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Watchmen Moore (Pilot)

An analysis of Alan Moore’s Watchmen by fuhng and Hilly.

MC #45

Watchmen Moore (Pilot)

by fuhng and Hilly

Recorded 11-Mar-2021
Published: 16-Mar-2021


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JLB Editorial

I’m looking forward to listening to this one while going for a walk this evening.

Just want to say a gigantic thanks to fuhng and Hilly for taking the time to put this together.

It has been a long time since the most recent Member Creation (cheers Angus) and last year we saw very few.

Please remember that this website is a platform for everybody to share their ideas and creativity.

If you want to record an audio or write an article and make a video, and share it with the Members of this site, you are most welcome to do so and I will support you however I can.

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Many people are more than happy to only consume this kind of content rather than create it, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But if you’ve ever had any inclination toward putting something together yourself, then this site is a terrific place for you to start.

You will be supported by myself and the other Members of the site, guaranteed.

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Production notes MC #45. Recorded 11-Mar-2021. Published 16-Mar-2021. Available to Full-access Members, then publicly on 17-Jun-2021. This upload rendered at 96kbps.


2 thoughts on “Watchmen Moore (Pilot)

  • Just got back home from my nightly walk up the hill and back, I listened to this call on the way back. Thank you Hilly and fuhng, that was an enjoyable listen. You two work well together and you explored several different ideas which all fans of Watchmen will appreciate.

    I suspect that people not familiar with Watchmen / Moore might not get quite as much out of this call as myself and other fans will, but this is to be expected whenever you do an analysis of film / book / etc. My hope is that some Members might check out the film (or better yet, the graphic novel) for themselves, so that they can better enjoy this series of Watchmen chats between Hilly and fuhng.

    I first saw Watchmen back in 2017, and was so impressed by it that I bought the novel. It blew me away.^ As Hilly said towards the end of this call, you don’t realise what a terrific medium the graphic novel is until you’ve read one. For me it is kind of like a cross between a film and a book, which might sound strange, but for those who haven’t yet read Watchmen, if you eventually do so, I suspect you’ll come back with a similar opinion.

    ^This was also the inspiration for much of my first ever attempt at a sync video.

    I’m looking forward to the rest of this series. Thanks, lads.

    • thank you for the kind words, JLB, and for hosting this as well as all the other Member Creation pieces! thanks too for the terrific artwork – really nailed it! i gather you put it together before listening – if so, then it nicely adds to the Rorschach syncs.

      in the interests of furthering our ongoing critical discussion, i want to point out that anyone actually interested in reading Watchmen is free to do so here. for those interested in viewing any of the movie or series, i’ve added both to a private folder already containing many ‘Conspiracy Ego Trip’ and other JLB-related movies (including a slew recently contributed by Apoc Shaker).

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