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Upcoming Call with Hando from Estonia

A quick message about an upcoming call.

Sometimes Record

So far the Sometimes Record series has been a smash hit.

People seem to be enjoying the more laid-back nature of the discussions.

For a long time, guys like Dante from NY have basically been saying, ‘forget post-prod quality, we just want more quantity’.

Well it would seem Dante was right: this has been a refreshing change of pace indeed.

If you don’t know who Dante is, that means you’re not on the JLB Discord server, which is the only place you’ll find Dante these days.

Rumour has it that he suffers from wordpress-phobia and is unable to leave comments on the site despite repeated, polite requests from yours truly.

Others say that Dante is simply a recalcitrant by nature, and the more he is asked to do something, the less likely he is to do it.

I have a little brother who is just like that: for some reason, he has always hated being given instructions, even when said instructions are logical and in his own best interests.

Eventually I learned to ask that younger brother to do the opposite of whatever needed to be done, and more often than not, this trick worked.

In time perhaps I will have to do the same thing with Dante. I hope not, but it’s looking that way.

His brilliant comments on Discord deserve to be seen by more people and recorded for posterity.

The website is a much better place for in-depth written correspondence than Discord, it is as simple as that.

Anyhow, I’ve got a few guests lined up for appearances on Sometimes Record over the next few weeks.

This post is about one in particular…

Special Guest Hando from Estonia

On Thursday, 20-Feb, Super Agent Hando from Estonia will be joining us to discuss a range of topics, including:

* His Cavendish Experiment (he convinced some ‘experts’ to recreate the experiment, many lulz followed).

* His run for Estonian parliament.

* The launch of his own Membership website in Estonia (where he is the conspiracy king).

And much, much more.

You are all welcome to join us — and I hope that many of you will.


2pm Chiang Mai

9am Tallinn

2am New York (i.e. late Wednesday night)

7am London

6pm Melbourne

You don’t have to commit to being there ahead of time.

If you show up, you show up.

If you don’t, no worries, I could talk to Hando for hours all by myself.

With that said, I think one of the cool things about recent SR episodes has been their ad-hoc nature.

When more people show up partake in the conversation, it adds a whole new dimension to the call.

So the more people who do turn up, the better the call is likely to be, imho.

The only caveat to this is that if you turn up late, you might not get much of a chance on the microphone, depending on how far the conversation has already progressed.

If this is how it pans out you’ll still be more than welcome to listen live.

More about Hando

Post #72 | Super Agent #33 is Famous (15-Jan-2020)


Super Agent Field Report #2 – Hando’s Candidacy (29-Mar-2019)

Future Sometimes Record episodes

These things can be recorded at any time, you never know when.

I’ll also be scheduling some ahead of time, as is the case with the upcoming Hando call.

My hope is to schedule quite a few of these over the next few months:

* Some with external guests (e.g. Tim Ozman, Thirst For Truth)

* Some with internal guests (e.g. Hando)

Many of you have fascinating stories to tell, so if you would like to organise a Sometimes Record where you are the special guest (i.e. the focal point of conversation), simply email me to let me know, and we can arrange something soon.

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