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JLB1699 | Why I’m Voting For Hillary

Do not allow yourself to be triggered. Employ the critical thinking capacity within your mind and spirit.


JLB1699 – Why I’m Voting for Hillary (8-Nov-2019)


37 Things Normies Believe: Link
A more detailed analysis of society and the Alt-Right: Link

Page updated with reuploaded video 7-Aug-2019.

2 thoughts on “JLB1699 | Why I’m Voting For Hillary

  • 9:00: “The solution to the problem is genuine deep skepticism of every single thing we have been led to believe by those who control our bodies… by controlling our minds.”

    For some reason, this statement really resonated with me. I got this vision of a hot air balloon, and with each belief I challenge, another sandbag of control from “those who control” is released. I feel freer, lighter, healthier, more fearless, more self-reliant, closer to fine, etc.

    Of course one needs to be ready, willing and able to take on such responsibly. If a sandbag is cut before one is ready, the resulting change of altitude may scare them to the depths of their miserable soul.

    Yet with each belief cut off, the air is cleaner and oh… what a view. ūüôā

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