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Is Mass Censorship REAL This Time? #Pray4Jay

They may take my channel, but they shall never take muh hashtags.


JLB1855 – Is Mass Censorship REAL This Time? #Pray4Jay (15-Aug-2018)

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2 thoughts on “Is Mass Censorship REAL This Time? #Pray4Jay

  • bmseattle

    You’re right about Jay and his impressions, JLB!

    His “Robbie Parker” is spot on!!

    • watermanchris

      LMAO! Brandon, you are a funny dude!

      Perhaps one day we’ll be able to have a skeptics comedy tour as I think a good sense of humor is part of a skeptic’s makeup. Basically, you have to have a good sense of humor to deal with this absurd reality we live in.

      I was voted class clown in middle school and high school, JLB and Chad were hilarious on that Jay Dyer call and there’s been numerous chuckles induced by the posts and comments on this website. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of a single member that who regularly posts that hasn’t made me laugh out loud at least once.

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