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Things are heating up in this ‘Ukraine Conflict’.

This presentation was published for Members of this site on Tuesday, March 8.

It is now being made available to everybody on the Mailing List.

Yesterday news broke of an ‘attack on a childrens hospital’.

As you’re about to see, I spoke on March 8 of precisely such an event.

Then on March 9 it ‘happened’ ‘in real life’…

You can download or stream the audio, or you can watch the video.

Either way, I hope you enjoy this presentation.

By the end of it, I think you will have a better understanding of why JLB-brand skepticism is so important right now.

Let me know what you think ūüôŹ


Our 3/11 Grand Spectacular Megacall (on the JLB discord) is running from Friday March 11 through Saturday March 12.

Hope to see you there!

JLBA #90

The War Hoax Spectrum

Produced and uploaded: 8-Mar-2022


In this piece I tried to focus on a few main things:

1) Recent discussion among Members about the No Real Player Character Died No Real Player Character Got Hurt theory.

2) The overlap between MSM war footage, and ‘independent’ war footage.

3) The simulacra we live in whereby almost nothing on the news can easily be proven to be ‘real’ or ‘fake’ outside of the representation itself.

4) When news changed from a one-to-one type of experience, to a depiction of the crowd opinion.

5) A ‘photo journalist’ from Australia who demonstrates how unreliable the media may be.




[See larger image here]

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