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JLB1548 | Gino’s Flat Earth Experiment

I recently caught up with my old buddy Gino (aka Eccentric Views) who was up in sunny Queensland for a holiday. We discussed the flat earth experiment which he conducted in Melbourne a few weeks ago.


‘Curvature of the Earth Experiment’ by Eccentric Views (16-Aug-2015):

Orig youtube upload: ?v=NThTn_O1_O0

One thought on “JLB1548 | Gino’s Flat Earth Experiment

  • Notuiam

    I have done the same experiment at sea level vs higher up. Looking at St. Croix from St. John 40 miles away at sea level is appears small and that the water line covers most of it. Just a few feet up and it appears to Zoom in. Like the Moon does on the horizon. I’m not seeing more island. It is getting bigger. This illusion is what people are saying proves earth is round. I respectfully call BS. Earth is flat. A topographic map has water as blue. No elevation = FLAT af. ūüôā

    • Do you really believe the earth is flat? If so, how do you explain the rotations of the stars about two different axes i.e. the north and the south? And how do you explain commercial plane flights in (what we call) the southern hemisphere?

      • Have you looked into the square/diamond maps much John? They go a long way to explaining the two poled star rotations and flight paths, but they only work with the ‘pac man’ theory. What do you reckon? Too far fetched? I’m pretty open to this possibility myself, all things considered.

        • Once you start going down the path of inventing magical portals or wormholes or whatever, you might as well accept that you are no longer interested in empiricism i.e. opinions based on evidence from your senses.

          And how do these square/diamond maps explain the patterns of the lights in the sky? The sky patterns definitely behave in a spherical manner, so how do square/diamond maps explain this?

          • Our senses tell us we travel continuously and without proof of curvature the only other logical explanation is that space wraps seamlessly around itself completely undetectable, no wormholes or teleportation going on.

            In the square/diamond map the stars travel straight overhead from east to west along the celestial ecliptic. From the southern hemisphere looking south the stars rotate clockwise and from the north looking north they travel anti clockwise, seemingly in opposite directions to each other but always traveling east to west. They rotate around two poles but travel in one mass over the earth but more as in a hemi sphere than a sphere.

            I do like your ‘sphere within a sphere’ model though and straight away it makes me think of those sculptures by Arnaldo Pomodoro. He’s done various shapes including pyramids, cubes, monoliths etc. but all displaying what look like parts of a circuit board. The bible talks about the sun traveling along a circuit from one end of heaven to the other and a lot about the ‘influence’ and governance of the stars so maybe we’re talking less mystical ‘woowoo’ and more along circuitry lines.

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