ApostaSee and voicemail now here

You can help Make Apostasy Great Again…

Video 1 – Be part of ApostaSee history


JLB 21011 – Be part of ApostaSee history (15-Feb-2021)

The show will be streaming live from midday US Eastern here: https://youtu.be/N3m6S6J_Xpk
You can record a voicemail or leave a message to be read out on the show here: http://www.apostasee.com/voicemail/
Check out my latest video, not available on youtube, here: https://www.johnlebon.com/youtube-videos/the-cold-and-lonely-truth-two-videos/

Video 2 – Express yourself before it’s too late


JLB 21011b – Express Yourself Before it’s Too Late (15-Feb-2021)

Leave a voicemail, just like Sea Bas and Angus did, it is free and easy, here: http://www.apostasee.com/voicemail/
The livestream begins at midday US Eastern here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3m6S6J_Xpk
A video explaining the new series and why I think it will be popular: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2b7kqGM0RKY



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