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The Matrix: What You DON’T Know

Do you really want to take the red pill?


JLB18130 – The Matrix: What You DON’T Know (17-Dec-2018)

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Post updated 22-Jun-2020 with reuploaded video.

4 thoughts on “The Matrix: What You DON’T Know

  • theportlandthinker

    Thanks, John. In an email to you I brought up circumcision, how grateful I am that I do not remember my 8-day-old self’s traumatizing experience. I grieve for my lost foreskin, moldering in its tiny 1967 casket. Recently I did thank my mother in a phone call for breast-feeding me. She said, “You are welcome, son.”
    Isn’t that nice? Sometimes normies do the right thing; sometimes the bad. A world without normies would be no world at all. Cheers!

    • This is where the Birth Trauma black pill can hit so hard: when we realise that we suffered severe trauma when we were young, and that we cannot do anything to ‘undo’ that trauma today. It happened. There is no going back in time. In my case it was being born Caesarian section, in yours it was circumcision, and many boys being born today will suffer from at least one of these two horrific introductions to the world. Some will suffer from both! If and when these boys learn what happened, and think through the implications, it will inevitably entail some grief, as you put it. But of course, life is all about perspective, and the reality is that, despite the trauma, we made it this far, and we’re still kicking ūüôā

      Evidently, it’s going to take more than some inhumane and utterly detestable birth trauma to stop me! You should have killed me when you had the chance, medical industry. You won’t get that chance again.

  • Permaculturehill


    • Yeah I noticed that, too, after watching ‘The American Meme’ on Netflix the other day. I will try to watch it and produce a review either today or tomorrow. It will provide another opportunity to promote Greg Carlwood’s interview with the filmmaker. This is a touchy subject but if there is one single way for a parent to put their ‘alternative research’ learning into practice, the way they raise their child is clearly at the top of the list. And what is more important than avoiding the trauma which your son will suffer is you allow him to be mutilated? This is real talk and this is real life. We have all been fooled on a GRAND scale.

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