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JLB1566 | Whoopi Goldberg Admits Faith in ‘Scientists’

Look up the definitions of ‘faith’, ‘religion’, and ‘worship’; if you are honest, you will note that most peoples belief in things like the ‘big bang theory’ are nothing but faith. Study the history and importance of the ‘scientific method’; if you are being honest, you will note that the theories passed off as ‘science’ today have not been (and can not be) scrutinised with this method. At least Whoopi is honest about her faith – when will you be?


‘The View’ clip:
JLB1547 | Response to KHam + Cavendish Experiment (15-Sep-2015):

1) Thanks to ‘coast foco’ for the headsup on this video of ‘The View’.
2) Don’t bother pointing out the numerology of the numbering system used for this video. I had considered skipping ‘1566’ but then I realised that the message of this video ties in perfectly with the (apparent) numerology. What is more satanic than indoctrinating people into believing that they are evolved apes on top of a spinning ball hurtling through infinite, meaningless space?

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