6 thoughts on “JLBE1693 | Four-Year-Old ‘Transgender’ to ‘Transition’ in Australia

    • You weren’t convinced by Kochie? Come on, Mez, that man has in mind the best interests of you, your family and society at large.

  • The sheep woke up that morning and felt somethings where not quite right. Let see what the pigs have to say at the sunrise meeting. Kochie Pig said he too yesterday didn’t fully understand, but the humans had explained it. So now he thinks its all ok. Although the sheep didn’t fully understand what Kochie pig had said, but if he said its fine, then it must be fine.

    • Brilliant. I know you’re a busy man but one day I hope you put aside a couple hours to make the odd video here or there. You’ve basically got the concept and script ready for a video on this topic right there in your comment.

      • Soon mate, soon. Ill let a cat out the bag. Working on Video streaming service based on Storj.io. Currently running a Storj node, storing 60GB of other peoples data.

        Imagine censorship resistant YouTube.

  • Teaching the “Gender Fairy”! This might be the best thing to come out of the Christians.

    “We believe no one should be bullied at school, including children identifying as LGBTI. But we believe it is not the role of government to be promoting academically contested radical sex education and gender theories to children as young as 4 years old in resources such as The Gender Fairy.”


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