hundredth monkey effect


The ‘Hundredth Monkey’ Myth

If you want an example of how gullible the average person today really is, look no further than the case of the 'Hundredth Monkey Effect' (HME): an amusing myth believed and perpetuated to this day by conspiratard and normie alike.

A proper analysis of the HME myth yields important insights into how and why the typical human today believes the nonsense he does.

Put simply: people want to believe, people are searching for answers, people like stories, and people love to believe in stories which they think give them answers.

Couple this with the fact that modern schooling does not teach basic logic or research methodology and it is no surprise that people still believe in HME in 2017.

It is also no surprise that prominent voices within the 'alternative'/'truth'/'conspiracy' (ACT) scene actively promote the myth - that they do so (and get away with it) proves yet again that the entire 'truth movement' is a joke.

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