JLBP1672 | CR#07: Do You Think ‘Evil’ Exists? (28-Jun-2016)

In this series, I respond directly to comments left on my YouTube videos. This is the first Comment Response to be produced and released specifically as a podcast and the plan is for all future installments of the Comment Response series to be released in this fashion. Episode #07 is focused on the comments section of ‘JLB1666 | Do You Think ‘Evil’ Exists?’.

JLB1666 | Do You Think ‘Evil’ Exists? (6-Jun-2016): Post
GED Skeptic Media’s YouTube channel: YouTube
JLBE1608 | Thinking 101 – Argument, Premise, Conclusion (22-Jan-2016): Post
‘Spielberg’s Hoax: Last Days of the Big Lie’ (2009) by Eric Hunt: YouTube
Truth Hertz: Jeanice Barcelo on Birth Trauma (25-Apr-2016): Post on Renegade Broadcasting | mp3 (right-click to save) [THIS IS THE PODCAST RECOMMENDED AT THE END OF CR#07]

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