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‘Alien Tech’, Infertility, and the Stargate Sync

This will probably be the trippiest content you have ever seen, heard, or read on this site.

Available in video, audio, and written format.

Long story short: there is something going on…



Written Version

In the video I tried to make the connections as clear as I could, but I would not blame anybody if they were unable to follow what I was saying (either in part or in full).

Therefore I will try to elucidate the connections here in written form as well.

I’ll also provide links to the contextual information. This is basically a rundown of the entire video.

1) Chris 746’s comment (here)

Huge thanks to Chris746 for bringing Jeanice Barcelo’s work on ultrasound to my attention.

It turns out that Barcelo has been focusing on ultrasound since early last year. It was her work on Birth Trauma in general which in 2016 changed not only the direction of my research but also the course of my ‘real life’.

In brief, for the first half of 2016, I was working as a sales rep in health insurance (I know, I know) for a well-known, international company. At the time I was doing my YouTube thing on the side. Back then, this website didn’t exist, and I was not earning any money whatsoever from my research or content production.

Believe it or not, I kinda enjoyed that job. I learned a lot of lessons which will stay with me for the rest of my life. I also earned a lot of money (by my standards), and because of my frugal lifestyle, I was able to save a fair amount of it. These savings would later go into funding my living expenses while I attempted to build this website into what it is today.

Around May of 2016 I heard an interview between Barcelo and a show host on Renegade Broadcasting named Charles Giuliani. This was my first exposure to the concept of ‘Birth Trauma’ and it blew me away. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but on an intuitive level it all made sense.

I had been listening to the Giuliani/Barcelo interview while traveling to and from a friend’s house. I listened to the first half on the way there, and the second half on the way home.

I’ll never forget the walk home that night.

As soon as I arrived back at my place I began researching the topic of Birth Trauma for myself and discovered some seriously black pilled stuff. Within two weeks I had quit my job and the rest, as they say, is history.

For more information about Birth Trauma, the black pills, how all of this affected me at the time, and what direction my research went in as a result, see the following pieces:

Article: What Is a Black Pill (16-Feb-2018)

Article: Black Pill Side Effects (19-Feb-2018)

Article: Why Is George Clooney in the Banner? (2-Jun-2017)

Article: The Epsilon Agenda – Introduction (7-June-2017)

Although it was Barcelo’s interview on Renegade in 2016 which got me looking into Birth Trauma for myself, I was never a follower of Barcelo’s work. I’m not really a follower of anybody’s work.

Sometimes I get good ideas (or ‘leads’) from one person or another, and then I go off and do my own research, independent of theirs. Barcelo is a classic example: the very same on night which I first heard Barcelo speak about Birth Trauma, I was up until the early hours of the morning doing my own research, and discovering things which I don’t think anybody — Barcelo or otherwise — had/has yet discovered.

Whether it is Barcelo with regards to Birth Trauma, or Rae West with regards to the Nuke Hoax, or Ab of Fakeologist with regards to to Media Fakery, or anybody else, I tend to take good ideas from people, ponder the questions they have raised in my mind, and then go off and do my own thing.

And so it was with Barcelo. I was unaware that she has been focusing on ultrasound since early 2018, and has recently released a new book which is dedicated to the issue. Were it not for Chris746’s comment I would probably have remained oblivious for some time.

Thanks again, Chris 746.

2) Barcelo’s January 2018 interview (here)

Having learned that Barcelo has been hot on the ultrasound case for some time, I decided to search for and download any interviews she may have been involved in on the topic. I wanted to see what leads she might have to share, and find out if her research had uncovered some of the same information which my research has revealed to me over the past few weeks.

Jeanice Barcelo

I found an interview between Barcelo and a Youtuber named James Bartley from January 2018 (and another interview, with a different host, from 2019).

In the Bartley interview, Barcelo refers to ultrasound (and telecommunications and microwave) technologies ‘alien’, ‘not from here’.

Ultrasound an ‘alien technology’? This might sound outrageous or fanciful at first. But is it?

There I was, around 9pm, last night, walking around the dimly-lit streets of Setiawangsa, a suburb in the northeast of Kuala Lumpur, listening to the woman whose work changed my life three years ago.

Would I have ever ended up doing this ‘digital nomad’ thing if it weren’t for Barcelo and her material about Birth Trauma? Who knows. Had I not quit my job in mid-2016, my life could have gone in any number of different directions. We’ll never know.

But I remember walking around late at night listening to Barcelo’s 2016 interview with Giuliani three years ago. Last night I was experiencing something similar all over again, but in a completely different part of the world. So much has changed since that fateful night in 2016. And yet, in some ways, things are just as they were.

It was a bit of a trippy experience for me personally.

So when I heard Barcelo mention the ‘alien technology’ thing, I couldn’t help myself. I knew I would have to make a video about something I discovered some time ago but have never really spoken about (as far as I can recall).

Hence the video which I recorded last night (and is the foundation of this post). I knew if I didn’t record it last night, it might be another three years before I finally shared the information and ideas you are about to read.

3) Jake Kotze’s 9/11 Mega Ritual Thesis (here)

i] Jake Kotze and Sync Frameworks

Jake Kotze is the man who coined the term ‘synchromysticsm’. If you have any interest in ‘sync’, then this man has influenced your research/life (to one degree or another).

Jake Kotze in his younger days.

If, like me, you find yourself more drawn to the ‘grand intelligence’ framework of sync (which stands in contrast to the ‘conspiratorial’ or humans intentionally did it framework), then whether you realise it or not, you may be fairly categorised at a Kotzean synchromystic.

I can go into more detail about this in another piece, but for now, the comment thread underneath Monorail Two Towers provides a pretty good overview. In particular, see the question from Apoc, and my reply.

tl;dr Some people see Syncs as evidence of humans intentionally doing things (to mock the rest of us, or to initiate those of us with eyes to see, or for some other reason), and this may be referred to as the conspiratorial framework of Sync. Others, such as Kotze and myself, see Syncs as evidence of something above/beyond mere humans, and this may be referred to as the Kotzean or spiritual framework of Sync.

The two frameworks are not necessarily mutually exclusive; there can be an overlap between the points of view, but if you pay close attention to the words of certain individuals, you might soon come to realise that most people involved in Sync seem to fall into one of the two categories. People from a typical ‘conspiracy theory’ background tend towards the conspiratorial framework, whereas people from a New Agey or religious background tend towards the Kotzean/spiritual framework.

I began in the conspiratorial framework and have since moved towards the Kotzean/spiritual framework, but as I explained to Apoc in the comment linked above, I remain open to the conspiratorial framework as well.

ii] Jake Kotze’s original ‘9/11 as a star gate’ thesis

In 2007, Kotze released a series of videos which outlined what I call his ‘9/11 as star gate’ thesis. Remember that this was well before the development of The Sync Books, which were edited and published by Alan Abadessa-Green in 2011 (The Sync Book) and 2012 (The Sync Book 2).

During his peak in Sync video creation, Kotze released quite a number of videos, but three in particular, all released in 2007, form what I refer to Kotze’ss ‘9/11 as star gate’ thesis series.

February 28: The 9/11 Pyramid Mega-Ritual

April 25: The Cuboid Stargate

May 5: The 9/11 Stargate

If you have not already seen these videos, I highly recommend you check them out. If you are familiar with my own work on 9/11 Syncs, you’ll likely notice how much of my material and focus has been influenced by the revelations of Kotze circa 2007.

Of course, in certain ways, my work has gone much further than Kotze’s thesis: in my Transcending 9/11 series, I reveal that ‘Ground Zero’ in Manhattan is nothing short of a techno-Mecca, the Twin Towers purpose-built for their centrepiece prop role in the grand spectacle, which Kotze correctly identified as a Mass Initiation Ritual.

They key point from all of this, the reason why Kotze’s work is foundational to the Syncs I explore in this video, is that Sync, as the field/subculture exists today, can trace its roots back to a Kotzean revelation:

The same man who landed his plane on the Twin Towers in Escape From New York (1981) was also the first person to go through the Stargate (1994).

Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken in Escape From New York (1981)

This is what led to the ‘Stargate’ being seen as symbolic of transcendence, or initiation, or crossing into another dimension/plane.

9/11 is the central event in so many of ours paths as we learn about ‘conspiracy’, media fakery, and the grand illusion which sits atop the modern world as we know it; 9/11 is thus our own ‘star gate’, the thing/event (as Kotze puts it) which leads many of us to transcend from one understanding of reality to another.

Moreover, Kotze also identified another important Sync at the time: the Kurt Russell character who landed his plane on the Twin Towers in Escape From New York is named ‘Snake Plissken’, thus we are watching Snake (Plissken) on a plane. This resonates with the 2006 film Snakes on a Plane:

Snakes on a Plane poster art.

And this poster artwork features a shape which is conspicuously similar to a caduceus:


Two snakes coiled around a staff (fuselage) and accompanied by angel wings (plane wings). It’s all there.

And the caduceus is known as the symbol for medicine.

Glamorgan Medical Clinic.

Kotze’s own work does not seem to go into any detail about what I call the Medical Hoax. He may have included the Snakes on a Plane connection in his ‘Kurt Russell -> Twin Towers -> Stargate’ thesis merely for trivia, or for the sake of entertainment, or what have you. Or perhaps he knew more than he was letting on.

In any event, the caduceus connection is very important to me, because of what I have discovered about the Medical Hoax. Were it not for 9/11, were it not for this transcendental thing/event which was centred on Ground Zero in Manhattan, I might never have begun seriously questioning things, or looking into official stories for myself.

It was only because of the the Hoaxes and Media Fakery that I ever got into the content creation and independent research game (circa 2014). Within a couple of years, as early as 2016, the Medical Hoax sat towards the top of my Hoax Hierarchy:


The most important points sections 1-3:

a) Chris 746 brought Jeanice Barcelo’s recent ultrasound work to my attention.

b) Barcelo’s Birth Trauma revelations changed the direction of my research and my life in around mid-2016.

c) On Friday 5-Apr-2019 I was listening to a Barcelo interview in which she suggests that ultrasound is a form of ‘alien technology’.

d) This inspired me to record the video last night in which I explain the Stargate -> Alien tech sync.

e) Kotze revealed in 2007 the ‘Kurt Russell -> Plane on Twin Towers -> Stargate’ connection.

f) The ‘9/11 as star gate’ thesis is central to the work of Jake Kotze (and by extension the entire field of Sync).

g) This is taken as symbolic of the transcendental nature of developing eyes to see, which events like 9/11 lead some of us to begin doing.

h) Kotze also revealed the Snakes on a Plane (caduceus) connection (although he seems/seemed oblivious to the Medical Hoax).

i) The Medical Hoax is very important to me personally, both in terms of the content for this site, and how I live my ‘real life’.

Here’s the fun part

This is where things get interesting. A year or two ago I discovered a Sync which — you guessed it — shook me to the depths of my miserable soul.

…to the depths of my…

I’ve been sitting on this one for a long time. Not because I don’t want to share it, but because I have a terrible habit of putting things off. The more important something is, the better I want it to be, the more likely I am to keep putting it off, until I have ‘enough time to do it justice’ — which is of course always later.

And this is one discovery which I have always felt deserved to be shared properly, not haphazardly. So I kept putting it off.

Until last night.

Inspired by Barcelo’s interview, walking around the dark streets of Setiawangsa all alone, listening to my phone’s mp3 player, I finally decided to record that video. I told myself I would do it as soon as I got home. And I’m glad I did.

4) Stargate SG-1 and Alien Tech…

The 1994 film was a commercial success. In 1997, the concept was developed into a television series known as Stargate SG-1.

Kurt Russell’s character was maintained but Richard Dean Anderson was cast to play the role of Colonel O’Neill. The TV series was a ratings success: it would run for ten seasons and spawn number of further Stargate spinoffs.

Here is a list of all Stargate SG-1 episodes including the dates of original broadcast. There are four episodes in particular which are relevant to this piece.

Episode #100 — ‘Wormhole X-Treme!’

Episode #100 was broadcast on 14-Sep-2001.

The ‘Wormhole X-Treme’ team.

It was a ‘show-within-a-show’, a comedic way to celebrate the milestone of 100 episodes.

The plotline of episode #100 revolves around a character named Martin Lloyd, an alien who deserted his homeworld years ago and came to earth to hide. The SG-1 team has learned that Lloyd is now a creative consultant on a TV show which bears remarkable resemblance to the ‘real’ SG-1 team: a group of four military personnel travel to other world’s through a ‘star gate’.

Lloyd has written and sold his ‘star gate’ concept to a production house which is now filming the first season of the show. This is perceived by the ‘real’ SG commanders as a risk to their operation, because it means that their real-life star gate activities are being depicted on TV.

Thus the SG-1 are sent to investigate why Lloyd is compromising their secret activities.

It turns out that Lloyd has forgotten that he is an alien, and also forgotten that he met the ‘real’ SG-1 team one year prior (in episode #77, ‘Point of No Return’, see below). He now believes that he is a normal human, and that his ‘wormhole military team’ idea is just a flash of writer’s brilliance, rather than a manifestation of his repressed memories.

You can see the episode for yourself here. Here are the key takeaways:

i) This episode aired three days after 9/11.

ii) After this episode, the show took a six-month break i.e. this was the final episode to air before a long interim.

iii) The plotline centres on a ‘show within a show’ and contains multiple self-referential jokes, a form of ‘breaking the fourth wall‘.

iv) The plotline is a continuation of Episode #77 which went to air one year earlier.

Episode #77 — ‘Point Of No Return’

Episode #77 was broadcast on 8-Sep-2000.

Martin Lloyd played by Willie Garson.

It was the 11th episode of Season Four.

The plotline of episode #77 revolves around the character of Martin Lloyd, a kooky conspiracy theorist who has somehow contacted the SG team and seems to know way too much about the Stargate operation for it to be a coincidence. The SG-1 team is sent to investigate who this man is and how he knows so much about their secret operation.

Lloyd tells a skeptical SG-1 team leader (Colonel O’Neill) that he believes he is an alien. Colonel O’Neill is skeptical: he thinks Lloyd is nothing more than a delusional conspiracy theorist. Meanwhile, the rest of the SG-1 team are doing background research into Lloyd to find out who he really is, and manage to track down Lloyd’s psychiatrist.

It turns out that Lloyd’s psychiatrist is drugging him, in order to repress his memories. Later we find out that Lloyd’s psychiatrist is an alien, and so is Lloyd. They both fled their homeworld years ago when it looked like their people were going to lose a war with a foreign invader.

Lloyd had felt guilty about deserting his homeworld, and wanted to return, so his fellow deserters decided to drug him and make him think he was a human, so as to not blow their cover here on earth. However, Lloyd’s memories are slowly coming back, hence his contact with the Stargate team.

Having learned that Lloyd is an alien after all, the SG-1 team take him back to his homeworld (as per his wishes), but Lloyd soon learns that his people have been destroyed. He and his fellow deserters had made the right decision after all.

The episode concludes with the SG-1 team telling Lloyd that he should return ‘home’ to earth with them, and live out his life among the humans on earth.

You can see the episode for yourself here. Here are the key takeaways:

i) This episode aired one year before 9/11.

ii) It was the 11th episode of the season, and the 77th episode of the series.

-> Note that Flight 11 flew into the North Tower, and Flight 77 flew into the Pentagon.

iii) The plotline centers on a ‘kooky conspiracy theorist’ who turns out to have been right all along.

Quick recap

So you can see how Episode #100 follows on from #77.

In #77 we meet a kooky conspiracy theorist named Lloyd who knows too much about the Stargate, and turns out to be right all along. About one year later, in episode #100, we find out that Lloyd has lost his memory again, and is now writing a TV show about a Stargate team, under the false impression that his ‘visions’ of a Stargate program are merely writer’s brilliance (rather than repressed memories).

The script has been flipped: in #77, Lloyd tries to convince O’Neill that he is alien from outer space; in #100 O’Neill tries to convince Lloyd that he is an alien from outer space. And this is going on while a Stargate show-within-a-show is being filmed in the background.

This is meta-Stargate.

The 100th episode of Stargate SG-1, which aired three days after 9/11, and marked the conclusion of that part of the series (i.e. the last episode to air before a six-month hiatus), is a fourth-wall breaking self-parody, a TV show about the TV show about the stargate, wherein actors play actors who play actors.

Episode #98 — ‘2001’

Episode #98 was broadcast on 31-Aug-2001, eleven days before 9/11.

The friendly Aschen just want to help.

The plotline of the episode revolves around an encounter with a group of aliens known as the Aschen.

The Aschen are super-advanced and want to form a treaty with the the earthlings.

Later it is discovered that the Aschen are in fact planning to conquer the humans, by pretending to offer advanced medical technology, including vaccines, which are actually methods to slowly destroy the human race via infertility.

It turns out that the Aschen homeland is an address which was blocked out of use because it was considered too dangerous. Why had it been blocked? Because about a year earlier, a note had been received through the Stargate, warning them to never go there.

That message was received on a piece of paper which also had blood spots on it, and that blood was found to match the SG-1 team. this ought to have been impossible, because the SG-1 team had never been to that planet.

Although it was not clear how such a note could have been received, or how it could contain blood from the SG crew, it was decided to block that address out of the Stargate system.

This all happened in Episode #82, entitled ‘2010’ (see below).

You can see the episode for yourself here. The key takeaways are:

i) This episode is entitled ‘2001‘. It aired one year before 9/11.

ii) The plotline revolves around aliens who pretend to offer advanced medicine but are actually killing off the humans.

iii) It follows on from Episode #82, ‘2010‘.

Episode #82 — ‘2010’

Episode #82 was broadcast on 12-Jan-2001, 242 days before 9/11.

Peace under the friendly Aschen regime.

The plotline of the episode revolves around the Aschen, a technologically-advanced race who have come to earth and made things better.

The episode is set about ten years in the future: the SG operation has been disbanded because it is no longer needed. Thanks to the Aschen, there is no threat of alien invasion, because the Aschen have not only advanced medicine but advanced weaponry. Long-term enemies of earth (such as the Goa’uld) are no longer a meance to earth, so the SG team is no longer required.

The episode opens with Sam telling her husband that she is not pregnant. They are both disappointed, because they have been trying for a baby for a long time.

Later we discover that the Aschen have been fooling the humans: their ‘advanced medical technology’ (including vaccines) has been designed to make the humans infertile, so that the Aschen (who live a long time) can eventually take over the entire planet for themselves.

Upon learning this, the SG team get back together in order to stop the Aschen from realising their ultimate plan for human destruction. They find a way to use the stargate to time-travel, and send a note back in time to 2001 tell their younger selves to never visit the Aschen planet.

This is the note which is referred to in Episode #98, ‘2001’. By successfully sending the note back in time, the SG team saves earth from forming the doomed alliance with the Aschen. It is only by accident that the SG team later crosses paths with the Aschen in Episode #98 (see above).

You can see the episode for yourself here. The key takeaways are:

i) This episode is entitled ‘2010‘. It aired 242 days before 9/11.

ii) The plotline revolves around aliens who pretend to offer advanced medicine but are actually killing off the humans.

iii) The SG team save earth by sending a note back in time.

iv) It is the precursor episode to Episode #98, entitled ‘2001’, which aired 11 days before 9/11.

Quick recap

So you can see how Episode #98 (‘2001’) follows on from Episode #82 (‘2010’).

In #82, set in the ‘future’, we meet the Aschen, who pretend to give the humans advanced medical technology, but are actually making them infertile (although most humans are too stupid to work out what is going on).

The SG crew send a note back in time to stop their younger selves from ever making a treaty with the Aschen, and their plan is successful: the note reaches 2001, and the SG crew block the Aschen planet from their computer system, thus ‘changing history’ and saving earth from the doomed Aschen alliance.

In #98, set in the ‘present’, the SG crew accidentally cross paths with the Aschen who, sure enough, want to wipe out the humans with their trojan horse-style ‘advanced medicine’ (including vaccines) which is actually designed to make them infertile.

Also note that, as with the #77 -> #100 connection, we see something of a flipping of the script: ‘2010’ (#82) aired before ‘2001’ (#98), but is set later in ‘time’.

… 4) Stargate and Alien Tech

Let’s revisit some key points here:

1) The 100th episode of Stargate SG-1 aired three days after 9/11. It was the final episode to air for six months.

-> This episode, entitled ‘Wormhole X-Treme!’, was based on a ‘show-within-a-show’ and a deliberate breaking of the fourth wall.

-> It was a follow-on from Episode #77…

2) The 77th episode of Stargate SG-1 aired one year before 9/11, and was the 11th episode of Season Four.

-> This Episode, entitled ‘Point Of No Return’, was about a kooky conspiracy theorist who was actually right all along.

3) The 98th episode of Stargate SG-1 aired eleven days before 9/11.

-> This episode, entitled ‘2001’, was based on an alien race who planned to wipe out the humans with insidious ‘medicine’.

-> It was a follow-on from Episode #82…

4) The 82nd episode of Stragte SG-1 aired 242 days before 9/11.

-> This episode, entitled ‘2010’, was based on an alien race who planned to wipe out the humans with insidious ‘medicine’.

-> Their medicines included ‘vaccines’ and most of the humans, even the smart ones, were too dumb to realise what was happening.

-> The SG team were only able to save the human race by sending a note back through time.

A warning in a letter? Time travel?

2001 and 2010

Now let’s consider the titles of these episodes. What do 2001 and 2010 have in common?

These are of course the titles of the stories about the alien technology which seeks to destroy humans.

2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

Or does the alien technology exist to help the earthlings evolve?

Destruction as creation, perhaps.

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, that technology, manifest as a computer named HAL, attempts to murder David Bowman.

‘HAL, open the pod bay doors’.

The sequel, entitled 2010: The Year We Make Contact, ends with David Bowman sending a warning to earth: Do not visit Europa.

Europa is, of course, according to official astronomy, a moon of Jupiter.

The symbol of Jupiter. Looks like a 24. Or a 42. Or a 242…

So the two episodes in the Stargate SG-1 canon which deal with alien technology being used to wipe out the humans, just happen to be entitled ‘2001’ and ‘2010’.

And they just happen to air 242 and 11 days before 9/11.

Which would be fascinating enough, even without the other 2001: A Space Odyssey connections to 9/11…

Back to the Future Predicts 9/11


Back To The Future Predicts 9/11 by Joe Alexander

And how does Marty try to save Doc? By sending a note back through time.

What was standing across from the WTC on 9/11? A black monolith.

I made this myself.

The Millenium Hilton at 55 Church Street.

What is the logo for the Hilton Hotel chain?

Hilton Hotel

What do you see?

I’ll tell you what I see: A portal coming out of (or going into) two towers.

A portal, or vortex, kind of like a ‘star gate’.


Now let’s cut to the chase. Infertility is rampant in the western world today.

Regardless of what the official statistics say (and they say that infertility is on the rise), you can simply use your own eyes and ears and realise what is going on around you.

It is abundantly clear and blatantly obvious that something is going on.

The article you have just read was written by a 31yo childless male.

My closest male acquaintances typically have zero children also — and the exceptions have only one or two children at the very most.

[EDIT: In the first draft of this post, I had gone into detail about my own experiences, but on reflection decided it was too ‘personal’. You guys don’t want to read about my sexual history, even if it is 100% relevant to the topic being discussed.

And I don’t want to sound like Miles ‘I’ve slept with hundreds of models — just read my papers’ Mathis. And I’m not ‘proud’ of my past. What happened happened. I was a very different person back then.

Let’s just say that, like many of the guys reading this, when I was younger, I engaged in reckless activities which could have led to pregnancies. Many times. With a variety of women. And yet, this activity led to not one single pregnancy of which I am aware. Not even a terminated pregnancy. Nothing.]

There are of course many factors at play: social (e.g. women putting off having children in order to further their career; fewer marriages); environmental (e.g. fatter population), and so on.

Is it possible that modern ‘medicine’ is one of the major factors contributing to the apparent rise in infertility?

Is it possible that modern ‘medicine’ is the primary factor at play?

Is it possible that vaccines are designed/intended to increase infertility?

Is it possible that ‘ultrasound’ is designed/intended to physically and mentally retard the masses?

I contend that this is exactly what is going on.


I managed to produce the video (and podcast) and this 5,000-word written article in the space of 24 hours.

Partly in my window-less hotel room in Setiawangsa, partly at the local independent cafe, partly at the nearby McCafe (yes, they have those here, too).

I was inspired to finally set aside the time to try to convey this information after listening to Jeanice Barcelo talk about ‘alien technology’ and ultrasound, while walking around the streets of Setiawangsa last night. I was listening to that interview thanks to a recent suggestion from a Member of this site, Chris746.

In time I will (probably) come back and clean the video/article up a bit, but for now I think this post will do a decent job of conveying an important idea (or set of ideas) which has been floating around in my mind for some time. Barcelo changed my life in 2016, and for reasons which ought to be apparent to you after reading this piece, the past 24 hours have been pretty trippy for me, putting all of this down ‘on paper’ for the first time.

If any of what I have said makes sense to you, then you will probably find a lot of this material pretty trippy as well.

It is also possible that you will leave this post convinced that I have completely lost my mind, which may be the case. ‘Alien technology’, so-called Syncs from a TV show I used to watch as a kid, the suggestion that ultrasound is part of a grand plan to make the humans infertile…

This is mad-man stuff.

Tell me in the comments section below what you make of all of this.

Some bonus stuff

Tomorrow we are discussing the Georgia Guidestones in Call #1 and Donnie Darko in Call #2.

The Georgia Guidestones call for a maintenance of the population at 500 million people.

-> How would you go about ‘maintaining’ a human population?

In Donnie Darko:

*A wormhole opens from the movie screen.

‘The Evil Dead’ during Donnie Darko.

*A plane engine falls from the sky through Donnie’s room (which leads to an apparent change in timelines).

-> This is a film which was released a few weeks after 9/11.

*Donnie is seeing a psychiatrist for mental problems. Later in the film he learns that his meds are ‘placebos’.

*Donnie is told that the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, 12 seconds. These numbers add to 88.

-> 88 is the required speed for time travel in Back to the Future.

-> And the number of lights in the 9/11 ‘Tribute in Light‘ memorial.

-> And the number of floors in the Petronas (Twin) Towers here in KL.

-> See Monorail Two Towers.

Make of all of this, what you will.

Reference material recap

If you want to get a better grasp of some of the ideas presented in this piece, there are several videos worth watching.

I linked to all of these during the article, but a concise reference list here might be useful.

Stargate SG-1

Episode #77 – here.

Episode #82 – here.

Episode #98 – here.

Episode #100 – here.

Jake Kotze’s ‘9/11 as stargate’ thesis

The 9/11 Pyramid Mega-Ritual – here.

The Cuboid Stargate – here.

The 9/11 Stargate – here.

Jeanice Barcelo’s interviews about ultrasound

The one which mentions ‘alien technology’ – here.

A separate one – here.

And her interview with Giuliani (the one which changed my life) – here.


This piece made possible by the support of the following individuals, the Membership of as at 6-Apr-2019.

Credits 6-Apr-2019.

Without these people, what you have just watched/listened to/read would probably never have been published.

Don’t thank me. Thank them.

I’m living in my own alternative reality and it is only possible because these people are all out there, somewhere…

Production notes. JLBA #31. Recorded, produced and written 6-Apr-2019. Audio file exported at 96kbps. Published exclusively to Full-access Members. Made available to 2020 Members 9-Apr-2020 as part of JLBM #39 ‘The Corona Grid’. Available to 2021 Members as of 12-Mar-2021.


One thought on “‘Alien Tech’, Infertility, and the Stargate Sync

  • Wow such a lot here John. Were there no other comments? Seems such a mega piece I’m surprised …

    Have to mull over these things for a day or two; read yesterday the Monorail and looked at the screenplay (only so far) for DD.
    Back to the Future synch links impressed me a couple of months back

    (There are 88 official constellations btw)

    The birth trauma +the medical-industry explains a heap,
    plus the history spinawebaround … that’s most of the world we live inside

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