One thought on “Another Year of Chicanery and Tomfoolery

  • Negentropic

    Why don’t people put on their own concerts and violate all these deliberately retarded and humiliating rules set by the Jews who own all the concert venues and 99% of all show business and the mass-media itself from top to bottom, from all the networks to all the most used search engines to all the most popular websites? Screw them out of every last cent of their shekels and their absurd ticket prices for their cattle-herding operations for the goyim. Then they’ll have to send their freemasonic idiot police to break-up public-gatherings everywhere and arrest thousands of people? Good luck with that. It’ll be worse than the draconian marijuana laws of the late 60s and early 70s until asswipe politicians’ kids started getting arrested and they became misdemeanors everywhere within a decade.

    As for all your favorite current “performers” who will walk the Jew-media line to the end because that’s where their shekels are buttered? Screw those motherfuckers too. Find some better and more courageous artists to listen to who’ll play your local speakeasy or secret location “illegal” events. In any case, any person who accepted “death and taxes” or extortion and poisoning as a “fact” of life previously and did not complain, once the principle that you can be extorted in certain circumstances is accepted, then the only thing you might find reason to complain about would be the degree of extortion applied, not extortion itself, or the degree of rape involved not the fact that that you already agreed to be shafted, as long as the shaft is inserted only 30% in, as in the 30+% of taxes that every Western human being is forced to pay. Pay or you can’t work or own land is the same in principle as vaccinate and socially distance and wear the slave-muzzle/face-diaper and pay tribute to the BS gods on your TV, way that 2+2=5 as we order or you can’t meet other people in public, socialize and have “fun,” what’s the difference? Not much at all.

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