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Member Skype #18 Warmup – Money and Banking

This is the warmup thread for Member Skype Call #18, which will be focused on ‘money and banking’.

Several members have indicated that they would like to address this topic so I’m hoping that this thread will generate some discussion.

Anything related to ‘money and banking’ is appropriate here: usury, finance, debt, credit, EFT, the ‘GFC’, the Talmud, and so on.

Hando, the audience is waiting ūüôā


15 thoughts on “Member Skype #18 Warmup – Money and Banking

  • When you apply for a loan (house, car, student, whatever) the common beliefs regardin this money is something like this:
    – The banks lend out already existing money to us.
    – The banks basically create money from air by typing numbers on the screen.
    – The banks can lend out up to 90% more money than what they actually have (fractional reserve banking).

    In reality we the people are the creators of money. Every loan the bank gives you is your own money that you create by signing your ‚Äěpromissory note‚Äú. They call it a loan but the money comes only into existence when you agree to pay (from your eternal value). This means that you are the creator of the money. So the real value here is your lifesource, that’s why they call us lifestock. This means the loan agreement between you and the bank is fraudulent, therefor invalid.
    This means the banks owe us!
    Anyone can prove this if he or she is willing to investigate where the money came to their account when they signed the loan contract.

    The bank is an agent (for central banks) and bank employees simply do not explain this system. Of course, they certainly do not know it either. They are just not thinking of where the money comes to the world. Interest rate? Where does it come from?The question of the origin of such a monetary system can be hinted at by the money itself. The dollar signifying S and the euro signifying C are penetrated by the “Herculean pillars” and are articulate similar and signify the System – the Babylonian system.

    Here are couple of articles we have published in Estonian regarding this:

    • If the vast bulk of our ‘money’ is digital, ones and zeroes on computer screens, then what system is in charge of keeping track of it all?

      It goes without saying that I do not know the answer to this question.

      Would there have to be a central (or centralised) database or accounting system to keep track of it all?

      When did money become digital in the first place? I don’t mean crypto, I mean the fact that for most of us, our money is in the bank, which we know because it says so in our online banking portals.

      How can countries be ‘in debt’ to the tune of trillions of dollars? In debt to who? ‘Bond holders’. Who are they? I don’t know any.

  • I will come back to your questions later tonight, meanwhile here’s some food for thought.

    The only asset here is the people itself, not gold. Gold cannot back any money coz who holds the gold? If the gold is not accessible, then there is no point backing any currency with gold.

    When you apply for a loan, you first fill in the application for a loan, say 100 000 $. But you never get the loan the same day. A few days pass and then you are invited back to the bank to sign the loan agreement. This is the second time you have signed your signature, thus making 200 000 $, except you are not aware of this.

    This application and agreement both are sent to the central bank (like FED) where the same person verified as a living person with 2 (!) signatures and is marked as collateral. These 200 000 $ is sent your way and finally you will get 100 000$ coz this is what you asked for. So now you are happy with the 100 000$, you feel you are worthy and the bank has a trust in you. But you don’t bother asking the bank to show you where the money came from.

    The bank is a fiction that doesn’t exist Рthere are buildings where companies operate but the bank itself cannot start a relationship with a living person. Every bank account is connected with the body. The bank itself doesn’t have one main account that holds billions. Turns out the account the money was wired to your account also belongs to you! We all have secret accouns that we are not aware of. And since the money came to your account from your own account (!) means you don’t owe anyone! Note that the money to your secret account came from central bank (FED for example) and the local bank where you signed the application and agreements is just an agent because we don’t know how to make certificates for FED, also FED doesn’t want to deal with random people this way.

    When we are dealing with money we are interacting in what they call Admiralty Law.

    • watermanchris

      While this makes sense on a technical level, what are the practical implications? The bottom line is, if I stop paying my mortgage, the bank will foreclose and take possession of the property.

      I have also attempted to sign the back of my credit card bill in red all caps or whatever (I followed the instructions to a tee) and send it in and instead of wiping the debt clean as I was told it would do, I received a late fee and interest.

      I would like to see some real world examples (with corroborating evidence) of people who have “beat the system” using this type of knowledge. The filing of paperwork with the BIS does not seem to have changed anything with the way the banks operate on a fundamental level. Perhaps that is what has led to this movement over to block chain technology, but I doubt it. I feel that the block chain is just the next step on the yellow brick road to the BNW.

      I’m looking forward to the call.

  • In 2012 a joint of people under the name OPPT (One People‚Äôs Public Trust) made a conductive study that determined that all bank ‚Äěloans‚Äú are based on fraud and filed in the report to Switzerland (Bank for International Settlements) (BIS).

    They declared all bank loans to be deleted/denounced in 2012.
    This document was registered at UCC (Unniform Commercial Code) which declares all banks to be closed.

    UCC is like the bible for banks that the banks must obey to operate. And since most countries are registered as businesses at Water Street 55, New York (The Tower of Power), the UCC effects them also.

    In a way this foreclosure protects the banks coz if the loans are denounced then it is difficult to ask for damages but as long as these companies still operate (while declared closed) one can still ask and apply claims for damages.

    All agreements are based on ‚Äěquantum grammar‚Äú which means the contract must be undesrtandable to both sides. But since none of the bank loan agreements are any of that, one can ask 25 million $ for damages according to the Admiralty law. If you have 2 loans you can ask for 50 million $. In short these fines are so big it is easier for the banks to just delete your loan and let go your mortgage! We saw something similar taken place in Iceland about a decade ago.

    The bank is a fiction that doesn’t exist! A fiction cannot go into a relationship with a living person. I see table in front of me but I can’t start a relationship with the thing. There are buildings where juridical businesses operate. A legal company also can’t start a relationship with a living person.

    This is where the next magic trick comes in. There are two of you. There is a John Smith and then there is a JOHN SMITH. Have you ever wondered why your name is written in all capital letters on every ID? The John Smith is the living you but the JOHN SMITH is the fictional you that can be dealt like a company. The JOHN SMITH is in relationship with the bank.

    Following the UCC document none other than the Pope itself published an apostolic letter in which he revokes all immunities from institutions and officials that operate with the Roman court juristicion.

    This means officials in parliaments and banks are operating with personal responsibility, they have no immunty whatsoever. The UCC document declares noone can be between the creator and a living person.

    • if i take out a note to buy a house, regardless of whether i actually owe this fictitious entity the debt because they are not a living person, if i stop paying the mortgage, men sanctioned with force from the state, will eventually evict me and confiscate the house for non payment. same for cars, boats, etc…

      if not, i say let’s leverage this tremendous ‘loophole’. borrow, get the loans deleted, sell for cash, rinse and repeat. i’ve yet to see any convincing example of this being done,, despite the extensive documentation on birth bonds, strawman, freeman etc..

      this life – if only for essentials like shelter, food and transport…is better without having to trade time for money to pay for them.

      so how can we best profit from this? if only for experimental purposes, i’d be game to try first with something small like a used car and trade up from there. i’d just want to hedge my downside risk, so if there’s anyone wanting to put their ‘strawman’ on the paperwork, perhaps we can keep flipping assets and build the world’s first skeptic’s headquarters…in Thailand..or Figi! : )

  • Hando – are you referring to a form of surety bonds that we are born with / into?

    even if the exchange is between a corporate entity and a living human…if the latter takes out a note to purchase a car / house, et al..whether or not the entity lent you ‘real’ money as a promissory note or can prove it – the guys with guns will still come and confiscate the asset for non payment.

    if not, i think we could drum up a serious house flipping enterprise.

    borrow…challenge the debt. sell for cash. net all gains. rinse and repeat : )

    • As we the living people are the collateral then yes it can be called surety bonds.
      Yes, at the moment “guys with guns” will probably confiscate the asset for non payment, but all major change start with baby steps. As I said there are dozens of people (if not more) all over Estonia pressuring the banks to come clear and revoke the “loans”/release mortgages

  • This is an interesting rabbit hole, superagent JLB ūüėČ

    Apparently the system that runs the digital money is AI (whatever that means)

  • Before delving into the intricacy of modern banking, I think it would be useful, I’d say essential, to define what ‚Äúmoney‚ÄĚ is, what is its function in human society, and what historical facts led us to our present wretched situation.

    Hint: “money” cannot be created out of thin air.

  • Back 6 years ago I studied and followed people who were talking about Admiralty law/trust law. It really takes some time to acquaint yourself with these ideas, to be honest, I don’t remember much of it as it seemed to get more and more complicated. I had enough knowledge to use the three-letter-system and with this helped a friend to overcome a 20,000 credit card debt, so far. This was back in 2014, we still havn’t heard anything about this debt. I’m happy to talk about this if the subject comes up.

  • looking forward to the call, especially so since it seems there will be a significant international contingent amongst whom notes can be shared.

    whatever’s going on with money/finance/law/corporate governance, perhaps one way to look at the situation is as an ongoing series of overlays, like an old computer puttering along beneath the weight of countless system software updates. difficult to square with where things stand re: the History Hoax, but something like gold/credit/admiralty/administration/incorporation/finance/international standards.

    again, tough to reach any definitive conclusions beyond the 19th century, but fwiw my own investigation and study has brought me to a great appreciation as to such matters of the distinction between “law” and “equity.” i agree that “the matrix” is all fiction – yet another form of play one engages in once one consents. figuring out how to stand as a living/breathing womb/man in contradistinction to the roles one has (even unknowingly) consented to act is confounding and perhaps another ultimately futile endeavor.

    like other areas of the ACT scene, the money/law stuff can keep one spinning going nowhere, with plenty of charlatans milking the punters with empty promises and ascension just past the horizon.

    • watermanchris

      I’m fairly certain the call took place but I believe JLB is buried in his Dinoskeptics Road trip Documentary so it may be out a little later than usual.

    • Yep, the call took place, and the recording will be published in a few hours time. Apologies for the delay. All explained in the recent video/audio ‘May Eye Ponder‘.

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