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JLB1564 | Bill Burr Disses Moon Landings, Neil deGrasse Tyson Flips Joe Rogan

On at least two separate occasions in the past, comedian Bill Burr has publicly challenged the legitimacy of the Apollo ‘moon landings’. This video features those comments along with some video/photo evidence from NASA’s programs. The question is, does Burr really believe what he is saying, or is it all part of an act?


Clip from ‘Uninformed’ episode:
Clip from ‘Opie and Anthony’ show:
Aldrin punches Bart Sibrel:
Plane on 9/11:
‘Lunar Rover’ footage:
Apollo 17 footage:
Apollo 17 liftoff:
NASA’s LRO images:
Statistics of Freemasonry membership:

Post updated with reuploaded video 21-Jul-2019.

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