3 thoughts on “Fake Sports is ADMITTED (But People Want to Ignore It)

  • Permaculturehill

    Those were really good examples. I wonder if there are many more.

    Also, great point: dual sports are easier to rig. I don’t remember ever giving it that much thought.


    • Tyson vs McNeeley looked sus. But not a dive like the examples in the video.

      McNeeley was a can. And McNeeley’s manager allegedly placed a bet that McNeeley would lose within 90 seconds.

      Do you want to guess who jumped in the ring to stop the fight 89 seconds into the fight?

  • Thanks for the mention.

    That Briggs fight… lmao.

    Yeah, 1v1 sports are easy to rig. As you said, you only need one guy in on it. Snooker, tennis, and combat sports are the three 1v1 sports that come to mind for being rigged. Snooker has had a lot of match fixing scandals, too. Cue sports are easy to rig if the guys are good… and they’re obviously pretty good.

    I also don’t buy the theory that all professional athletes care about is winning… lol. Everyone likes to win, but I suspect the priorities for most of these guys goes something like:

    Money/lifestyle > Winning

    And if the league orders a loss, are they even going to punish an athlete or coach for losing? It’s literally their job to lose at that point.

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