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JLBE1567 | Fakeologist Audiochat Recap

A brief rundown and recap of the audiochats I have taken part in at over the past few months. The footage you see on your screen is from some of the recordings I have made of wildlife around Brisbane, which I thought might be nicer to stare at than a static screen. Apologies if some of the footage is a little bit shaky, it was recorded with an el cheapo phone.



November 20:
September 25:
September 6:
August 30*:
August 15:
May 21:

KHam Radio:
May 23:

Ab Irato Radio:
Mar 22 (Mark Sargent)**:

Videos based on audio:

JLB1512 | Fakeologist Ep. 139 – Roundtable w/ Mark Sargent of ‘Flat Earth Clues’ (18-Apr-2015):
JLB1547 | Response to KHam + Cavendish Question (15-Sep-2015):

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