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9/11 Interviews: Amateurs vs Pros (Praise Kek)

The difference is like night and day.

JLB18131 – 9/11 Interviews: Amateurs vs Pros (Praise Kek) (19-Dec-2018)

Greg’s Four Best Interviews of All Time

John le Bon:
ATL Carver:
Robert Bonomo:
Michael Wann:

Canadian UFO Expert Interviews JLB

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2 thoughts on “9/11 Interviews: Amateurs vs Pros (Praise Kek)

  • Take No Gnosis

    This Canadian UFO expert is unfortunately suffering severe cognitive dissonance during your interview. His appeals to authority were seriously pissing me off. You are a much more patient and well mannered person than I. How you kept it together I will never know. I usually promote your stuff, but this guy is getting no help from me on the marketing front.

    • Thank you very much for the kind words. I also wonder that: why do I remain so calm in those situations? Listening back, and knowing the context (these guys invited me onto their show, I had never heard of them, they acted polite and professional and gave me no reason to be ‘on guard’, and then suddenly turned on me like that) I can see how this must make for frustrating listening. And yet, in the moment, I don’t seem to feel anger or enmity; I just go with the flow.

      I think this is what the ACT realm does to you. I’ve been insulted, mistreated, ambushed, etc, so many times now, it is like water off a duck’s back. You just get used to it. I no longer expect goodness from ACT people (outside of my own site). This comes with its downsides: my interview with Greg of THC could have been much better in the first hour if I had not been so on guard. The irony being that after the THC interview (which went so well, Greg was a gentleman and a professional) I let me guard down for this interview (the first since THC) and look what happened.

      Well, it is all part of the game. Comes with the territory. You can’t enjoy the good and complain about the bad. Nobody is forcing me to do any of this.

      And I learned some valuable lessons from this episode: first in regards to my own position on 9/11 (basically, don’t even bring up the flight speeds if I am not going to include an appeal to an ‘expert’, OR if I do bring up the speeds, I ought to proactively explain that I could be wrong, maybe those planes CAN/DO fly at those speeds at sea level), and also in regards to how the media fakery sub-scene operates (look at how Fakeologist reacted to this call. I had forgotten what a negative echo chamber that place has become — no collegiality whatsoever, crabs in a bucket writ large).

      Guess what song came over the radio while I was typing this reply?

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