JLB Member Skype #07 – Matrix & Birth Trauma (11-Feb-2018)

Volenti non fit injuria

This call deals with some very heavy/dark topics, and the listener is advised to proceed with caution. 

The official etymology of the term ‘matrix’ suggests that the word has a direct relationship to ‘womb’ and/or pregnancy.

Neo’s expulsion from the ‘matrix’ into a dark and sterile ship was extremely traumatic. Is the typical hospital birth in the ‘real world’ today so different?

This call went in a direction which I certainly did not intend. I will leave it up to the individual listener to decide how much value he or she might derive from the conversation.

Truth34 (Andrew from Massachusetts) made his Member Skype debut while veterans Fuhng and Mezzie returned for their third and fifth appearances respectively.

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Links and references

JLBA #04 | Simulacra & The Silverfox (9-Feb-2018)

-> Released a few days before this call, a discussion of some of the philosophical concepts explored in the film The Matrix.

Article #15 | Why is George Clooney in the Banner? (2-Jun-2017)

-> Article discussing the ‘life expectancy is going up’ myth. Relevant to any conversation concerning the medical industry.

Renegade Broadcasting | Truth Hertz:  Jeanice Barcelo – Birth Trauma (25-Apr-2016)

-> The first podcast featuring Jeanice Barcelo I ever heard, and one which changed the direction of my life.

BBC | Painful birth could lead to adult suicide (13-Nov-1998)

-> Mainstream article concerning Swedish study which found link between birth trauma and adult suicide.

Study | Obstetric care and proneness of offspring to suicide as adults: case control study (1998)

-> Full study cited by BBC article. Note the following from page 2:

The estimated relative risks in men of a single and multiple trauma (>2) were 2.2 (95% confidence interval 1.3 to 3.6) and 4.9 (1.8 to 13) times higher than if no trauma had occurred respectively (fig 4). The corresponding risks in women were 1.02 (0.5 to 2.1) and 1.04 (0.2 to 4.6).

In other words, one type of trauma (such as instrumental delivery i.e. use of forceps) correlates with roughly double the odds of suicide later in life, while two simultaneous types of trauma correlates with roughly five times the odds of suicide later in life (compared with no trauma).

Study | Perinatal origin of adult self-destructive behaviour (1987)

-> Only an abstract (I will try to get my hands on the full study asap) but it outlines the key point I was referring to during the call:

…suicides involving asphyxiation were closely associated with asphyxia at birth, suicides by violent mechanical means were associated with mechanical birth trauma and drug addiction was associated with opiate and/or barbiturate administration to mothers during labor.

In other words, those who suffer asphyxia at birth are more likely to hang themselves as adults, those who suffer from forceps damage at birth are more likely to jump from a bridge as adults.

Midwifery Today | Questions about prenatal ultrasound and the alarming increase in autism (2006)

-> Brilliant and detailed article which explores the damage done by ultrasound, and how completely unnecessary the practice is.

Jorge Luis Borges | On Exactitude in Science (short story) — see here at wikipedia page.

-> Story mentioned during the call, concerns the notion that ‘the map is not the terrain’.

James Corbett | The Library of Babel (16-Jun-2015)

-> Corbett’s piece on Borges’ story about a never-ending library.

Hey guys, I have a great idea. Let’s bring an innocent little human into the world inside a building full of strangers with this symbol featured upon the entrance:

Production notes

Some minor editing done to take out large pauses. No actual conversation edited out. Three separate recording files spliced together due to recording software ending two recordings prematurely.

UPD 3-Nov-2018: Added MixCloud option after Member (ShadowTiger) alerted me to broken mp3 links. Need to come back and re-add Kiwi6 links.



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