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  • Mezzie

    I don’t understand why people are not enraged about this! Are we so dumb that we don’t see that this is NOT normal? They are using the school system to shatter society, its where they test the waters and if they don’t get an overwhelming response from parents they will just bring in whatever they choose using anyone and anything at their disposal. They use psycobabble and pretend to care about children but don’t be fooled, they want to screw up another Generation. They already did this in the 60’s.

    Let’s just have a look at what is at their disposal: Government who makes rules, public schools which make our kids dumb and easily programmed, the music industry, the movies and life time actors, TV, newspapers and almost all media, youtube, drugs, vaccines, GMO food, experts in all fields who always back the statis quo, big pharma and the Banker cartel and smartphones where you are connected to a piece of technology that you can’t live without…… I’m sure I havn’t mentioned everything here…

    Only one thing i can think of that would stop this freight train….and that is TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT OF SCHOOL, if you really care about their wellbeing. This BS is so dangerous..

    • Hey mezzie, do you have kids? I don’t buy the argument of “take your kids out of school”. I attended my sons kindy last night for fathers day and was very impressed with how and what they where teaching. Anecdotal evidence I know, but just my experience i thought id share.

    • You’re older and wiser than me, you must have a few possible explanations as to why the masses are just sitting idly by while this happens. To me it seems as though many of the people who see this as a problem do not believe there is anything they can do about it, so ‘why care?’. They have been thoroughly demoralised just as Uri Bezmenov explained. In a society of thoroughly demoralised people, even the individuals who truly believe they are still moral are really, in almost all cases, just slightly-more-aware examples of demoralisation themselves. Most have given up hope and now spend their evenings and weekends comfortably numb.

      • Perhaps it’s less people being demoralized than people finally realizing it’s all BS. It’s all fake. I’m beginning to think the latter has finally taken hold even of the “sheeple” brains.

        Someone or something is desperately, feverishly trying to rattle our cage. To what end? That is the question.

        Comes a time when one simply stops believing. The time is here.

        • You think the average person watching TV thinks the TV is lying to them about this kind of thing?

  • This morning over breakfast, my 4yo son told me “Im a baby turtle” and proceeded, like 4yos do, acting along as a turtle. This has not been an isolated case. Other characters have included being a C3P0, the Gruffalo and the Wise Old Elf.

    I guess Ill go find the nearest zoo.

    • lol at the Gruffalo. Has he actually sat down and watched Star Wars? If so, he will be nice and prepped to learn about this infinite universe with its billions of stars and billions of galaxies. To this day I have never seen any of the Star Wars films myself…

      • He likes robots. I put a few youtube clips on of what he calls the camel robots. We go out most evenings and star gaze and talk about stars and planets. Fun fact, Mercury Venus and Jupiter are great in the western sky right now. Take a look. Grab a decent telescope and go observe some of the nearest galaxies..

  • Mezzie

    Dear Lucas, Yes i have grown up children who grew up in the country side, a semi rural small town. We were very lucky to have a small school where I volunteered most of my spare time helping with the children learn to read etc.

    Children are precious and innocent.

  • Maxwell

    Nice improptu chat. You should consider doing more of them. But perhaps narrow your focus in describing who these perpetrators really are.

    While Marxist is accurate, Marx was the son of a Jewish rabbi whose real name wad Mordecai Levy (from memory). There’d be no Marxism, Judaism, Communism, Bolshevism, Zionism were it not for Jews.

    If we don’t narrow our targets then people will remain oblivious to what ACTUALLY plagues society.

    You mention Game of Thrones. Who are the producers? Why of course they are Jews. So couching our societal ills in Marxist terms is to miss the underlying point.

    Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc are all Jews. That is THE common denominator. Thus, if you really wish to get out your message and engage in a valuable community service, identification is key.

    Nothing will awaken Electric Jew watchers more than this simple yet perfectly accurate identifier.

    We owe it to our children.

    • I had a further look into who is behind ‘Game of Thrones’ and this, from the Times of Israel, stood out to me:

      Three years later, the pair reunited in Los Angeles and tried their hand at co-writing a screenplay. That project, a horror film about a boarding school that [sic] where Satan serves as principal, never saw the light of day.

      So the two Jews behind Game of Thrones wrote a horror film about a boarding school whose principal is Satan. And Times of Israel are happy to publicise this fact. Talk about chutzpah.

      • Maxwell Smart

        Good article there, John. And yes, they love to brag about it.

        If however we had written that story, we’d be considered anti-Semitic.

        To wit: an anti-Semite was someone who hated Jews, now it’s someone the Jews hate.

  • Johnbob's skepticism

    I think the study on mortality, morbidity, and criminal rate is a great find and can really drive home the mental health side to all of this..
    If you watch any of this trans-propaganda you find that most of these kids were suicidal or self mutilating, supposedly, from a VERY young age. And now we see that even after these sex changes they are still far more likely to commit suicide. Good job on all your recent work mate.
    This subject boils my piss. And that Roz Ward is the absolute double of Bubbles from ‘ Trailer Park Boys’.

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