One thought on “JLB1666 | Do You Think ‘Evil’ Exists?

  • Yes, I believe ‘evil’ does exist, without a doubt. In its wider context, looking at our existence as a planned out trial, with ‘something else’ up ahead once this ‘life’ expires, ‘evil’ is the rejection by the human, of all that is good, righteous, just.. and worse, the wilful obstruction of attaining this on our life path.. which is perpetrated by a certain and specific ‘group’ (?) – and all by the way, still serving the divine agenda.. if anyone can understand this?

    In my opinion, it is ‘not’ a mysterious, supernatural, dark forceful entity, that somehow possesses the human.. far from it.. this is how the ‘perpetrators’ of this evil agenda, have characterised ‘evil’ so as to ridicule it.. and deceive us in to not recognising it, when it is apparent.. and what a genius way to facilitate this, than through Hollywood and imagery and their ‘power’ of ‘media” and all its tools..
    and this agenda, is to upturn all that is good and moral, destroying all the values of society, the family and the individual.. and across the world, with their agendas on nations, tribes and all that is unique..

    The masses unaware of this evil, help this plot along.. and they have been so successful, that we are on ‘self destruct’ and this, is where the divine plan comes about..

    I heard someone explain this human acquiescence to evil, by stating that it is as simple as a “..break in logic..” – and this, for me, is the most apt way I have heard anyone accurately describe, what all this is about. If you are to believe we are here as a test, and there is an ultimate creator, and judgement (which I certainly do) then, part of this test involves ‘what’ we are going to go along with, ‘how’ much will we resist ‘evil’ and will we, if our intellect permits, even recognise it?

    These ‘people’ running the show, and their worship of their deity, Satan, Lucifer, or whatever they call him.. have a remit to prove how much they can convince the human to turn away, from all that is good, from the true nature of ourselves and the human potential, and the creation of a just society.. and worse, to ‘intercept’ that ultimate judgement.. and by us, having this ‘..break in logic..’ then we, do not even have to ‘worship’ their lord with them, OR even ‘believe’ in it.. just by abandoning all of the above, and our minds, they have achieved their plan.. and WHO will be judged for this wilful neglect of ‘ourselves’.. ? So for me, it is all part of the plan.. and it is up to us, to wake up.

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