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  • There are several other realities that may not occur to people. Someone i know recently came out as trans-gender male to female. Growing breasts, not a problem, just take the hormones… get a lot of electrolysis for hair removal. My friend said, next step is to have his testicles, not removed – that is not what is done – they are surgically re-located to inside of you. When i asked if he was going to have his penis removed, he said no, which prompted me to ask wasn’t part of being female about having a vagina? His response was, no… that is what the bung hole was for.

    I am not putting my friend down, it’s his journey, not mine, but i can say that he has been dealing with mental issues for a few years now. I also need to say, a bung hole is a poor substitute for a vagina. A vagina is the star-gate for life entering this realm, it is an amazing organ… one, that under normal circumstances, will not wear out… it will go the distance. A bung hole, on the other hand, is merely a sphincter and it can and does wear out. So, in essence, when you go this route, be honest… you are a man who outwardly looks female, but inwardly you cannot change your chromosome from Y to X… that can’t happen. Realistically, from emotions to thought patterns, you are merely mimicking femininity, you cannot honestly expect very much normalcy as far as relationships go… and that is okay, if you are not deluding yourself otherwise.ÔĽŅ

    • miss ali

      Wanda – very interesting post.. I am about to watch/listen to this video now and just gave your comment a read. I agree, it is in reality, men ‘impersonating’ women entirely, and vice-versa.. regardless of what surgery and potions the pharmaceutical industry can provide. Obviously the language used for this phenomenon has been well crafted, as always..

      Not sure of the percentages of men-to-women, women-to-men, that are indulging in this behavoir, I’ll have to look it up, but I’m guessing, it is far more men-to women, than the other way round, I could be wrong. It is clearly a mental health issue, and as you highlight with your friend, the prospects are not good. I know of two people who are trans-gender, and both certainly have as well as mental health issues, defective characters, and one is just off the scale in terms of flawed! I like the way JLB exposes the mental health aspect and suicide rates in his other video, which it seems, is being suppressed, within this agenda.

      Have you heard of the ‘Hijra’s’ of India? It is their transgender community, and they are known as the “Third Gender” claiming to be ‘neither’ male of female.. and were officially recognized by the state in 2014! Here’s a quick look if you haven’t heard of them:

      Many of whom are now living a life of abuse and sexual exploitation.. AND who somehow believe this transgender ‘behavior’ goes back to some ancient time? It makes you think, how is this becoming so prevalent, in different countries?

  • Great vid, probably one of your best. But before I answer some of your questions, you should take a serious look at twitter. Now before you say (in the JLB mocking voice) what does a tweet do, I have used it effectively on a number of occasions to challenge banks and politicians publicly. When challenging someone, all their followers see it too. This can be very powerful. After only a few tweets, normally Ive been able to have a face to face meeting, such as Jackie Trad.

    To answer some of your questions. Ive tweeted sunrise and Kochie both under my twitter account and an alias. My main twitter audience are bitcoin advocates.

    Defiantly taking time to try install the best values in my boy and girl, often reflect and seek advise on this too.

    I’ve been chatting to other dads and a few randoms, bringing up the flinders uni “inclusion” paper, and found the reactions quite surprising. No one has said this is a good idea, and has restored my faith in common sense a bit.

    I review what gets passed around at Kindy, and again, was very surprised and relieved when I heard the teacher reading books such as “Daddies are for wild things”, a good stereotypical view of what Australian Dads actually do.

    Lastly, some are also supporting your work financially too, so you can focus on what you do best, and we can focus on what we do best.

  • dandelO

    Hi, John.

    You’ve prompted me a couple of times to add some input and I’ve kindly declined until now but I thank you for the invitation and warm welcome and I guess I’ll fire some thoughts out here. Honestly I’ve kind of lost my interest in posting to message boards, forums, blogs etc. over the past several years of being active on the internet in the circles we find ourselves in. I was quite vocal in the past regarding many of the things you are dealing with but I’ve found it usually winds up in either, an argument, ridicule and scorn, a torrent of hateful abuse, with, most probably, some inside-information regarding the terribly seedy reputation of one’s Mother, that I’d somehow neglected to spot myself, from our friends the “Free-Thinkers” who are so better informed than I on such important matters. Ultimately, a check-mate situation. Nobody will change another’s mind when it comes to these things. And so, I quit.

    Of course, I know this is a different kind of place. I won’t, of course, change any minds but here are some words.

    I enjoy listening to your stuff, it’s generally thought provoking and I find myself in agreement with an awful lot of what you have to say, I’ve also found myself on the other side of the fence a few times, this is good, too. I’ve found you to be very reasoned and thoughtful in response to my semi-tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic comments and the odd-email exchanges we’ve had. Here, I reckon, is one of those times. And you will likely not agree with much that follows, yourself. Hey-ho!
    Where I agree with much of you’re recent content, I quite disagree with a lot as well. These government facilities and agents that we find ourselves popping our kids off to for most of the week, or face jail, are, indeed, an extremely strong influence in the shaping of our children’s minds. This, however, is no excuse for any parent to pass off their own responsibilities, to just let the schools mould their beloved into nicely shaped cogs. As a father of three, we have always been a force of our own, my children know full and well that the things that really matter in Life are not to be found in the facility, preached by a stranger reading a cue-card. Unfortunately, we have to fit into these situations, to a point, else the millicents will come a-knockity-knock-knocking, oh, Brother!
    Is it ‘wrong’ to be gay, straight, trans’, drunk, white, high etc? Some would say yes, some no. Each to their very own, if it’s your preference, fill your boots! Don’t fill mine. If we all understood that simple people-skill wouldn’t the World be a lovely place!
    My kids have had sex/drug/race/religious education in school. But previous to this, they’ve had it at home, where it is each and every parents responsibility to do so. Mine are the most caring, compassionate loving and thoughtful people I know for it, if I’d had half their guidance at home as a youngster, you know?
    My youngest recently dropped a rather large spanner in the class’ trip to the zoo, flat out refusing to be a part of what she thinks is a horrible and shameful human activity. She was 11 at the time and in her final year of primary school. ‘Teacher’ simply did not understand one little bit why she wouldn’t want to go and see all of the wonderful, lovely wild animals behind the plexi-glass enclosures, had several all-out arguments with us and, eventually, special arrangements were made that the teacher had to stay in school that day instead to look after the rowdy pupil who so disrupted such an educational adventure! We kept our daughter home that day. Poor Mrs. Miller didn’t get to see the magnificent tigers. Fucking Idiot.


    I have a very dear friend, we grew up and went to school together, played in various bands, drunk cider in the graveyard, broke many windows, smoked fags under-age and the likes. He moved away to NZ some years ago, married, had two lovely girls, divorced and then he became a lady, as she felt she’d always truly been. This was somewhat surprising but not entirely, he was certainly not your typically offensive Jack-The-Lad but neither were any of my friends, we were the good guys(aren’t we all!). As it turns out he actually is a bonafide chromosomal female! Well now! This must really be an exception to the rule here, I certainly had never heard of this before but it sure made a lot things from when we were youngsters make a bit more sense, not gay, not sissy, not odd, different or any other thing people-in the-right might label someone. Just a girl, apparently. I imagine it must be some form of Hermeaphrodite-ism(!?), given that the previous person was able to sire two children and all, but, you know, I really haven’t pried and honestly, I don’t care to either. Whether she looks like a brick-layer in a dress, or not, is besides the point, she, her family and everyone who is a true friend is happy that, what must have been an awfully difficult childhood for an awfully confused young ‘boy’ is finally over. Know? I look forward to meeting her some day and I feel privileged to be among the very small group of people from a distant past, half-way around the World, that she was comfortable enough to still know as a friend and introduce herself to! That makes me very happy, real friends are a very sparse breed, one to be valued, nobody values nodders and small-talkers, nor should they.

    Well, many might call “Bullshit!” to that, disgusting! Against the good Word of the Lord above! I don’t think she’s really bothered what anyone else thinks, though. And I’m not sure I would have the balls that she does, so to speak, to follow through and present my brand new self to the World, if I were to have discovered myself to be in the same situation. I reckon that would take a special kind of strength and, likely, I’d just have carried on the rigmarole but who knows? It’s sure not my right to say a person shouldn’t do exactly as they feel is the right thing to do! Pah! Who am I? Who are you? Or anyone to? Their children are also very well loved, highly informed and, most certainly, not ‘damaged’ or lacking in any way, they now simply just have a Mummy and a Maddie!

    It is a parent’s *Grandest Responsibility* to love, educate, and raise their children to be Great! One who doesn’t does not deserve to call themselves ‘parent’, be they a man, a woman or, any and all of the above. A little from column A – a little from column B. That’s what makes the World go round, or not, depending on your preference, John. ūüėČ


  • Second comment because its on a different topic. Its been 5years since studying stats at uni so happy to stand corrected.

    95% CI is used to confirm or deny the null hypothesis. Its a measure of how accurate our sample data is in a normally distributed population.

    I think @18mins you infer its a co-effience. Apologies if I misunderstood.

    Either way, doesn’t really matter. Given the survey mentions a CI gives me confidence its a properly produced study, and anything over 90% is considered statistically significant.

  • Sasha

    Hello! I think you’re making great points about this topic. I’ve been toying with the idea of covering this topic for quite a while. You’ve motivated me to get on it! Thank you. I’d like to work with you, if you’re up for it. I know I’d said I was withdrawing, but that phase has passed, and I’m feeling re-energized and inspired to keep fighting the good fight by doing what I can – sharing truths, making videos that inform in entertaining ways (to reach a wider audience). So, drop me a line if you care to.

  • Great video! What is anyones opinion on the idea that homosexuality is a psychological illness? Extremely controversial i know but it makes sense to me that if something is incompatible with a natural human body function, in this case reproduction then it is abnormal and potentially could be classed and treated as an illness or disease and not to children as being normal.

    Either way i am definitely of the opinion that the fact that it has become acceptable to assist children to so called transition and to encourage them to roleplay transgender scenarios is a sign that there is definitely people behind the scenes pushing this with ulterior motives in mind….

    Thanks for the links lucas.

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