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JLB1547 | Response to KHam + Cavendish Question

This feature-length presentation is based upon an audiochat recorded (and broadcast live) in the early hours of August 31, 2015, at

This production is composed of that recording, as well as spliced-in clips from other shows which will help to better illustrate the points being made. Included are clips from K Ham Radio of (namely Episode #44) and two separate Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtables (namely Episodes #7 and #11).

For the benefit of podcast listeners, although this is a video presentation which includes screenshots and other relevant visual material to aid viewers, the narrative presented could just as easily be understood in audio format, as it is primarily composed of audio clips.

The presentation covers a range of topics with specific emphasis on
-some of the criticisms which have been made of me personally;
-criticisms of the ‘flat earth’ renaissance which has swept the internet and alternative media in 2015;
-the original intention behind the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable, and the future of the show; and
-what I personally view as the single strongest objection to the ball earth model.



Updated 24-May-2019 to include Vimeo upload. Updated 24-Feb-2024 to include Spotlightr upload.


2 thoughts on “JLB1547 | Response to KHam + Cavendish Question

  • Clorox32oz

    Hey JLB!
    Is it possible to re-upload this video?


    • I have reuploaded it now.

      Somehow I had kinda forgotten about this 1h 42m masterpiece.

      Thanks for reminding me ūüôŹ

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