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If Reality is ABSURD… Then What?

You’ve got questions? We’ll I demand answers…


JLB1854 – If Reality Is ABSURD… Then What? (14-Aug-2018)

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Existentialism and ‘death’ here:

Post updated 2-Oct-2019 with reuploaded video.


One thought on “If Reality is ABSURD… Then What?

  • Negentropic

    Self-Sabotage and Transcending the False Matrix

    Others far more “mainstream” thinking along the same lines I’ve been thinking for the past 3 years? Of course! Because it’s an immediate psychological necessity that has to set the groundwork for everything else, IF there is to be anything else but perpetual slavery to the endless “traumatically and dramatically” scripted and motivated roles we are led to mimic in our daily lives.

    The toxic, long-outdated and frankly unnecessary “dramatic/traumatic” form which is the main storytelling and framing and human-activity-processing device pushed on entire societies for as long as hoaxed history has presented it has to be dethroned and seen for the outdated and unnecessary absurdity that it is.

    The “dramatic/traumatic” games mimicked and played by so many media-brainwashed self-destructive automations must end! “Dramatic” situations are endlessly created and monetized for a reason: they best serve the interests of power in sheeple management.

    There is no reason for people to keep mimicking “conflict” as it is fed to them by the media machinery and call it “reality.” The dramatic form is not reality but just one way of dealing with it, deliberately ritualized into third-rate art and fed back to the public, BECAUSE it keeps them in constant conflict and unable to rise above petty troubles to think clearly from a wider, multi-angled perspective.

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