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  • Good podcast. As a fairly new father, Ill give you some insights into my experience. My 4.5 son started asking questions like “Do you move when you die?” Like as in an afterlife, and “Will you have friends when you die?” Amongst others. Im not ashamed to admit it nearly brought me to tears. Now to try and fill their minds with this transgender nonsense?

    • They are so impressionable at that age and look up – literally and figuratively – to the adults in their life. I keep saying it and I’ll keep saying it: imagine what will happen when this cohort reach adulthood? They will be ticking timebombs.

  • http://www.bookdepository.com/My-New-Mommy-Lilly-Mossiano/9781462688982

    “Life is exciting when you’re four years old. You are learning new things every day and things are constantly changing. Violet learns all of these things as she faces the biggest change of her life. Her daddy is about to become a mommy. Life for her will never be the same. Join her as she discovers just what it means for this transition to occur.”

    “Exciting”. More like confusing. Targeted as a 4yo. Sick.

    • How any sane man can sit idly by and allow this blatant, social engineering filth to be ‘taught’ to his children (or indeed to any children within his vicinty) is beyond me.

  • I am deeply concerned for my niece, nephews – as well millions of others who will grow up brainwashed with ever more potent and pernicious lies. My brother is a steadfast conservative republican, “america is great” mark levin fanboy type….and any questioning of right wing rubbish coming out of the airwaves triggers a heated exchange. Suggestions that his kids are being mind controlled is met with hoots of derision.

    We almost fought a few years ago when he lunged at me after i questioned the planes in lower manhattan. This rigidity may hopefully be softening after my niece got seriously ill from a vaccine a few months ago. She was hospitalized for over 8 days in the ICU. And the doctors in the ER refused to even consider it was correlated with her MMR shots until they had no other explanation. What an awful experience. I only wish there was a hell these psychopathic child torturers could go to.

    After listening to the fakeologist link today en route to and from work appointments – as well previous comments on his video – i guess i’m looked upon as scum by John for consuming media without producing my own. I have donated money in the past to myriad ‘truth’ causes and subsequently regretted it. Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, Alex Jones… seemingly responsible and effective charities like Charity Water, Greenpeace, et al. They have disappointed as my prior “truth” icons and humanitarian institutions.

    I’ll still donate a chunk of money to the Patreon or whatever is the preferred medium when i get the next surplus – hopefully in October. The Tesla piece was great. I’d even go to the museum in Suffolk County NY to help with any ancillary research. However, I fail to understand why JLB is so critical of the ‘YouTube’ community – especially if it has such paltry numbers of “entertainment seekers”. If they are irrelevant and not contributing to other fields of research – why spend so much time decrying them? Why is it so awful for people to consume information in their spare time? If i listen to music and derive pleasure from that – must I then get on a guitar and reciprocate? I fail to see the logic in that.

    I do find blogs and videos and podcasts far more enriching than watching mindless cable television sitcoms or even movies. Life is much different (and better) as a result of these discoveries over the past decade. But so is my diet from an improving food culture in America… Does this mean I also must become a chef?

    Whatever contempt JLB has for his audience who enjoy his content – I’d personally like to learn more about the stationary ball model. FE has certainly changed my perspective on many things – as I had a feeling the public intellectual scientists were all frauds when I witnessed them endorsing the official narrative of 911 – as well the moon landing, But never to this degree did I know all of the “peers” “reviewing” each other were in fact operatives of a system of deception.

    So if I’m the ‘problem’ despite trying to awaken everyone at any chance – I’d love to be part of a better solution. I’m certainly not infallible. Let me know where I can donate to the next research project. I don’t have enough at moment to mandate what topic it is, but between my two jobs, sick father and limited production talent, I’d prefer to contribute to those with better skills in that area. And if part of my salary can prove that people in Australia are standing slightly upside down while people in the Northeast United States are standing slightly upward, it is worth the investment to discover more about the earth on / in which i live.

    • Thank you for taking the time to leave this comment. I intend to reply to it via a video response soon.

    • Thank you for the link. Rollo mixes with the Fakeologist crowd who have in their circles a number of people who are wise to the Laurel Canyon shenanigans and so forth, so I’m sure he is at least vaguely aware of these issues. Why he doesn’t spend more time studying and disseminating this information, I don’t know. I might ask him next time I speak to him.

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