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‘Nobody Died, Nobody Got Hurt’ – Special Guest Dave J

Just a quick update.

Dave J has accepted my invitation to join us as special guest for an upcoming Member Skype Call.

US: 1-Sep-2018 | Saturday afternoon/evening | 4pm Pacific
Aus: 2-Sep-2018 | Sunday morning | 9am Eastern

Here is part of the invitation email I sent to Dave J:

Our MSC season ends soon which means that the regular call time (Saturday night for people in the US) is opening up.

If you are interested, we could schedule a call with you as the guest of honour. It would be you, myself, and anywhere from 2-5 other hoax-aware people having a chat about whatever.

My guess would be that most people would like to ask you more about:

*The Missile Hoax

*The History Hoax

*Your experience dealing with the so-called ‘truth community’ on youtube

*Your opinion on the bible, religion, Christianity, etc

*Whether or not you really believe that Tony A is Tony B

Of course, these guys all have minds of their own, so I can’t know for sure what they will want to discuss. And you have a mind of your own so you can naturally turn the conversation to whatever you like as well. There’s no ‘off limits’ topics on my site but one thing which I personally tend to avoid is the whole ‘I think person X is a paid shill’ crap. My own opinion is that paid shills are a hoax, and most of the people who behave like paid shills are really just morons with an audience. If you believe in paid shills that is cool, you are even welcome to talk about it, but if the conversation devolves into ‘this guy is a shill, that guy is a shill’, I will eventually try to change the subject, because it is a waste of my time.

Of course, Season One of the MSC series comes to a close this weekend (18/19 August).

After several months of setting aside every single Sunday, I for one am looking forward to a free weekend.

I’m leaving the weekend of 25/26 August completely free.

If all goes well, the weekend of 1/2 September will be set aside for chatting with Dave J.

There are one or two other people I would like to invite to join us for special one-off calls as well.

If these go ahead, I will try to plan them for September or early October.

And then eventually it will be time to commence a new season of the MSC — although I suspect they will be rebranded to ‘Member Discord Chat’ on account of skype being a pain in the backside for recording and converting to podcasts.

Anyhow, getting back to Dave J, I posted some background information on my time in this scene, including my interactions with Dave J as far back as 2015, in Truther Wars and the Digital Age.

Included in that piece is a link to this article in the Australian outlet

THE murder of child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey 20 years ago has never been solved — but one conspiracy theorist reckons he has the answer.

YouTube user Dave Johnson shared a video claiming the six-year-old was never killed, but instead grew up to become pop star Katy Perry.

“JonBenet Ramsey did not die, nobody died, nobody got hurt,” Johnson said in the video.

JonBenet Ramsey became Katy Perry. That’s a fact,” he added. “So if any of you continue to lie about this person dying, you are in fact a false witness to murder and death.”

Johnson provided “evidence” to back his outlandish theory, including that Perry’s parents, pastors Keith Hudson and Mary Perry, looked similar to Ramsey’s parents, Patsy and John Bennett Ramsey.

Johnson shared the bizarre video in December 2014, but it has recently gone viral.

While some social media users have laughed off the claims, others say it is disrespectful to the memory of the little girl.

Dave’s claim:

Ramsey = Perry, says Dave J.

Good times.

This post is publicly visible, and I encourage those who are interested in Dave’s thought and ideas to post comments/questions in the comment section below.

Dave might even sign up for a Free account so he can reply to some of the comments himself.

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6 thoughts on “‘Nobody Died, Nobody Got Hurt’ – Special Guest Dave J

  • I have a specific question regarding missiles.
    There was a missile incident a couple of weeks ago here in Estonia when a Spanish fighter jet apparently fired a missile by accident while flying over Estonia. As we are neighbours with Russia we have NATO jets constantly “protecting” us from the evil Putin.
    So the story goes this AMRAAM AIM 120 missile was fired from a jet by an accident but none of the radars were able to see it. Shortly after that Estonian Defence Department said the missile probably landed in an unpopulated area about 100km away and noone got hurt. Apparently the whole army was searching for it. Later they said the missile was found but no evidence was given, not a single photo or even a press release.
    I wrote an article where I adressed my opinion about the whole thing being a hoax: (easily readable with google translator but it is not a neccessary read)

    My specific questions are:
    1. can you fire such a missile by an accident?
    2. how far do such missiles fly?

    My guilty pleasure questions:
    1. what evidence do you have that Tony A is Tony B?
    2. same thing regarding the Katie Perry story, the little girl in the photo doesnt look like Katy Perry.

    Thank you

    • Good questions. If you can’t make it to the call, I will ask these questions on your behalf.

      “Our Estonian correspondent, Hando, wants to know…”

  • watermanchris

    On an interview with Crrow777, Dave J said that Greg Carlwood refused to interview him because of his personal belief in Jesus. This seemed odd to me as I’d heard Greg Carlwood interview guests with WAY wackier beliefs than that. I would like to ask him to clarify, especially in light of your recent interview with Mr. Carlwood.

    I would also like to ask him about all his number contortions and do something similar to what you did with Markus Allen when he said – “Google at least 120”. Markus quickly moved the focus to the “at least” part but he was initially claiming the 120 was significant as well. Dave J pretty much claims every story with a number in it is a hoax BECAUSE of the number.

    I’m planning to join the call but i’ll put some more questions together in case I can’t make it.

  • Negentropic

    This entire notion, that a gigantic fraud, hoax, deception and lie, a monumental forgery and treason, a disgusting, lower-than-maggot treachery pulled on billions of people at once via a worldwide media apparatus, somehow becomes ‘good’ and nobody is ‘hurt’ as long as nobody ‘dies’ (all the ‘victims’ are faked) or, physically speaking, expires completely and at once, instead of by painful degrees of psychological torture throughout the course of their now fear-&-anxiety-ridden existence, torture they can only avoid by becoming ever more ignorant and apathetic, is the most absurd and laughable sophistry I’ve heard yet.

    Billions of instant spiritual murders at once and JLB still insists on calling the scumbags who commit it ‘good’ since all those ignoramuses desperately want to be deceived anyway and the good old humanitarian Judeo-Masonic cabal, JLB’s heroes, from whom he has already said he would accept as low as a hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollar-a-year salary and completely sell-out, are only giving them what they want. Plus they’re giving the one-one-thousandth-of-one-percent of us weirdos on the fringe-of-the-fringe incentives and the catalyst to change and become “ubermenschen” if we happen to be lucky enough or high-IQ enough to be capable of it.

    What wonderful people!

    I can’t praise them enough for not shedding blood and instead lobotomizing billions in such humanitarian fashion dear to JLB’s heart instead. Bravo!

    No one died no one got ‘hurt’ huh? lol I don’t think so.

    If John had a choice: to cut one of his little fingers off now and remain mentally healthy for his entire life (no mass media exposure, no pharmaceutical medicines, no fluoride and definitely no marijuana, but plenty of beer and alcohol and a minimum of 80 years lifespan guaranteed) or keep the finger and receive a daily dose of fear-and-anxiety and opiates that leave him permanently brainwashed and retarded at the age of 35 (but still a minimum of 80 years guaranteed, dragging a broken body and mind around with not even a handicapped sign to get you a parking spot), which way would he choose?

    Yet, when billions are not even given that simple choice but bamboozled, forced and farced into a slow, daily and tortuous lobotomy, JLB, instead of calling it “massive spiritual murder” the way that DaveJ would, rejoices, and even tries to call it “good” and the people being lobotomized as ‘happy’ as cows in the pasture getting what they want and need?

  • Actually and eventually, Everybody Dies, Everybody Gets Hurt, And Fear Is Their Weapon.

    They are undesirable parts of life, but it’s also the part when the death of a friend or loved one is experienced or the pain of making mistakes is where some of our education begins.

    Dishonesty is a lie and “wrong” and “bad” to do in this context:
    To deceive an innocent person by causing them to make decisions based from false premises.

    Dishonesty is self-defense and “right” and “good” to do in this context:
    To deceive and “bad” person from harming an innocent person.

    Honesty is always “good” when it is based on the relevant facts of reality and put into its full context.

    No, I do NOT have any proof, one way or another, that anyone died or not from any hoax or social engineered psychological operation. All I know is that most official “stories” do not make sense or they are full of contradictions and that when a person believes a lie, they tend to make poor decisions that hurt themselves financially, psychically, and mentally.

    When I come upon one of these contradictory stories now, I just whisper “fake” and move on.

    Many unintentionally waste their time reading the fear-porn news with no proof to verify and validate the story, Many unintentionally hurt themselves “knowing” with blind faith what they read is true and make “bad” decisions based on false fear and nonsense. This is only good if what you learn from the deception and make better decisions.

    Therefore, if I don’t want to waste my time or get hurt or live in false fear, everything not proven is a fictional “story” and maybe based on a true “story”… Until it is logically (without contradiction) proven otherwise.

  • watermanchris

    Tonight, for the first time in over a year, the wife and I will have the house to ourselves – the little guy is at the grandparents’ house. As much as I want to join the discord with Dave J, I’m probably not going to make it.

    Dave J and my little guy had a run-in a few months back on the Fakeologist discord server which I take full responsibility for. I should have never encouraged him to post anything (he posted the “Alex Jones Gay Frogs” YouTube video) there as there are a lot of clowns hanging around that server. Dave J had just recently been through the Annette Roadkill curfluffle so he was, understandably, a bit on edge. He and I had a chat about it and we are on good terms but I was hoping they could say hi to each other tonight to “bury the hatchet” so to speak.

    Unfortunately, he won’t be here tonight and I probably won’t be either but one thing I did want to discuss with Dave J was the history hoax and what he means when he says an “Army of Architects, Builders, and Engineers” went to Egypt. I have heard him say this numerous times and while I wouldn’t doubt that he’s correct, I was hoping to have him point me in the right direction as far as sources for these stories. I enjoy looking into these things for myself which is why I love JLB’s work and this site. JLB provides us all the tools we need to investigate on our own.

    This is pretty rare in the ACT scene (it’s probably just as rare that content consumers want to investigate on their own) but I’m hoping Dave J will humor our little corner of ther ACT realm.

    If I don’t make it, I’m hoping JLB can ask about that on the call.

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