JLB Member Skype #07 – Matrix & Birth Trauma (11-Feb-2018)

Volenti non fit injuria

This call deals with some very heavy/dark topics, and the listener is advised to proceed with caution. 

The official etymology of the term ‘matrix’ suggests that the word has a direct relationship to ‘womb’ and/or pregnancy.

Neo’s expulsion from the ‘matrix’ into a dark and sterile ship was extremely traumatic. Is the typical hospital birth in the ‘real world’ today so different?

This call went in a direction which I certainly did not intend. I will leave it up to the individual listener to decide how much value he or she might derive from the conversation.

Truth34 (Andrew from Massachusetts) made his Member Skype debut while veterans Fuhng and Mezzie returned for their third and fifth appearances respectively.

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Links and references

JLBA #04 | Simulacra & The Silverfox (9-Feb-2018)

-> Released a few days before this call, a discussion of some of the philosophical concepts explored in the film The Matrix.

Article #15 | Why is George Clooney in the Banner? (2-Jun-2017)

-> Article discussing the ‘life expectancy is going up’ myth. Relevant to any conversation concerning the medical industry.

Renegade Broadcasting | Truth Hertz:  Jeanice Barcelo – Birth Trauma (25-Apr-2016)

-> The first podcast featuring Jeanice Barcelo I ever heard, and one which changed the direction of my life.

BBC | Painful birth could lead to adult suicide (13-Nov-1998)

-> Mainstream article concerning Swedish study which found link between birth trauma and adult suicide.

Study | Obstetric care and proneness of offspring to suicide as adults: case control study (1998)

-> Full study cited by BBC article. Note the following from page 2:

The estimated relative risks in men of a single and multiple trauma (>2) were 2.2 (95% confidence interval 1.3 to 3.6) and 4.9 (1.8 to 13) times higher than if no trauma had occurred respectively (fig 4). The corresponding risks in women were 1.02 (0.5 to 2.1) and 1.04 (0.2 to 4.6).

In other words, one type of trauma (such as instrumental delivery i.e. use of forceps) correlates with roughly double the odds of suicide later in life, while two simultaneous types of trauma correlates with roughly five times the odds of suicide later in life (compared with no trauma).

Study | Perinatal origin of adult self-destructive behaviour (1987)

-> Only an abstract (I will try to get my hands on the full study asap) but it outlines the key point I was referring to during the call:

…suicides involving asphyxiation were closely associated with asphyxia at birth, suicides by violent mechanical means were associated with mechanical birth trauma and drug addiction was associated with opiate and/or barbiturate administration to mothers during labor.

In other words, those who suffer asphyxia at birth are more likely to hang themselves as adults, those who suffer from forceps damage at birth are more likely to jump from a bridge as adults.

Midwifery Today | Questions about prenatal ultrasound and the alarming increase in autism (2006)

-> Brilliant and detailed article which explores the damage done by ultrasound, and how completely unnecessary the practice is.

Jorge Luis Borges | On Exactitude in Science (short story) — see here at wikipedia page.

-> Story mentioned during the call, concerns the notion that ‘the map is not the terrain’.

James Corbett | The Library of Babel (16-Jun-2015)

-> Corbett’s piece on Borges’ story about a never-ending library.

Hey guys, I have a great idea. Let’s bring an innocent little human into the world inside a building full of strangers with this symbol featured upon the entrance:

Production notes

Some minor editing done to take out large pauses. No actual conversation edited out. Three separate recording files spliced together due to recording software ending two recordings prematurely.

UPD 3-Nov-2018: Added MixCloud option after Member (ShadowTiger) alerted me to broken mp3 links. Need to come back and re-add Kiwi6 links.



One thought on “JLB Member Skype #07 – Matrix & Birth Trauma (11-Feb-2018)

  • Pretty harrowing stuff surrounding birth trauma, my daughter was also born by c-section as she was breech and i was told that a natural birth would be too dangerous, yada, yada, yada. I was very calm throughout the procedure but as well as the usual set up we also had a few medical students standing watch. There’s a screen put in place so you can’t see all the gore but when the doctors pulled my baby out i was expecting to hear her cry but instead heard a thud. Fear suddenly griped me thinking they’d dropped her but then i saw feet being dragged away and realised the thud had come from one of the students who had fainted, phew relief, lol. I was given my baby to hold which was like the best moment ever, she still wasn’t crying but it was only only for a short moment as she was taken away so they could weigh her, or so they said. As it turned out she was also given a vitamin k injection, something i’d had not been informed on and needless to say that was the moment she cried and she was instantly given back to me. After that my protective instincts were on high alert and, well i could probably write a small book and i’ll always be grateful to one particular young nurse but against hospital wishes we checked out early to get back to the safety of home. The way the medical profession interferes is pretty daunting, especially for new mothers..If i knew then what i know now…

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing as long as we use the knowledge gained to make better and more informed choices for ourselves and others in the future and don’t stay focused on the actual traumatic part of the experience. Throughout our lives we will experience times of trauma, whether we want it or not but ultimately the choice still lies with us as to whether we allow those experiences to dictate who we are or simply define us, (not sure defines the correct word but hopefully you get what i mean) Victims of child abuse for example, how is it that one may go from being the abused to becoming the abuser as opposed to another who also having experienced what that’s like would would never wish abuse upon another? Anger, bitterness, resentment and fear are all negative aspects that will never break the mould, only reinforce it.

    Our memories are equipped with a filter for good reason i think, like you say, we are products of our environment, everything we see, hear, taste, touch etc. moulds us into the individuals we are. That’s a lot of information to hold on to. When i was 9 years old i was in a pretty bad road accident, i was laid up in intensive care for a week, really i’m lucky to be alive, but i have no memory of it at all. Friends who were there at the time told the story of what happened but myself, i remember nothing and neither do i want to, what a nightmare that would be if every time i stepped out into the road i got a flashback, i may never get to cross over to the other side! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your own experiences with the medical industry. It truly is amazing, once you open your mind to what is going on, just how often these ’emergency c-section’ operation are performed.

      …as well as the usual set up we also had a few medical students standing watch.

      Had you been asked for your permission for this to happen ahead of time?

      • I had but only about half hour beforehand, it was all very rushed and confusing. I’d been expecting to have the procedure late morning but the lady before me had apparently eaten some chocolate so her spot was cancelled and i took her place. I suppose it was good in one sense that i didn’t have time to get worked up or anxious but in truth i didn’t have time to think, full stop.

        I remember not long after there being a thing in the papers about women being ‘too posh to push’ which, under the circumstances i felt was unfair and untrue for the majority. More like ill informed and fearful. Of course, this started a kind of snobery war between those who had undergone a natural birth who looked down on those who hadn’t, no explanation was necessary, the papers had given people a label and that was enough to create division amongst new mothers. One woman took absolute pride in telling me that unlike herself, i had lost out on the ability to bond with my child. Nonsense as far as i’m concerned but they do like to keep us infighting.

  • You touched on the fact just how often ” emergency C section” are carried out ……… but does it come as any surprise, as doctors and medical institutions are heavily influenced by a profitability quota.
    These days there are definitely more influences towards the corporate profit motive then there are to caring about any “birth trauma” possibilities.

    It is only a short jump to recognise things like this and the influence of mandatory vaccines that, through penalty processes further on in the system induces the fear factor that is the backbone of people giving away their self-sovereignty to a centralised power.

    You can blame parents and people saying it’s not the institutions or any controllers fault, but to do that, is to negate the effects of the insidious marketing and subliminal programs that go on from birth.

    Do I think some people will never understand …………. yes I do, though I can’t recognise them easily through what is at times a crumbling facade that has been built up around them due to past traumas.To arbitrarily judge “no hope normies ” is a difficult thing, you never know when the message is going to be heard by a receptive ear and is a signal for a change in the individual.

    John, it is interesting the way you put it that by not caring or not creating resistance to what is, that you have a more peaceful time of your life ……… this indeed can be true ……. I agree.

    There’s plenty of sayings around the aspect of what you resist persists, I know here you start to get into the vagaries of all the unseen and energetics of a situation but physical life does seem to play it out in some fashion or another.

    In the practicality of life, there is a great truth in what you say………. you cannot change somebody’s actions…….. at the best you can only influence a thought process that leads to an action. That’s when you as an individual who have realised a certain deception in a pattern of life that others see as “normal” do you make a choice whether to raise your head above the parapet’s and a shout out a warning for people to recognise it or just deflected it in your life and work around it.

    The only danger in this type of thinking is that, if you can see a change looming or a peril in the offing and don’t do something about it, are you in some way responsible for it gathering strength over those who don’t see.
    If you were given the tools of intellect and perception to see a possible course of events unfolding and could you have influenced a different outcome by speaking out, are you perpetuating the inhumanity we see around us by staying silent. Regards Russell

  • theportlandthinker

    Thank you all for your bravery in participating in this topic. I listened at my own risk, and I handled it. Heavy stuff. Wow. Accepting reality now. I’ll continue to focus on the good, my own creativity, and humor, black pills be damned. Humor is the enormously important white pill I endeavor to swallow every day. #swallowingistheway #humorthatis #whitepillsoregonweed #theskepticalhillbillies

    • Thank you very much for this comment. It is interesting to look back, this Call received almost no real feedback at the time. I wonder if the topic of Birth Trauma would garner more traction with the Membership of this site today, given that there are now about twice as many people here, and the general ‘interests’ of the newer cohort are somewhat more diverse than the interests of preexisting Membership (which tended to be more Media Fakery and Hoax -centric).

  • Good call, relevant even though is a few years old. Little bit of pre cognizance with the Zoe comment at the end😂.

    I have a good personal story of early trauma affecting us at later life maybe some other time it will be relevant.

    I do think these black pill subjects are important. It is very clear that the deepest emotion that the vast majority of people are operating from is fear (of death). It’s also my understanding that the ultimate drive of most people is freedom / contentment / happiness, hence the confusion in the average person. If somebody is grounded and willing enough to look. I feel a discovery of these dark topics will ultimately set you free, or at least more than you were prior to the discovery.

    If somebody is really invested into a belief system, about the system in some form, it could be counter productive to discover this info. It is painful to acknowledge this aspect of our reality, but that is only because the pain is there in us, and in the world also.

    It does remind me of V for Vendetta, as I only just watched it last week. When you don’t fear anything, even death, you are free.

    I will also add that I have found a very large amount of people who don’t by the narrative we are currently in. Do I think the world can change, yes I do. I do believe it’s cyclical though and we take part in that cycle. Will it happen in our lifetime, I have no clue as the world will do what the world will do.

    Do I engage with the world, or do I engage with my image of the world??? One sets you free and one can imprison you.

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