You asked for black pills?

Hello my reddit friends.

I didn’t expect to receive so many PMs asking about the dangers of ultrasound.

Whenever I post the evidence on reddit, an army of downvoters and name-callers appear.

It is almost like the multi billion dollar ultrasound industry is trying to suppress skepticism of their practises.

Anyway I explain everything in this 17-minute youtube video and this one-hour podcast.

They are both available publicly, no Membership to this site necessary.

Also, what I have done is taken four of my Member-only pieces of content and set them to public.

They are all based on black pills, similar to the truth about so-called ‘ultrasound’.

Some of the darkest shit I have discovered in my eight years of independent research.

You can access them for free.

Just one thing:

Please don’t blame me if any of what you are about read / watch / listen to upsets you.

You asked for black pills. Here they are.

Article: What is a ‘Black Pill’?

Article: The Epsilon Agenda

Video / article: Alien Tech, Infertility, and the Stargate Sync

Podcast: Matrix and Birth Trauma

I hope you enjoy.

Either click on the links above or on the thumbnails below, they’ll take you to the relevant piece.

Like I said, I’ll leave them public for a day or two.

I don’t ask anything in return, other than, like I said, don’t blame me.

You asked for these.


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