and impressive back-catalogue.

Available publicly here.

2) Black Pill Radio – Episode #39

Featuring special guest Human Vibration.

The clip used in this presentation is from about 65 minutes into this episode.

Available publicly – here.

3) The Hundredth Monkey Myth

Detailed article explaining where the ‘100th Monkey’ myth came from and why it is so popular.

And, of course, why it is clearly a hoax and nobody died nobody got hurt.

Available to Members of here.

4) Monkey Synchronicity

Detailed article explaining how monkey syncs seem to manifest into ‘real life’.

This article is from 2017 and yet somehow is more relevant today than ever before.

Available to Members of here.

5) Bonversations #05 with special guests Black Pill Radio

Black Pill Radio

Two-hour conversation covering a range of topics.

Available to Members of here.

6) The Hoax Hierarchy

A schematic for exploring the different levels of hoaxery and hoax awareness.

Detailed explanation available publicly here.


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2 thoughts on “Monkey Business Manifest

  • Good video JLB, will go back and read that article, however it did remind me of this research paper: “Social consensus through the influence of committed minorities”
    The abstract:
    “We show how the prevailing majority opinion in a population can be rapidly reversed by a small fraction p of randomly distributed committed agents who consistently proselytize the opposing opinion and are immune to influence. Specifically, we show that when the committed fraction grows beyond a critical value p_c \approx 10%, there is a dramatic decrease in the time, T_c, taken for the entire population to adopt the committed opinion.”

    A choice sentence from the discussion: “In closing, we have demonstrated here the existence of
    a tipping point at which the initial majority opinion of a network switches quickly to that of a consistent and inflexible minority. ”

    Here is a more popular article from the time:

    Now this work is based off of mathematical modeling and simulation not observations, but it is interesting and was funded by the US Army Research Laboratory and the lab that did this research mainly studies the properties of social networks. I found it interesting that the US Army was interested in how to influence social networks, and that they claimed to show this ‘tipping point’ type behavior. These simulation studies must be taken with a grain of salt though.

  • I’m not hearing anything from black pill radio that I’ve not heard before. I found their podcast childish and a wee bit hipster. Something I would let a teenager listen too. As for the awakening, it seems more people have access to information via the inter-net. Just because someone watched a few utube videos is does not mean their awake. Personally, I feel the so called truths that are coming out have been put there on purpose. Our rulers appear to be taking the current system apart, so when you think the matrix is crumbling because humans are catching on its really just assisting its demise. Look at the riots, demonstrations and chaos in the world and compare that to those of yesteryear. Anyone of a certain age in the UK will remember the miners strike, poll tax riots, and battle of the bean field. These were savage, the police were pure evil and no one stood a chance! I think the truth movement are lambs to the slaughter. It’s being used to further the agenda, which is to bring in a new system. Be honest, the pandemic, BLM riots, demonstrations , brexit, crypto, climate Change and so on is all just a bit to neat and tidy? Think on this, the UK government kept Jimmy savile quite for 40 years, then not long after his death the MSM decided to spill the beans which turned into those great child abuse scandals followed by pizzzagate. So where are those stories now? Gone, pretty much. It’s all a rich man’s trick. I think this nonsense is covered in book of revelation. Many false prophets, a false victory. You yourself John Le Bon ask the question why do the MSM put out vaccine fear stories? Also, this would explain why the government’s appear to be making sloppy mistakes, it’s not because they lost control, it because they are still controlling our minds.
    Finally , have you noticed to coincide with space X, and the mars missions the drip drip drip of alien stories from the MSM? I’d suggest we all watch this carefully..

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