One thought on “Max Igan FINALLY Accepts Flat Earth

  • 30-January-2020 at 9:18 am

    Found some old comments from 2015 which mention JLB and Ball Earth Skeptic more than once and prove that my writing technique was pushing maximum density stream of consciousness even back then:

    Five years doesn’t seem any longer than 5 months these days doesn’t it?

    And yet look at the gigantic difference between 1966 and 1973, mostly in White European Nations to be sure but with far reaching repercussions across the earth. The number of classic rock albums that were released in those years is just mind boggling. Stuff that is still listened to today, half a century later, and still considered superior to any music being released today. Of course, music is anything but “entertainment” only, it is the strongest mind-control and hypnotizing and catalyzing agent ever discovered and it can be as honest and uncompromising as it wants in rarer cases than would be officially promoted in homo-owned rags like Rolling Stone and still end up as a whole leading people in an agenda-driven direction.

    At the time, it was sold as freedom from the sexual repression of the 1950s, which itself was media created. The media and what is shown and not shown, what is emphasized and not emphasized, what is psychically driven constantly or hushed up into “non-existence,” is the real power, not the government and celebrity clowns that front for them as agents or have to front for them in some way as useful idiots or egos before they are even mentioned in large scale networks.

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